July 23, 2021

Senate GOP: Hunter Biden investigation will continue regardless of White House occupant due to counterintelligence, extortion threat

Though speculation about former vice president Joe Biden’s family’s business dealings overseas during his time in the White House has taken a backseat to the disputed election, Senate Republicans reminded Biden this week that the investigations are far from over, and his potential presence in the White House will not deter them from pushing forward. 

The Senate Homeland Security Committee, led by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), launched an investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine and China after a laptop with incriminating evidence was found in October.

Johnson told the Washington Examiner on Tuesday that no matter the outcome of the November election, the investigation will continue.

“Both Sen. [Chuck] Grassley [R-IA] and I are not going to turn a blind eye to this,” Johnson explained. “I can’t speak for him, but certainly our staffs are continuing to work on this.

“We’ll continue to gather more information as it becomes available. But let’s face it, as much as I was criticized by some, at a minimum, what our investigation has done by exposing this, it’s diffused, to a certain extent, some of the counterintelligence and extortion threats,” he continued.

Johnson explained that the Senate investigation has already determined that the former VP knew about Hunter Biden’s questionable dealings, and may have even facilitated them by meeting with Ukrainian businessmen during the younger Biden’s attempts to strike lucrative deals.

“I think when you’ve seen all the activity by Hunter, and you know now it’s been revealed about the fact that vice president Biden knew about some of this, you’ve got to think there’s probably additional things to be revealed,” Johnson said. “And that, that, again, continues to be a counterintelligence, extortion threat … [which] could affect our policy towards some of these nations and, in particular, the most concerning one is China.”

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) confirmed that there are: “Here are enough people … who would be committed to getting to the bottom” of allegations against the Biden family.

“If there’s potential corruption in the government, this is one of the things that the American people hate the most about their government,” Coryn remarked. “They figure some people are in this to feather their own nest or their family’s nest. And if there is, corruption is to be exposed, and people need to be held accountable. And hopefully, that will have some deterrent effect.”

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52 Responses

  1. This article was written to expose Joe’s wholehearted approval of his son Hunter’s illegal “pay for play” schemes in several countries. The article did not mention the revelation that after Joe’s other son, Beau’s death of cancer and his father starting a charitable organization to fight cancer. None of the money donated to the charity went to cancer research. It went to high salaries of the “company management team” and expenses for their travel, lodging (not in Motel 6), transportation.

      1. In my day Carol Ann Taylor it was called pin money. As far as that goes, now that all has come out on Biden & the polls, I cannot see why he should live in the W.H. He can be investigated wherever he lives. What gets me is that he most likely knew about these voting machines & how they were rigged. If you had heard Sydney Powell talk about them you would understand why I feel like I do. They were made by a company in S American primarily to win elections. The co that made them was Dominion (sp) & then the software was put out by another company. They had to have been planning this for some time. I believed Donald Trump when he said that the polls were dishonest, but until today they had very little evidence. Now they have many affidavits signed by people attesting to how crooked that the polls were. I’ m glad that Donald had the fortitude to stick with what he thought. Biden has already gone through his transition period. Does that make him our president regardless of what happened at the polls? I had said at the very beginning that I hoped they do would do further investigation Hunter &’The Big Man”. As usual, they are a dollar late & a day short.

        1. I wholeheartedly agree!!! And especially seeing all of the cheating that went into preventing Trump another 4 years. Having Biden in the WH would be like someone being treated for food poisoning, and someone keeps feeding them the same poisonous food. We are beginning to make some headway into draining the swamp….we need to continue this, or it may never stop. Many heads need to roll! And ASAP!

        2. Funny thing: if we are in a Tournament together and I win the 1st hand. and you win the second hand, and I collect all the (winning VOTES) winning points from both hands. I WON!!! Wow, How did that happen?? Biden did not win, all the states played the game the very same way, they gave all the winning vote % to Biden. IE; you cannot win 5 counties at even 100% and thus win the whole state. Biden knew of Hillary’s fraud in 2016 and didn’t report it. He wasnt looking out for American then or now. Pray for our nation. May, God Bless America.

        3. Dementia Joe is not the president yet, the election is not over yet, keep praying that Trump’s team of lawyers can find the evidence that they need to reverse the election in Trump’s favor

        1. If Biden does get in by cheating, it should be instant impeachment for as long as it takes for doing the same things they accused Trump of and bragging about it on tape.

