June 30, 2022

Senate reveals timeline for Amy Coney Barrett confirmation

Senate Republicans are moving quickly to start the confirmation process for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, Fox News reported on Monday. 

Senate leadership is working at lightning speed to get Coney confirmed ahead of the November election. Confirmation hearings are set to begin on Oct. 12, leading to a potential confirmation vote in late October.

The timeframe is tight — just 16 days from nomination to confirmation — but Senate leadership is confident that the process will move quickly and smoothly.

“More than half of the Supreme Court justices who have had hearings were done within 16 days or less, so we’ll start on Oct. 12,” explained Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham on Sunday.

Fox News reported:

Graham continued that there would be “a day of introduction,” “two days of questioning” and then a markup after that. He said the committee would report her nomination on Oct. 22, which would be less than two weeks before the presidential election.

A floor vote on Barrett’s confirmation would likely happen shortly thereafter, assuming everything goes as planned for Republicans – it didn’t with Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation in 2018.

Democrat leadership is scrambling to identify the best plan of attack against Barrett, and it appears that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has chosen to highlight fears that Barrett will work to strike down Obamacare if confirmed.

“By nominating Judge Barrett to the Supreme Court, President Trump has put Americans’ health care at grave risk,” Schumer said on Saturday. “And as COVID-19 continues and we need more health care, the nomination by President Trump of Amy Coney Barrett will mean less health care for over 100 million Americans.”

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Keyboard Whiz (@guest_1053654)
1 year ago

Schumer is so full of hot air and no brains, that he actually believes all the drivel he pours out of his mouth.

Gary m (@guest_1053709)
Reply to  Keyboard Whiz
1 year ago

Schumer seems to think that some republican in the senate could give a about obumercare, or rowe vs wade.

Vantine Jr. (@guest_1053657)
1 year ago

Soooo, lets get it done U.S.Senate…Fill the SCOTUS seat asap and no screwing around. MAKE IT HAPPEN or you’re fired !!!!

alicia (@guest_1053675)
Reply to  Vantine Jr.
1 year ago

CONFIRM HER US SENATE before election ! Don’t cave one inch to donkeys! SENATORS! BACK We The People and POTUS!

CRW (@guest_1053660)
1 year ago

I wouldn’t doubt Schumer’s intelligence. He is quite dangerous.

Gary m (@guest_1053710)
Reply to  CRW
1 year ago

That’s why he hides all the time, he is afraid he will hurt himself.

Gary m (@guest_1053719)
Reply to  Gary m
1 year ago

Schumer comes out fires a few rounds, runs back in his bunker, and lets Pelosi handle the incoming. He is a real brave soul.

Mary Wooldridge (@guest_1054212)
Reply to  Gary m
1 year ago

He is a spineless fool; just like Pelosi! How in God’s name are they still in government? They love destroying others when they fear losing their God: POWER!

Linda Sandsness (@guest_1053727)
Reply to  CRW
1 year ago

If he is so smart he should know that Obamacare is already replaced….almost entirely.

Keyboard Whiz (@guest_1053663)
1 year ago

How does the appointment of Judge Barrett affect health care ??? Schumer must be a complete idiot, to think that his grabbing for oars on his sinking, leaky raft will somehow save healthcare. The system may need adjusting is all. Schumer can save his screams and shrieks for something he knows something about….if there is one. Is there one ?

RON (@guest_1053680)
1 year ago

Get it kio done now. No hearings.

Vincent (@guest_1053742)
1 year ago

Fill that seat! !!!!!!!
Obamacare was a freaking joke and to fine those of us that didn’t want it was unconstitutional and I never received my money back for the fines even tho it was illegal. Crooked bastards

William (@guest_1053934)
Reply to  Vincent
1 year ago

Someone needs to remind the crooked Democrats that Obama care was one of the biggest shams ever round down the countries throat and remember what that lying Obama told everyone to their face on national television do you like your doctor you can keep your doctor do you like your plan you can keep your plan plus you’ll save about $2500 a year Now think about it he knew that was a lie when he said it in how many times did he say it and the DemocratsThank he was a great later he was a great liar lied to the American people and did not blink an eye now what kind of man does that to his own Country it is time for politicians to be held accountable for lying to the American public that should carry The longest sentence please don’t get fooled again remember it was Biden and Obama that lied to our people And Biden is just as big a liar is Obama remember fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me God bless the USA God bless the Trump administration and God bless our patriots

SUNFLOWER (@guest_1053771)
1 year ago

CENSORED AGAIN for previous HONEST reply!!!!!

William (@guest_1053932)
1 year ago

Yes i say fill that Seat the Criminal Democrats have a lot of nerve but you cannot expect much out of people that lie cheat and steal and Attack Christians I hope that comes back and really bites them on the but this criminal Democrats I really like bullying little kids that if they cannot have there way then they will riot in the streets burn down buildings Shoot our great police officers Hey everyone think it is real convenient this pandemic to hit the world at this time Now they are blaming our great President Donald John Trump and when the history books are written he will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents of all time Please do not be fooled by these criminal Democrats if you do just a little investigation you will find they will say do whatever they think they have to do to regain power they won’t To rule the people instead of them working for us look at how many politicians go to Washington and become multi millionairesDon’t you think that’s kind of odd for people that are supposed to work for us to help us not themselves but that’s what criminals do lie cheat and steal my father always told me don’t lie sun Because if you lie you will steal if you steal you will cheat and is that really the kind of man you want to be a piece of crap that no one has any respect for so pray to our God To give us good health and the wisdom to lead a godly life as much as we can and one song that your heart should sing Oh beautiful for spacious skies forever ways of grain for purple mountain majesty above the fruited plain’s America🇺🇸America🇺🇸 God shed his grace on the and crowned that good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea God bless the USA God bless the Trump administration and God bless our patriots



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