May 17, 2022

Senate committee finds Trump did not weaponize DOJ after 2020 election loss

Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans released a report Thursday that concluded former President Donald Trump did not weaponize the Department of Justice after the election to overturn the results.

The report contrasts a Democrat report that claims Trump sought to coerce the DOJ. The report attempts to find the former president at fault in order to disqualify him from running for future public office.

“The transcripts of this investigation speak for themselves, and they paint a very different picture from the left’s claims that the former president weaponized the Justice Department to alter the election results,” Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley wrote.

“The available evidence shows that President Trump did what we’d expect a president to do on an issue of this importance: he listened to his senior advisors and followed their advice and recommendations,” he added.

The Democrat report focused on offenses that would potentially keep Trump running for president in 2024. The actions appear to reveal the left is concerned about his potential to win in a comeback bid for the White House.

Related to the report is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6 select House committee. The group is working to obtain additional evidence and testimony targeting Trump and those close to him.

The ongoing efforts may provide additional details, but the Republican report reveals nothing significant enough that would likely meet the left’s demands to stop Trump from being a problem to its party in the future.


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