July 28, 2021

Senate confirms controversial Biden nominee Xavier Becerra by razor-thin margin

Despite his calls for bipartisanship and unity in the aftermath of the contentious 2020 election, President Joe Biden has shown little of either in terms of his selections for key Cabinet posts.

In the face of rather stiff opposition from Republicans, the Senate confirmed Xavier Becerra as secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Thursday by the narrowest of margins in a 50-49 vote, as Fox News reported.

Poised to become the first Latino to take the helm at HHS, Becerra previously spent 12 terms in Congress and currently serves as the attorney general of California and is viewed by many in the GOP as an intensely partisan progressive who will likely aim to reverse numerous Trump-era policies and enact sweeping health care system reforms, as Politico noted.

While Democrats unanimously voted in support of Becerra’s confirmation, Republicans – with the exception of Sen. Susan Collins of Maine – opposed the nomination for reasons ranging from his lack of experience in the health care sector, his stance on abortion rights, positions on immigration, and declared support for Medicare-for-all, according to Fox News.

The fierce resistance to Becerra’s confirmation among some members of the GOP was exemplified by that of Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, who took the unusual step of buying and running digital advertisements targeting Becerra in states where sitting Democrat senators are seen as vulnerable in 2022, as Fox News separately reported.

“Becerra supports Bernie’s government takeover of your health care, eliminating your employer provided coverage. You can’t trust Xavier Becerra with your health care. Tell your senator to vote no,” the spots declared, with Cotton’s campaign website also arguing:

Xavier Becerra is a radical liberal with no real public health experience besides enforcing California’s disastrous lockdowns.

If confirmed, Xavier Becerra will face a reckoning from voters in the next election.

As ABC News noted, Cotton was not alone in his consternation over Becerra’s nomination, with Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) opining last week:

There’s a reason Mr. Becerra could not get one single Republican vote to move out of committee. It is because he is such a thoroughly partisan actor with so little subject-matter expertise and such a demonstrated history of hostility toward basic values like the freedom of conscience.

There is nothing about Mr. Becerra’s record in Congress or in California to suggest that he is the best possible person to run the Department of Health and Human Services in the middle of a once-in-a-generation viral pandemic.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was even more biting in his critique of Becerra’s qualifications – or lack thereof – for this pivotal administration post, remarking:

The Department of HHS is in the process of distributing and administering hundreds of millions of vaccines. Mr. Becerra has never so much as distributed french fries at McDonald’s.

Becerra represents the 20th Biden Cabinet pick to be confirmed thus far, and his ascension to the HHS role only adds credence to the conclusion that this administration is quickly giving lie to any prior pretense of moderation.

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41 Responses

    1. Yes thank God for our conservatives we should always praise them and thank our Heavenly Father for leading the way!

        1. You’ve been censored. Whoever runs this site didn’t like what you said, so POOF it’s gone. This is what happens when Democrats run things. No free speech, despite the First Amendment still being in effect.

      1. Polity………All the New England states are populated with an odd lot of people anyway. As compared to Mid-West States, there is no comparison when it comes to common-sense yet at the same time they tout themselves to have higher IQ levels than the rest of the nation. I not think one can come up with a singular word to explain how politicians like Biden and others continue to get elected even with their criminality on open display. They’re involvement in politics (they’re errant voting) sure makes it difficult for the remaining states to deal with.

        1. Bigotry comes in all forms. As a life long New Englander, I have fought for the unborn, stood firm in my convictions that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Master and take exception to your blatant bigotry towards our region! We do have many liberals here, but we conservatives still fight the fight and defend the moral majority and conservative view.

          Get your facts straight before you lump all people into your liberal category.

    1. but I think Mr. Bacerra violated the Hatch Act , he may not be in there for too long . They fired some white House staffer for doing marijuana


  2. This guy is much much worse then a plain old political hack. Very very bad news for this country.

  3. I don’t even know why Collins is considered a Republican – obviously she’s always sucked up with Democrats. No wonder she barely got re-elected. She doesn’t seem to know much either (or doesn’t care) about what’s actually happening to the country and the plight of the people. There doesn’t seem any achievement she has done either – she’s just another politician being paid by people’s tax dollar and all she knows and does is to go against his counterparts (and party), intentionally trying to make herself stick out of the “crowd” – an attention-seeker.

  4. Bacerra could be struck by lightening for his evil! Then Biden, Pelosi, Cuomo, and Kerry/ all the fake Catholics who fully support evil!

    1. All of them are Satanists. Biden took oath on a satanist Bible with the upside-down Cross. Kamila wouldn’t Touch the Bible; she put her purse on the Bible to be sworn in. That should tell you something!! They all Hate America and illegals are their only priority, besides attacking Trump.


  6. Nancy Pelosi should take all the Illegals who cross the border and let them live with her. Then she can feed them and pay for all the kids they produce and it will be a bus load.

  7. According to Pelosi, that should be turned over! She is insisting a win by six votes is not a win. O, a win by 1 vote is a loss! Remove him!

  8. Becerra has NO HC experience day 1 & Biden appoints for politics day 1
    Pro abortion day 1
    & for Hispanic vote.
    NO substance.
    No value

  9. When the great spirit chooses a day to give this Country an
    Enema the hose will be inserted right into the halls of the
    Biden losers and the Pelosi Communist then the refuse can
    spill onto Pa. Ave.

  10. The first this the first that. A lot of first. We have the first president to get elected by fraud. Then again there could have been other democrat presidents elected by fraud.

    1. You forgot about the first Kenyan that was voted in as POTUS. He was NEVER officially certified as born in the USA. The phony birth certificate did not prove anything. What a disgrace his administration was, but the new one will out do OB by leaps and bounds. I seriously doubt this country will survive if Biden survives four years. If he doesn’t it wont make much difference since the puppet masters will take over, if we let them. I smell a civil war like, rebellion.

  11. Bottom line— Elections have consequences! We now are experiencing the results of the election. They told us, and showed us by their past, what they would. We are therefore not surprised– deeply saddened but not surprised. It has become extremely doubtful that our country will ever recover. GOD HELP THE USA!!!

  12. Xavier Becerra is a dangerous man. His strong leftist views parallel Communism in level of government control and anti-religious fervor. Deferral of government mandate based on conscience has absolutely no place in his perspective. Expect government by Becerra to step on the neck of anyone not conforming to his policies.

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