          1. so, Doesn’t Joining Hilliary in fraud in 2016 elections puts Creepy Joe up for Treason and Espionage? Why do they think that we are stupid enough to believe Biden now? ” It’s not a computer glitch ” then SOMEONE did it intentionally. BOTTOM LINE!

    1. Joe Biden is one of many corrupt people in our government all his life he has stretched the truth I’m sick of hearing COME ON MAN OUT IF HIS MOUTH ITS TIME TO SHUT HIM UP I DO FEEL SORRY FOR HIS SON IM SURE JOE SET HIM UP AND THIS IS A GOOD FATHER NOT IN MY BOOK ADIOS SLEEPY JOE

      1. I agree with you 100%, Larry Ingram, now if some of these people in this country would wake up to the kind of person that he is, that would make life easier for everyone. He should be ostracized by the people & maybe that would make him think twice before he pulls one of these stunts. He condones what his son, Hunter, does & for that very reason I couldn’t feel sorry for Hunter & I would forget that Joe Biden ever existed.Joe’s phony acting & I can usually spot a phony when I see one & listen to them talk..
        .I would like to know where all the money went to that Hunter, his friends & his father got paid by the Communists. And to think that Biden stood up on that stage & denied everything. I will never believe one thing that man has to say from now on.(He was just another Bill Clinton lying his head off.)We will probably never know & it’s just as well, that we don’t know.,

      2. typical fraud in Amerika, threatening people, BIG talk, no action. barry boy obama had to look real hard to find someone stupid enough to make him look smart….barry boy nailed it !

      1. You Could See it in His Talk & Answers Today He’s Losing His Mind!! He Had to Be Wired To Talk That Long!!

  2. ALL allegations about Biden bieng in on everything Hunter did as business deals abroad should be thoroughly investigated. Just because Biden has declared himself the winner of this election, does not make it so. These allegations against the Biden’s should not be covered up or swept under the rug. If wrongdoing is discovered, prosecution should be pursued against ALL guilty parties. NO immunity!!

    1. Mickey Taylor, how many DemonRATS ever go to jail? What should happen, and what will happen, are two different things!

  3. I’ll be surprised if the investigation of the Biden will continue, am tried of the two justice systems between the dem and the republican. Biden is a snake

  4. Good Justice should Prevail…….. The bug guy Joe needs to be investigated as well……

    NEWSMAX tells the truth….. great news…… Epoch times….. Oann…… America’s voice

  5. joe Biden should not be given the oath of office till all faxes are out. he thinks he will gave away whit he done. Obama should keep his big mouth closed.

  6. If Joe Biden received money, why isn’t the IRS investigating this? Did he declare this income on his tax returns? If so, those returns should be available to the Committee. If not, he should be audited by the IRS and of course the Committee should be following up.

    If these “people” can spend 4 years investigating our President Trump, then going forward the next four years can be spent investigating Biden. (If, God Forbid he becomes President)

    1. Rochelle, most of the government agencies are “owned” by the demonRATS, ie Soros. The IRS has done nothing, the supreme court has done nothing, the justice dept has done nothing. A blind person can see what is going on. This country as we have known it is doomed!!

  7. Mushrrain Biden is just itching to pick your pockets clean! Watch out he doesn’t take your pants along with the pockets! Put you in jail if you go to church. Defund your Krypto Digital coins if they don’t like ya. Keep you in masks so you will not smell the corrupted environment. And jail you if you criticize the situation. This is just scratching the surface…… Oh! And if it’s Commie Kamala, she’s got a dungeon specially for us.

  8. unless the election fraud is fought to its natural conclusion (Joe losses) all of these investigations will be halted – especially when the demoncrats steal 2 more senate seats on January 5th. The only way we put the bidens in jail is to have Trump win and the senate stay with republicans so we can bring these crooks to justice. And even IF that happens the media will try to bury this and keep it from the publics eye – just like they are doing now – try to see some of this stuff – google, facebook twitter etc. all prevent anything from even being seen. And you know the media will say these are all lies, and will refuse to cover anything no matter what. Joe could be put in prison an dnone of us would even hear of it; because the left is so crooked and in with the mob, and the ceos from the corporation 500 group which mean sall the rich and yet people are so stupid they think the left if for the common man and the poor when its a huge lie they are for the absolute elites. Start watching the Blaze folks at least you hear the truth there.

