April 18, 2021

Secret Trump voters could be the key to the election: Poll

Democrats are still confident that Donald Trump cannot win in November, but a growing number of polls show that Joe Biden’s future is not so certain.

Some strategists — both Democrat and Republican — have voiced concerns that polls showing Biden holding a strong lead are skewed because some Trump supporters are unwilling to admit that they plan to vote red in November.

Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard wrote on Wednesday:

Just like in 2016, many of President Trump’s strongest supporters are staying quiet about their Election Day pick, likely misleading pollsters and the media about the state of the presidential race.

Indeed, a recent Rassmussen survey found that there are many more of these “shy” Trump voters than most polls can even begin to account for.

Rasmussen pollsters explained that “Trump voters appear to be hiding their vote again this election cycle,” noting that 17% of likely voters who “strongly approve” of Trump “are less likely to let others know how they intend to vote in the upcoming election.”

Even more importantly, independent voters that are not necessarily “Trump supporters” could be even more reticent about which way they plan to vote.

“Again this cycle, the quietest voters are those not affiliated with either major political party,” pollsters noted. “Twenty-one percent (21%) say they are less likely to let others know how they intend to vote; 45% are more likely to tell.”

Never before have a contingent of American voters been so reviled and attacked by those who believe they are on the right side of history. Democrats appear to be making the exact same mistake that they made in 2016, and it appears that no amount of warnings can persuade them otherwise.

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59 Responses

  1. Democrats need to grow up!!!! They are just tired of the swamp being drained and they can’t stand it.
    Keep up the good work President Trump, we are behind you and are including you in our prayers.

  2. A recent poll of American a month ago, voters from equal amounts of Republican and Democrat voters were asked this question, “are you going to tell the national news media who you are going to vote for in the 2020 election”??? An amazing 62% of the American voters said they were not going to tell them”!!! Of the Democrat voters in the survey, 40% said they were not!!!! Folks, that is exactly what happen in the 2016 election and the American voters are going to repeat it in the 2020 election only a bigger “landslide victory for President Trump and a solid Republican Congress to back him up in the 2020 election”!!!! It worked in the 2016 election, why not do it bigger in the 2020 election!!! n American voter common sense rules again in the 2020 election!!!! By the criminal Democrat Party Mob tried to bury this survey, but the American voters will not let them get away that at all!!!~ American voters of all political parties, “seal are lips until after the 2020 election should be out motto until after the 2020 election”!!!!! ………

    1. Polsters actually have no right to ask who you are voting for……THAT’S why they call it “SECRET BALLOT”. I usually tell them….none of your business because I have never told polsters who I am voting for!

      1. not me! i have only been polled 6 times in my life and always tell them i’m voting democrat! but as a true conservative i always vote republican! i learned to lie from cnn!

    2. I am praying you are right. It amazes me how Trump keeps fighting for us with all the obstacles the Dems have thrown at him!!

      1. I also feel that way, Diana!
        He is practically “tortured” by those who hate America, actually hating everything.
        People should always follow strong personalities who are capable to do do the right things,
        are not scared of negatives and never become traitors.

      2. Exactly right!! Just went to his Rally last night in Michigan…..it was the best. There were many more over the 5,000 people they reported on local news! We were like sardines – but it was great to see and hear him. The roads were tied up for hours before and afterwards. I laughed when I saw how the media under-reported it…but made sure they interviewed the few dozen protesters at length…..then said a few thousand supporters came to the rally! What a joke they are!! This is what Trump is up against…but the silent majority will refuse to be silent now and will call it out when we see these injustices! Stand up and speak out for what is right! TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!

  3. I cannot image why a real American would even think about ever voting for Biden! He has got to be the weakest candidate to ever run for president on any party.


    1. If you believe what you just wrote you should move to Venezuela. With everything that President Trump has done for the United States of America, we have never had a better economy, stronger military and just in general it’s been BETTER. The Police problem is due to Non Compliance on behalf of the people the Police have to deal with regardless of color. All those people had to do was COMPLY and every darn one of them would still be breathing.

      1. I lived during times of communism in central Europe. My husband’s, also mine father were killed by commies.
        I have found freedom coming to USA as a political refugee and and was in shock when B.O won presidency, man hating America, communist’s follower and religion in question suitable for this country.
        I DO WISH Americans understand some foreign languages, such as Russian, Czech…
        They would know in a minute from reading upon detailed historic data, what they could expect when such
        comes here. Best and most understandable word here would be “captioned in prison for good!”
        I do not wish it on to anyone, even those whom I see as enemy to their own country today.
        Viva FREE America and president TRUMP!

    2. The man is a BILLIONAIRE!!! Why would he take money from his campaign funds to bank in his personal account?!?!? The man didn’t want to take a salary but there is some kind of law that states he has to, so he DONATES HIS SALARY to different charities & projects! He is NOT a racist!! He didn’t LIE ABOUT THE VIRUS…..HE TRIED TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM PANICING……REMEMBER THE BIG RUSH ON TOILET PAPER?!?! STOP LISTENING TO CNN & MSNBC…….THEY DO LIE…..Gruesom Newsom gov of Calif and Cuomo the Magnificent gov of NY, BOTH THANKED TRUMP FOR ALL HIS HELP, THEY PRAISED HIM FOR “CUTTING RED TAPE” & GETTING THEM HELP IMMEDIATELY……YOU ARE SUCH A USEFUL IDIOT!!!

