June 29, 2022

Senate Dems launch yet another elections power grab

Americans were told that recent elections have been fair and secure. However, Democrats will obstruct elections security any chance they get.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) proposed the “Freedom to Vote Act” on Tuesday that would amount to a federal elections power grab and loosening of security measures, Breitbart reported. This is Democrats’ third attempt at taking elections oversight away from the states.

In March, bill HR 1 “For the People Act” failed to garner the 60 votes required to pass in the Senate. Last month, a second attempt was made with John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, HR 4, that ran into the same problem.

The “Freedom to Vote Act” was hailed as a more moderate proposal by those in the establishment media. However, the recent legislation ups the ante from the “For the People Act” by requiring special drop boxes to collect absentee ballots placed beside mailboxes which is almost an invitation to fraud.

Many states require ballots have few checks and balances to verify voters’ identities, especially if casting absentee ballots. There are only 13 states that currently allow the drop box system to collect ballots outside of the U.S. Mail, but this proposal would spread that system to all 50 states.

“Elections at their core must be transparent. Removing the ability for representatives of both parties to be present in the counting room, and turning over the management of elections to a group of so-called nonpartisan experts kicks the American people out of the counting room and eliminates transparency, the very problem and reason why most Americans doubt the 2020 election,” Phill Kline, who is the executive director of the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, told the news outlet in an exclusive interview.

“Elections are not that complicated. You accept ballots from people who are qualified to vote and then you count them,” he continued. “The problem is a box cannot identify whether a qualified voter cast the vote.”

There is no logical reason to employ such radical tactics except if someone wants to make it easier to cheat. Many people were suspicious of previous election outcomes, and this will do nothing to restore confidence — especially since these changes are being proposed by the Democrats.

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