  9. Thanks for the update on Hunter, because I and many others, thought this would go away with an elected Biden. Keep the pressure on and it looks as if there is much to investigate about the 2020 Voting Process.

  10. The election was stolen from President Trump!
    Joe Biden is corrupt and is China’s puppet!
    All Americans should demand justice!

    1. I hope Republicans don’t let Biden and family escape. He is a criminal and dealing with China is a danger for America. He is a sleepy Joe and a demented idiot unless it involves money

  11. When is America going to wake up and get rid of the whiners, gimme-something-free, lazy creeps, and savages?!? it’s past time for us to realize we have to speak up and not dodge what we know as abysmal actions of our elected officials!! Just look what has happened so far because of our inaction!!

  12. Sandy, you mentioned , when is America going to wake up ( to what is going on & do something about it.) Well, that involves two things, THINKING & TAKING ACTION! THOSE TWO THINGS SEEM TO BE BEYOND THE CAPABILITIES OF A LOT OF PEOPLE!!

  13. I agree, Biden needs to be investigated, he doesn’t need to be president either, if he’s going to Allow Dr. Fausy to control this country!


  15. Good take Hunter Biden and his dippy dad and arrest them both and prison time like any other American criminal, We cannot have a potential president of the United States in the white house this is going on to insanity to even let something even begin, we NEED PRESIDENT TRUMP REELECTED AT ALL COSTS MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

  16. All Citizens of the United States shall be forewarned if the Demorats ever gain the 3 branches of government. They will make this country look like NAZI GERMANY on STERIODS!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first thing they will do is destroy the Constitution and with Packing of the Supreme Court with Jurists that will go along and legitimatize the action this country will be taken to HELL on earth. The American Holocaust will make the Jewish Holocaust look like Child’s Play. I for one have another country to go to, and unlike Barbara Streisand, I SHALL leave the country and get the Hell out before they close the borders and crank up the Gas Chambers and no one will be able to leave Just like the NAZIS did in Germany. The reason I came back to Texas is, we are the only State that can legally succeed from the Union had the Clintons won in 2016. I am married to a foreign national and she has her house where we can live. WAKE UP AMERICA OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES. WE ARE NOW IN A FIGHT FOR THE VERY SURVIVAL OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. President Trump has been fighting for the Citizens of this country for the last 4 years, of which he did this for the Citizens. He did not do this for the money, and he has put up with the unmerciful treatment by the press and the other side is SICKENING! People in the 1930’s did not believe that Hitler would try to destroy a whole race of people because it seemed insane. The Jewish Holocaust is History. IF MANKING DOESN’T LEARN FROM HISTORY, IT WILL BE REPETED. FYI, I believe that any one that supports abortion in any form, vote or money, will have a special place in HELL reserved for them. If you want more information as to the end of time, and we are living this right now, read this: “CRACKING THE APOCALYPS CODE” by Gerard Bodson

  17. When the blind lead the blind, they all fall into the ditch. One day the low life’s will reap what they sow…

  18. Shirley,

    With all Biden and his family are involved how can Biden be president of the U. S. and be fair to our citizens. He has too many interests elsewhere! He needs to get his ducks in a clean row before getting involved in taking over the world!

  19. If Biden steals this election, with bathouse barry’s Help, we will be sent to re education( fema) camps if we support President Trump! One of the guys at the dnc has already said that. Shades of communist China and Nazi germany! Our country is not our own, the demonrats sold us out already! Obama is the facilitator, and the racial divider! He used the hammer/ scorecard program to steal TWO elections! And—- the demonrats had China spread the virus here in order to keep attention away from what they were doing, and the farce impeachment was used to draw attention away from seeding the virus here. I wonder if these covid tests might be contaminated and used to spread the virus. Easily done! Think about it! More people bieng tested, more people infected! Something is not right! The only reason they want lock downs is to bankrupt our country, weaken our economy, keep us fearful, depressed, broke, unemployed, hopeless, because we would be easier to control! Piglosi should be facing a firing squad, along with all her minions who follow her. That goes for slick willie, killary, bathouse Barry, big mike , Schumer, schiff, Nadler and the rest of the demonrat goon squad. Clean house, toss the garbage!

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