September 30, 2022

Senate confirms Biden’s nominee for head of Customs and Border Patrol

President Joe Biden is responsible for the disaster at the border. Rather than fixing things, he may have just made it worse.

The Senate confirmed Chris Magnus, Biden’s pick for Customs and Border Protection head, in a 50-47 vote Tuesday, Fox News reported. Magnus is a former Tuscon, Arizona police chief but has an anti-law enforcement bent and supports sanctuary cities.

The only Republican to vote for Magnus was Maine Sen. Susan Collins. Tom Homan, acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said she and other Democrats “showed their contempt” for CBP with this move.

“The confirmation of Chris Magnus completes the Biden Administration’s operational plan to destroy the most secure border we ever had under President Trump,” Homan told the news outlet. “The heroic men and women of the Border Patrol deserved better and the Democrats with help from Susan Collins showed their contempt for those that put their lives on the line to protect this great nation while we sleep.”

It’s known that Magnus “is pretty much hated, especially by those of us in the Tucson Sector since we know him,” an agent told the news outlet. “Somehow he has made a career off of hating law enforcement. He destroyed TPD [Tucson Police Department] and will do the same to CBP as a whole.”

Another agent worried about Magnus’ impact on the already battered agency. “Morale within Border Patrol is so low we expect absolutely nothing different than the elevation and appointments of people that are against a secure border,” that agent said. “Magnus is just par for the course under this administration.”

The New York Times said Magnus, whose confirmation makes him the first openly gay commissioner of the law enforcement agency, was a “reform-minded police chief.” This could spell trouble for an agency already under intense scrutiny for tactics to stop illegal immigration that some have dubbed controversial.

Border security is paramount to keeping America safe. However, Democrats prefer an unending stream of poor immigrants whom they can buy off to become voters for life — and they’ll do everything they can to encourage just that.




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