July 28, 2021

Dem Senator says Amy Coney Barrett’s ‘views’ disqualify her from SCOTUS

Democrats are desperate to stop Amy Coney Barrett from being confirmed to the Supreme Court, and the latest tactic to halt the process comes from Sen. Chris Coons (D-DL).

Coons said on “Fox News Sunday” that Barrett’s “extreme views” disqualify her from the position on the high court. Coons stopped just short of attacking Barrett’s Catholic faith, but the implication was strong enough.

Coons is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is tasked with handling Barrett’s confirmation hearings. Coons explained how Democrats plan to approach the upcoming hearings during his Fox appearance on Sunday.

“Well, I’m going to be laying out the ways in which Judge Barrett’s views, her views on reaching back and reconsidering and overturning long-settled precedent are not just extreme, they are disqualifying,” Coons said.

This statement is an illusion to Roe v. Wade, the hallmark 1973 SCOUTS decision that abortion is a constitutional right. Barrett has never publically confirmed that she would attempt to overturn the ruling, but Democrats are panicking that Barrett’s confirmation could finally tip the scales against the controversial decision.

Coons continued:

She has taught at a well-regarded law school. She clerked for Justice Scalia, but she has views that make her not qualified to serve on the Supreme Court. President Trump has said he would only nominate someone who would overturn the Affordable Care Act, taking away health care protection for more than 100 million Americans in the middle of a pandemic. Both President Trump and members of the majority on this committee have said they would only vote for a nominee who would overturn Roe vs. Wade.

Some Democrats are understandably squeamish about attacking Barrett’s Catholic faith during the confirmation process, because it would alienate a large contingent of the Democrat party. However, Coons appears to have no such reservations in his approach, claiming under no uncertain circumstances that “her views are too extreme to qualify her to serve on this court.”

Coons went on to claim that Trump’s nomination of Barrett constitutes “court-packing,” the controversial proposal of expanding the number of judges to the Supreme Court.

Democrats have recently begun attempting to re-define the concept, claiming that placing conservative judges on the court is the true definition of the phrase.

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84 Responses

  1. WHEN did the house of congress become able to speak the way it should be done? In the constitution it says the President has the duty to place another Justice in. So, as the democrat
    Presidents have filled the seat , the Republicans have not said a word. Look how they reacted with Brent Kavenaugh, pulled this woman from his.past, and.the nation watched them try to destroy him and family. After he was elected, the woman said she might of been mistaken. The democrats really do not care if they destroy lives. As for the new Justice is coming remember what happened in past. A Judge has to swear to uphold the law. Her religion has no bearing on being a Judge. Get a grip!!

  2. I totally agree with pat a. It must be hard for the congress to sleep at night since they destroy so many lives

  3. Agree with Pat A too. These desperate demoncrats need to go south permanently. Games over. They have hurt humans around the globe long enough. No Place for evil in the USA any longer.

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