September 26, 2022

Sen. Paul blames Fauci for thousands of likely Covid deaths

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul claimed thousands of people have likely died over Dr. Anthony Fauci’s focus only on vaccines rather than including therapeutics.

Paul shared the comments during an appearance on “The Ron Paul Report” hosted by his father.

“I would venture to say that thousands of people die in our country every month now from Covid because [Fauci] de-emphasized the idea that there are therapeutics,” Paul said.

“Recent data showed that monoclonal antibody treatment cuts the risk of death and hospitalization by 70% in high-risk patients and reduces the chance of infection among a household by 80%,” Paul wrote in September.

The antibody treatment has been emphasized by some states, such as Florida, to help in the response to the coronavirus.

The accusation may be impossible to quantify, but the focus on antibodies is accurate. Paul has led the push for antibody treatment in the COVID-19 response, offering another way to help those impacted by the virus.




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