September 26, 2022

Sen. Graham says Trump will likely announce run for president this time next year

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said on Wednesday that former President Donald Trump will likely announce his 2024 run for president about this time next year.

Graham shared the comments during an interview on Newsmax TV’s “Eric Bolling: The Balance” with Eric Bolling regarding a red wave of predicted Republican wins in the coming year.

“This is the year for the Republicans to take back the Senate, 2022,” Graham said.

“When we get back the Senate, we’re going to stop this socialist agenda. And we’re going to shape the battlefield for 2024. I think about this time next year, Donald Trump is going to announce he’s going to run for president in 2024,” he added.

Graham’s predicted White House follows reports of more than 20 House Democrats who have announced plans to retire or run for a different office in 2022.

The next year will offer new opportunities for conservatives to stop the left’s agenda, but the biggest decision may be whether Trump chooses to run again for president.




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