September 29, 2022

Senator Tom Cotton demands heads roll in White House over censorship of Taiwanese official

Tensions between Taiwan and China persist, but the U.S. under President Joe Biden, has taken the wrong side. One Republican lawmaker has decided to call him out for that.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) accused the White House of purposely cutting Taiwan’s video feed during the Summit for Democracy, Breitbart reported. During an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report” Monday, Cotton accused Biden of “kowtowing to Beijing.”

“I don’t believe for a minute that it was merely a technical issue,” Cotton explained. “I believe that this is an example of the president and the administration kowtowing to Beijing,” he charged.

The dust-up began when Taiwanese Digital Minister Audrey Tang presented a slide showing a map of the region with Taiwain marked in a different color from China, Reuters reported. China claims Taiwan as part of its territory, though the island nation asserts its independence.

This map was deemed problematic and Tang’s video feed was cut with only her audio permitted to broadcast. A source close to the matter claimed this was at the direction of the White House, a decision that strongly suggests the administration’s blind allegiance to China.

“What we need to do is stand alongside Taiwan, help secure its autonomy, and maintain the status quo across the Strait,” Cotton continued in remarks Monday. “That’s been the policy of the United States now for 40 years. But Beijing is the one that is now threatening Taiwan, threatening to change that status quo by force, not by negotiation,” he added.

“Joe Biden should apologize for what happened,” Cotton continued. “Someone should be held accountable in his administration. Someone should be fired for what happened,” the lawmaker said.

“And he should make clear that the United States will help Taiwan defend its own sovereignty,” Cotton later added. “That starts with significantly expanding and accelerating arm’s sales, things like missiles and anti-ship mines, helping Taiwan get its own reserve forces in order, making sure that Taiwan is strong enough that Communist China never attempts to go for the jugular there,” the GOP lawmaker advised.

Biden has been soft on China, essentially rolling back the progress former President Donald Trump had achieved against the adversarial nation. Now the Biden administration has intentionally tampered with technology to placate the communist nation — and that’s disturbing.




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