May 23, 2022

Senator Mark Kelly showing weakness, could split from Democrats on immigration if Biden doesn’t reverse course

President Joe Biden is uninterested in stemming the tide of illegal immigration. This could lead to some catastrophic problems for the nation.

Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) is concerned that Biden will abolish Title 42 immigration restrictions with no contingency plan to deal with the influx of illegal immigrants, Breitbart reported. The provision has allowed the U.S. to turn away illegal immigrants on the basis of the COVID-19 public health crisis.

“There hasn’t been a plan put in place,” Kelly claimed about Biden’s decision to nix Title 42 despite its usefulness in cutting down the flow of illegal immigration. The Arizona Democrat made these comments Monday on CNN’s “The Lead” program.

“We don’t have the basics of how are you going to handle 18,000 individuals a day safely and in accordance with our ethics and principles,” he said of facilities about to be overwhelmed. “There hasn’t been enough preparation. There hasn’t been a plan put in place,” Kelly said.

“They’ve got a little bit more of a plan, as of a couple days ago,” Kelly conceded about the Department of Homeland Security’s strategy of providing more medical supplies and transportation help announced late last month, Fox News reported. “But it’s still not sufficient,” Kelly added.

The Biden administration plans on complying with a forthcoming temporary restraining order aimed at blocking the plan to abolish Title 42. However, the provision is set to be eliminated on May 23 in the meantime.

“We have this arbitrary date, about 30 days from now, where this policy is supposed to go away, and we’d see [those] increased numbers, and it hasn’t even been decided where this — where the facility would be,” Kelly said. “We don’t have the basics of how are you going to handle 18,000 individuals a day safely and in accordance with our ethics and principles. That plan, I haven’t seen yet,” he said.

Like many of the half-baked leftist ideas popular with this administration, allowing illegal immigrants to flood the border with no recourse to deport them will compound the existing immigration crisis. Biden and his ilk don’t care about the people who suffer — they just want to import more Democratic voters.

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