May 25, 2022

Senate nearly devolves into fighting during Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson hearings

The left has politicized the U.S. Supreme Court and often picked activist judges. President Joe Biden may have gotten the worst yet, but Republican lawmakers won’t cut her any breaks.

Sen. Ted Cruz grilled Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson over her shockingly permissive rulings in child pornography cases, the Washington Times reported. The Texas Republican persisted even as Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) attempted to turn the floor over to the next lawmaker.

The subject of Jackson’s leniency in the face of such heinous crimes was a common theme during the hearings. While Jackson claimed her sentencing was within the confines of the law, many were appalled by her unwillingness to harshly punish people who possessed images of child sex abuse.

Cruz was hammering Jackson with questions over those light sentences, at times talking over her. However, Jackson evaded his queries leading Cruz to become frustrated.

“Senator, I have said what I am going to say about these cases,” she finally told Cruz. As the GOP lawmaker’s allotted 20 minutes came to a close with no clear answers, Durbin attempted to turn the floor over to the next in line.

“You can bang it as loud as you want,” Cruz told Durbin as he attempted to shut him down with a gavel. Sen. Chris Coons (D-IL) attempted to take the floor for his time, but Cruz appealed to Durbin to compel Jackson to answer his questions first.

“At some point, you have to follow the rules,” Durbin admonished Cruz, further charging that he was the one preventing Jackson from answering. Cruz shot back that the chairman was “very afraid of the American people hearing the answer.”

There are few crimes that cry out for justice the way child pornography does, and any judge who doesn’t acknowledge that is not fit to rule. However, leftists don’t care about justice for crimes as long as the person on the bench is willing to rubber-stamp their agenda.

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