August 16, 2022

Senate panel says ‘yes’ to resolution supporting Cuba protests

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has unanimously approved a resolution in support of Cuba’s freedom protesters and will move forward for a full Senate vote.

“As the Díaz Canel regime continues its campaign of violent repression, disappearances, and arbitrary imprisonment to try to crush Cuba’s pro-democracy movement, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is speaking unanimously in absolute solidarity with the thousands of Cubans risking it all to liberate themselves from the iron hand of dictatorship that has crushed their spirit for more than 60 years,” said Chairman Bob Menendez (D-NJ).

“I am very proud to lead this effort to make it clear Democrats and Republicans are united in saying we will not overlook, romanticize or try to explain away the Cuban regime’s brutal oppression of simple human and democratic rights, or its total disdain for the aspirations of its own people.

“I look forward to continue working with my colleagues and with President Biden to make certain the U.S. continues doing our part to stand with the brave Cuban men and women struggling to forge a political opening in their country and to demand that the regime respect their fundamental human rights.”

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio added, ““As the oppressive Communist Cuban regime continues to hold the people of Cuba hostage after 62 years of repression and constant abuses, I welcome the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations’ passage of this important bipartisan resolution.

“The U.S. must stand with the courageous people of Cuba as they fight for their basic freedoms and against tyranny.”

The committee included 15 Senators in support of the resolution. A similar House resolution has also been introduced.

The effort may help encourage the Biden administration to offer additional support to Cuban freedom protesters. If so, the resolution could have an enormous impact on the future of U.S.-Cuban relations.

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