May 23, 2022

Sen. John Thune lays blame at Biden’s feet, not Putin’s, for gas price hikes

With at least one industry expert predicting that Americans could soon face gas prices of up to $7 per gallon in the near future, Republican Sen. John Thune (SD) has issued a stinging indictment of President Joe Biden, saying he is to blame for the skyrocketing costs at the pump.

Thune spoke to Newsmax on Wednesday and opined that despite the commander in chief’s claims to the contrary, it is he, not Russian President Vladimir Putin, who bears responsibility for the sticker shock currently being experienced at the pump.

During an interview with the outlet’s Prime News, Thune explained, “This administration came to office started shutting down energy projects in America and making it more expensive, more difficult to invest, and to basically harvest the enormous energy resources we have here, right at home.”

Pointing to the broader problems with Biden’s energy policies, Thune added, “[Biden] got us away from the concept of energy independence, and it forces us now to turn to other countries around the world, particularly unreliable countries, to get our energy needs met again.”

Thune also pointed to Biden’s whipsawing stance when it comes to Russia’s own energy production and supply endeavors, noting that soon after he entered office last year, Biden put a stop to the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would have delivered Canadian oil and gas to the U.S., yet permitted Putin’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline to continue full steam ahead, giving that country a green light to meet the needs of multiple European nations.

What’s more, according to Thune, Biden waived sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 enterprise even after it became clear that Russia was amassing troops along the border with Ukraine, though in recent days, the president threatened action that would “end” the pipeline if Putin were to invade his neighbor, despite the fact that it is not under American control.

Amid all of this speculation about the possible international drivers of the rising gas prices stateside, Thune emphasized his belief that the issue is in fact one of domestic origin, stating, “The reason you have 40% increase in the cost of gasoline in this country is because we have a pretty high demand coming out of the pandemic.”

The senator continued, asserting, “And we don’t have the supply needed because this administration decided that, in the interest of their obsession with electric vehicles, we no longer had to develop American energy,” adding, “[a]nd we are paying the price for it at the pump.”

With rising pump prices amounting to a nearly $3,500 annual tax increase for everyday Americans, according to Newsmax, it is no surprise that Biden’s approval ratings continue to plummet, and Democrats scramble for fixes as concerns about their party’s prospects in November’s midterms loom large.

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