October 2, 2022

Prominent Conservative Senator calls on Trump to revamp SCOTUS nomination plan

Rising Conservative star Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) called upon President Trump to modify his Supreme Court nomination proposal to include more conservative judges on Saturday. 

The Supreme Court of the US has dealt a series of staggering blows to both Trump and Republicans the last several weeks, the most recent being a Monday morning ruling that strikes down a critical Louisiana abortion safety law.

The split decision was once again decided by Chief Justice John Roberts, once thought to be a centrist Republican. Roberts has been showing alarming signs of leaning much further left than ever before.

After a string of controversial Roberts decisions recently, Trump announced his intention to release a new list of potential SCOTUS nominees ahead of the November election.

Hawley cautioned Trump to reconsider the proposal to release a new list, however, telling Politico that “I don’t love the idea of just doing over what we have been doing in the past. The idea of issuing a new list, if it’s just going to be the same stuff and the same process, I mean I’m not wild about it. … When it comes to this whole process, we have to ask ourselves, is this vetting process, is this really working?”

One of Trump’s greatest achievements during his first term is that he’s been able to nominate two justices to the high court. However, both Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh — though not as squishy as Roberts — have issued opinions that are off-putting to Trump’s conservative base.

Hawley suggested that Trump’s conservative religious base is “very depressed” after Gorsuch’s legislative ruling affirming the liberal notion that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits the firing of LGBT individuals earlier this month.

The Missouri Senator explained:

Who actually goes out and votes for judges? It’s conservative Catholics, conservative Jews, evangelicals, Mormons. That coalition of folks is vitally important to the Republican Party. I think they feel just shocked at what’s going on with the Supreme Court, so I think it’s vital that they be heard from and involved in this process.

Though Trump’s judicial appointments have certainly not been in vain, recent SCOTUS rulings have made Trump’s conservative base quite nervous. Trump is attempting to reassure his supporters, but if he doesn’t take Hawley’s advice into account, it may be a futile effort.

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