August 14, 2022

Sidney Powell: We have several smoking guns that will need witness protection

Sidney Powell joined Newsmax’s Howie Carr show by phone on Friday, November 2o, to discuss the Trump campaign’s developing federal case alleging massive election fraud, to the tune of millions of votes.

Carr asked Powell if she would have evidence beyond the signed affidavits the legal team has collected — “Are you going to have the actual smoking guns to present to the courts?” Powell replied:

We’ve got a number of smoking guns, and we may have to get witness protection for them. 

Carr went on to ask about the quality of the evidence that Powell possessed and asked if she had evidence of the changed votes. Powell replied that the evidence is solid:

We have a lot of extremely solid evidence. It is beyond impressive and absolutely terrifying.

Addressing the scale of election fraud that Powell and the campaign are alleging, Carr asked how many million votes were removed from President Trump. Powell replied:

My pure estimate at this time is roughly seven million, but it might be more. We are also getting some data that reflects that millions, not just a few hundred or thousands, but some millions of dead people voted. Well, each instance of that is a federal crime, a federal felony.

Powell went on to say that she thought 10 million votes for Biden might be fraudulent.

Discussing the matter of stopping the vote-counting in the battleground states on election night, and event that the whole world witnessed, Powell said:

Where they had the real problem was Trump won so overwhelmingly in all the states that had cut off their machines that they had to cut off their machines for hours to go in and backfill additional votes and move things around even more to make sure that Biden won…It was all mechanical. They ran ballots through repeatedly… 

Noting the time factor to get the case into court by December 14 when the electoral college meets, Carr asked, “How are you going to get everything done?”

I think we are going to get it done. Certainly enough to blow it absolutely all up. We are going to blow it up.

Powell went on to say that the federal agencies would have to give an account. The DOJ, NSA, CIA, the FBI, and Homeland security either ignored the potential election fraud or they were complicit. Powell said she believed that the CIA took part in the fraud.

The CIA, I am sure, had a hand in it. 

Listen to the whole interview here:

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The Redhawk (@guest_1077460)
1 year ago


maggiedacat (@guest_1077462)
1 year ago

gee 3 million folks rose from their graves to go vote? What about those that were cremated and voted? Computers have helped a lot, but they are not human, the humans cause them to record the wrong information.

Leticia Lacson (@guest_1077484)
1 year ago

May justice prevail! For what Trump has done to MAGA,he remains my president ; by what the Biden team is trying to do right now, there will be more control & loss of individual freedom,economic chaos,&perhaps an apocalypse; the US or America would be a lost Babylon;either China will prevail or it will be
the end of the world . 4 more yrs of Trump is not a lot to ask for my children & grandchildren;after this ends I hopefully will be in the arms of the Lord looking down at glorious America rather than an America ran by people inspired by Satan or other evil crazy whatchamcallit!

Sharon Thate (@guest_1078259)
Reply to  Leticia Lacson
1 year ago

Amen !!

Gene (@guest_1077485)
1 year ago

anyone caught in vote fraud shoud get jale time 6 months to 5 years or fines of one mil dollars.

Norman (@guest_1077602)
Reply to  Gene
1 year ago

To Hell with the short jail time make it years. WHY you ask? Simple vote tampering affects the my security as well as every legal citizens of the United States. Vote tampering can also affect our right to be free under the Constitution.

Leticia Lacson (@guest_1077488)
1 year ago

May justice prevail ! Four more yrs of Trump will happen

Laura (@guest_1077507)
1 year ago

These people are all going to be arrested from Obama in down. Don’t be surprised when a lot of these people try to get out of the states problem for them is military is following them they know exactly where they all are. This is coming SOON

Brenda Whitney (@guest_1077522)
1 year ago

Who can you trust to protect the people that need witness protection,CIA, FBI? What a laugh. Obama and his sidekicks have caused the USA and it’s people more harm than we know. Scum!!

Tsw (@guest_1077548)
1 year ago

The President is going to have to fire and then prosecute Wray & Haspel! Then call in the military to take control of the CIA & the FBI they are no longer legitimate purveyors of truth nor protectors of us or our country!! We simply have no faith in either institution and they are now both enemies of us, our liberty and our way of life!

Shay (@guest_1077572)
1 year ago

All these agencies were complicit. Trump needs to fire them all and press charges. But who can he or the people trust. Look what happened with the Hunter Biden evidence…kept for months. How far does Democratic corruption and payoffs go? I am also very disappointed in Barr. He either gets some balls or he needs to go to. I dont think even Trump realized how far they would go and he and his legal team are overwhelmingly disgusted as are the rest of us.

Kate (@guest_1077584)
1 year ago

This lady is absolutely a genius. The Trump team knew before the election what was going to happen. No evidence like this is obtained in 3 weeks. Trump will be inaugurated in January and Biden and his traitor son will be prosecuted.

Joy D. Brower (@guest_1077750)
1 year ago

I hear so many conflicting reports, but the depressing part is all the supposedly pro-Trump GOP who are willing to throw in the towel – even before the REAL battle (in court!) is underway, let alone settled! The Dec. 14 deadline needs to be extended (if possible); remember Bush v. Gore and the 2000 election!

chris (@guest_1077798)
1 year ago

Trump needs to call on our right wing groups, Proud Boys ,Hells angels etc. to protect his witnesses. The FBI and CIA cannot be trusted. How very sad.

Glenda (@guest_1078201)
1 year ago

Even Sydney Powell has been threatened, right along with all of Trump’s Lawyers.
Some Attorneys have quit, and closed their offices, due to their families also being threatened!

This is the fault of Big Tech and Big Business’s, because they want all of Trump’s policies rescinded!
They want deals with China, and foreign governments that makes them billions of dollars, and Trump is in the way!

These millionaires and billionaires, Do Not care about Americans, American families, and Americans having jobs!

These Liberals are against America, and will gladly watch you, and your family starve, so they can make their money!



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