September 29, 2022

Sen. Warren calls for court packing despite Biden’s court commission’s recommendations

Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren said on Wednesday that the Supreme Court should expand to add additional justices.

Warren explained her view in an Op-Ed in the Boston Globe.

“We must expand the Supreme Court. I don’t come to this conclusion lightly or because I disagree with a particular decision; I come to this conclusion because I believe the current court threatens the democratic foundations of our nation,” she tweeted.

Her view makes her the third senator to support expanding the court, according to Minnesota Democratic Sen. Tina Smith.

The view stands in contrast with a team of legal experts commissioned by President Joe Biden, who opposed an expansion to the Supreme Court.

The push for more justices is primarily based on Democrats currently not holding the majority in the current court, something that cannot be easily changed without adding more justices while Democrats have the power to nominate those they want.




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