September 30, 2022

Sen. Rand Paul lays blame for vaccine hesistancy at Fauci’s feet

The ongoing tension between Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and White House chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci continued apace this week when the lawmaker suggested that lingering “vaccine hesitancy” in the country is largely attributable to “misinformation” promulgated by the likes of the infectious disease official who has been lionized by liberals since the start of the pandemic.

Speaking to Breitbart Daily News podcast host Alex Marlow on Wednesday, Paul took aim at Fauci for taking a politicized approach to promoting vaccines and providing Americans with information that has ultimately turned out to be incorrect.

Paul specifically blasted Fauci for failing to seek the assistance of conservative voices in fostering greater awareness about the shots, saying, “If you were leading a vaccine effort and you really wanted people to be vaccinated, the people who are unvaccinated would be much more likely to listen to me than they would be to Fauci, and yet, no one’s ever asked me, “Will you do a public service announcement?'”

The legislator from Kentucky added that he has spoken out in support of vaccination for large segments of the population, noting, “Every time I’m on the air, I do say that if you’re vulnerable, I would be vaccinated, particularly over 65 and overweight. I think people at almost any age – probably after age 30, in particular overweight [or] significantly overweight – are at risk for this disease.”

Declaring the primary source of vaccine hesitancy to be “big-government types,” including Fauci, Paul added that those seeking to increase the number of Americans willing to receive the jabs would be “better off actually saying that voices like ours from the right” could help make headway in their initiative.

Paul, himself a medical doctor, further slammed Fauci for the federal government’s unwillingness to take natural immunity acquired from prior infection into consideration and its stubborn – and narrow – focus on mandating vaccination for large swaths of the citizenry.

“I think it’s actually malpractice not to consider natural immunity,” said Paul, adding, “So, for example, if you’re a pediatrician and you’re telling every kid to be vaccinated without any consideration for whether or not they’ve already had COVID, I think you’re really practicing bad medicine.”

According to the senator, the public health sector of his profession is rife with left-wing ideologues – including Fauci – whose political leanings have an outsize influence on how they do their jobs, declaring, “Most of the time, [Fauci] is giving edicts that really reflect his own sort of authoritarian impulses.”

Fauci’s innumerable flip-flops, inaccuracies, and erroneous predictions have caused his credibility in the eyes of the American people to plummet, and try as he might to claim that he is the infallible personification of “science,” thank goodness there are folks like Paul ready and willing to call him out for the lies, hypocrisy, and “absolute hubris,” of his conduct over the last 20 months.




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