May 24, 2022

Sen. Cotton urges US to ban investment in Chinese industries

Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton called for a ban on American investments in key Chinese industries on Monday, claiming “it’s time to end our economic reliance on China.”

Cotton shared the remarks during a speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

“Indeed, both parties are complicit in one of the single worst mistakes of this generation: granting Communist China permanent Most Favored Nation status and admitting it into the World Trade Organization. Now China is our most dangerous enemy,” Cotton said.

“Since then, China’s economy has grown 12 times over. China is now the largest exporter in the world and controls over a quarter of global trade. It’s done so by waging a brutal economic world war,” he added.

The call for divestment from China comes as the communist country continues to side with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The strong words may not achieve his desired impact, but Cotton’s call to stop helping the Chinese government would be a helpful step toward freedom.

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