September 28, 2022

Senator Joe Manchin rips Biden for repeated failures, Democrat’s abandoning White House

President Joe Biden has created several crises in his short time in office. While Republicans and conservative media outlets have been all over him, it’s refreshing to finally Democrats call out one of their own.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has been critical of Biden’s several failures both at home and abroad, Fox News reported. However, Manchin said the trouble could be traced back to Biden’s sudden and ill-fated withdrawal from Afghanistan that weakened America’s position in the world.

“This is an indictment of the senior leadership in the White House,” Manchin said during an interview with The Hill Monday. “The worst part is nobody will be held accountable for this,” he asserted.

Biden had abruptly pulled U.S. forces out of Afghanistan on Aug. 31 in a botched withdrawal from the decades-long conflict, according to The Epoch Times. Americans were left behind as the country fell back into the hands of the Taliban and Biden was powerless to stop it due to his poor planning.

“They don’t understand the American people want results; they don’t want drama and rhetoric,” the Manchin continued. “Everyone has been left high and dry.”ย Manchin pointed out that Democrats with already questionable reelection prospects were “fleeing for the hills at this point” to avoid the coming political catastrophe.

“It started with Afghanistan,” the legislator said. “Nobody was held accountable for the chaos that the Afghanistan withdrawal constituted. It allowed everyone to get a pass. It sent the message that the president will stick by you, so do whatever you want,” Manchin said.

“I do think [Biden] needs to clean house if we have any chance of salvaging 2022,” Manchin said. “There have to be consequences.”

Biden has been shielded from the full brunt of his policies by a friendly media, though even they’re unable to hide his massive blunders forever. Manchin is right that Democrats are in a precarious position because of Biden — and so is the rest of America.




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