June 19, 2021

Report: Senate Republicans probing Hunter Biden’s Chinese associates

President Joe Biden’s son allegedly abandoned a laptop at a computer repair shop. The fallout from that mistake and the evidence it provided gets worse by the day.

Congress is looking for answers about Hunter Biden’s ties to Communist Chinese officials, Breitbart reported. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) have requested intelligence documents containing information about the nature of Hunter Biden’s foreign relationships,

Grassley is the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee and Johnson is the ranking member of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. The pair made the request in a joint letter to the U.S. Department of Justice Wednesday.

The letter stated the aim was to “better understand the relationship Ye Jianming, Gongwen Dong, and Patrick Ho had between and among themselves, with the communist Chinese government, CEFC China Energy, and their activities in the United States, including those relating to the Biden family.” The evidence Congress already had was quite telling.

“As you know, we have been reviewing financial transactions and connections between and among members of the Biden family and foreign nationals connected to the communist Chinese government, including its military and intelligence services,” the GOP Senators wrote. “Hunter Biden had a close and personal relationship with Ye Jianming, who reportedly had links to the communist regime’s People’s Liberation Army.”

Hunter Biden also allegedly had close ties to other nationals like Chi Ping “Patrick” Ho who “was convicted of international bribery and money laundering offenses stemming from his work for Ye’s China Energy Fund Committee, a subsidiary of Ye’s CEFC China Energy, a company with extensive links to the communist regime.” The president’s brother James Biden was reportedly the “first call” he made when he was arrested.

“Moreover,” the letter continued, “news reports made publicly available a September 21, 2017, email from Hunter Biden to an office manager that asked for keys to be made available to then-former Vice President Biden, James Biden, and ‘Gongwen Dong (Chairman Ye CEFC emissary)’ and referred to them as ‘office mates.’ Hunter Biden also requested that the office sign reflect ‘The Biden Foundation’ and ‘Hudson West (CEFC US),” the letter charged. “If accurate, the sharing of office space with Chinese nationals and entities linked to the communist regime and its military demands additional explanation.”

If President Joe Biden were a Republican, his son’s antics would have been enough to sink his candidacy long before he ever got elected. Still, it looks as though there are officials trying to get to the bottom of this stinking pit of corruption — and who knows what they might find.

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42 Responses

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  2. I suppose they will be paid off and nothing will come out of the investigation but lies and misinformation. They all should be in jail for treason!

        1. Pollty,
          You have it right. Even the Democrat’s do not know they are only pawn’s in a much bigger operation built, by Satan, with those non-believing doop’s!
          Notice, every day, how more and more people are becoming aware that Satan has become very active in the public arena. For years no one spoke of him but it is becoming clear how all that was said about him in the Bible is very true.
          He hides in the shadows and whispers lies that tempt the uninitiated.

  3. WHEN YOU HAVE A STORY WITH PICTURES OF LAW ENFORCEMENT ACTUALLY ARRESTING ONE OF THESE DEMOCRAT CRIMINALS THEN TALK TO ME. WE have seen so much proof of so many crimes by democrats in the past 4 years and NOT ONE ARREST. I’m over it.

  4. Until people are held accountable for their actions what incentive do they have to stop? None and it sends the message to others to do what they want…there is no penalty. Well, unless you are a republican that is.

  5. More smoke and mirrors. These career criminals biden are all good. It was really trump that did it. Hunter the scum of the earth along with the rest of their criminal family. Being connected is all how you know. Not what you know. These gansters are way above the law

  6. This country has a two tier justice system. If yo are part of the swamp you will not go to jail. Hilary had a private server that contained super secret information on it. Any one else would have been spent twenty years in Leavenworth. The Obama administration and Hillary Clinton spied on candidate Trump, ruined several of Trumps friends lives. The only one that got in trouble was a low level lawyer. Creepy joe the same two tier justice system.

  7. These corrupt democrats need to be held accountable and the treasonous Bidens should all go to jail.

  8. Listen, how come we have all the evidence we need to hang Biden and his son, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the crooked Democrats, they impeach the President of the united state over night without evidence, and we sit on our hands. It is starting to make me think we are being fed a load of crap by our ow party. Do something, NOW!

  9. If it was anyone not tied to politics, they would’ve been in jail. Those forcing us to abide by the laws they created don’t have to obey them. Democrats ate nothing more then do as I say, not as I do morons who need to be charged with treason.

  10. If it was anyone not tied to politics, they would’ve been in jail. Those forcing us to abide by the laws they created don’t have to obey them. Democrats are nothing more then do as I say, not as I do morons who need to be charged with treason.

  11. Joe Biden and his family can do whatever they want and the Democrats just turn the other way. Go ahead Nancy and her entourage.

  12. Liberal democrat,no crime even if there is one.Call peeloosi and get a”get out of jail free”card.

  13. The Biden crime family is beginning to look as crooked and shady as the Clinton crime family. As we know, nothing ever happens to demon-rat crime families.

  14. Read Peter Schweizer’s “Secret Empires”. It tell’s how Joe Biden flew with Hunter to Ukraine and China on AF-2. Stop this crime family and 3rd Kenyan term. Go after Swallow-well, Kerry and all the other criminals! Put our “President in Exile” Donald J. Trump back into office. Stop Biden’s insane theft of $Trillions of our treasury!

  15. Joe and his Son along with the Democratic Party have went to bed with the Chinese leaders and are not friends of America. The Constitution allows us to remove traitors and so it will be done.

  16. It is a shame we can’t trust our FBI, NIA or CIA after the totally partisan and treasonous acts of the last six years. BARR could have “purged” the 7th floor of the FBI, and the DOJ if he wanted to, but he decided to be a traitor. We now are catching Chinese spies on a daily basis, but when the Speaker of the House will not even remove a DEM who had a “honey trap” relationship with a Chinese spy from the “INTEL COMMITTEE”, I guess a DEM is above the law! If you remember the FBI snatched the laptop a couple weeks before the election, in effect shielding Biden from what many Dem voters have since stated would have turned them against Biden if it was made public before the election! Fact, people. The FBI is now a DEM SPECIAL POLICE UNIT. ONLY INVESTIGATING MAGA PEOPLE. They are rewriting history now so they can ban MAGA voters from politics, then their rule can really begin!

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