    3. Lie much? Your statement is so full of lies that it stinks. His tax returns won’t tell you anything that the financial statements won’t tell you. It is out there already. He couldn’t run without it. Taking millions from his campaign? He doesn’t need to do that. That is a new lie. He isn’t the one causing the “wide divisions” in this country and he has done more for minorities in this country than almost any other POTUS. Bill Clinton was impeached and was acquitted by a partisan senate. No one ever presented any evidence that he was guilty of Russian collusion. It is nothing new. He didn’t lie to the public about the virus either. It was the democrats marching around saying masks were not necessary and trying to stop everything that he did who caused some of the problems. Wow, everything that you posted is a lie.

    4. His taxes are his business,No person on this earth could have done a better job about the virus. It was always something that could not be stopped.Although President Trump made all the correct decisions about getting treatments and vaccinations,years ahead of what would of been available with any other President. They all would have let the system run at the slow rate it has for years. Trump jump started all major companies that could possibly help, As for as how viruses spread ,he is not responsible. The democrats (Pelosi) is guilty of causing problems by going to chinatown and saying all is well and the President is wrong we do not have a problem.The Mouth of the democrat party,the fake news ,was happy to spread these lies constantly until there was a problem. At this point they shifted to the narrative the virus is going to kill us all and we have to vote from home and it is all Trumps fault. Now for the shortages we had at the PPE. All of that was the fault of the Obama,Biden presidency as they chose not to replace all expended in the H1N1 flu pandemic. The shelves were bare not Trumps fault.Resparitarators were the responsibilities of each state and if the Governors did not have the necessary equipment on hand then it was their fault not Trumps. This would be like me blaming you for all this and you had nothing to do with it. This is the kind of position you are taking when you blame Trump for everything . I guess you are one of the people that believe the Russia hoax or the Ukraine impeachment lies.

    5. Rick, if all the things you said were true, I would not vote for him: but they’re not! I wish I could convince you of that. Watch 3-4 of his speeches, paying close attention to what he says, and how he says it. Then go to the “media” outlets and see how they twist, take out of context, even outright lie about what he says, does, has accomplished, etc. and you will get a picture of what is really happening. Try It !

      God bless, Rick !

    6. Excuse me but you have totally lost you’re mind w these lies n accusations. Where’s your proof fool??? Sorry you don’t have 1 or an ounce of intelligence

    7. Nothing you have to say is true but liberals aren’t known for telling the truth. Trump hasn’t taken money from his campaign, he doesn’t have to, he doesn’t even keep his paycheck. You liberals are such pathetic excuses for human beings it’s beyond words. It’s liberals like Biden and that hooker that’s his running mate that are the racists, oh and people like you. You liberals wouldn’t know a fact if it kicked you in the head. Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Nadler are disgusting lying racists and that pos I’m sure you worship Obama, all completely worthless and should be in prison. All said under oath that there was nothing to the whole Russia/Trump collusion yet wasted 40+ million on the BS impeachment. That is fraud using taxpayer money because they don’t like someone just to put on a show. Then you have your Obama who left our men to die in Benghazi, there isn’t a liberal alive that’s a decent person.

    8. LOL! Can’t believe there exist such a fool. Maybe you are ill and have dementia – I don’t know but if so sorry for you. Do you have someone looking after you who can explain it in simple language so you can understand?

    9. Rick Goldstein, you are an Ignorant Demonrat. Get some information and then you will have an idea who is
      Donald Trump. We Love our President Donald J. Trump. God Bless America

    10. Rick, you’re a perfect example of what is wrong with this country….ignorant and misinformed….heck, you can’t even spell or use proper punctuation.

    11. You have got to be a total brain dead idiot. If it was not for Trump ban flights when he did the death toll would be so much more and then he dispatched mercy ships to NY and California and also had the guard build field hospitols. AS far as taking money from his campaign there is no way ,and he does not even take his presidental salary.He has done more for this country in 4 years than any other president since Ronald Reagan.

    12. Gee rick it’s time you see a doctor and get on some proper meds.
      If you are writing this from your heart then you must have been raised an orphan. If you are writing this from your brain then you must have been hiding behind the door when God was handing them out.
      You are probably just a paid troll to write something so obviously stupid so go back to your basement as you probably never had the love and nurture of a mom.

    13. I see that you have listened to all the Fake News media and it did it’s job on you with a thorough brain washing. There is no help for you and your peers who have denied hearing the truth because if you did open your ears to the truth you would be set free from the chains of ignorance.

  5. It is actually sickening when that liar Pelosi comes on the TV and talks about how wonderful it will be when Biden wins in November!!!! What is wrong with these people BIDEN doesn’t know what he is doing we all know that so why in hell would you give him your vote???? Pelosi needs to be kicked out along with Biden…….They are all EVIL…
    Juan Williams and Donna Brazille both as crooked as hell and they are liars..Look at the money that was spent by that Adam Schiff and for what? Not his money so he doesn’t care….Anyways those of you that hate Trump be very careful what you wish for…..Any DEMOCRAT is a FOOL and a LIAR………………………………..

    1. They don’t plan on Biden performing ANY duties as POTUS because the plan is a couple of weeks after the election, God help us if the dems win, Biden will he “Hillaried” and Harris will take over or she will be Hillaried, also….although I do not understand WHY they would want Pelosi in….well I guess because she can be easily manipulated…..remember the Hair Salon caper that made her look bad…she was, after all, “set up”… ROFLOL The democrats are like watching the Keystone Kops….only not as funny!!

      1. I do not believe that camel toe is eligible to BE the president ….. she was born as an anchor baby of immigrants that were NOT US CITIZENS !!!! in other words, she is an ”anchor baby” for non-citizen immigrants !!!!! and they KNOW that, so the plan is, IMHO, to have groping joe NOT make that long climb up to the podium, because of a health problem that won’t let him BE the president, and since camel toe isn’t eligible, the next in line, who is nasty pee lousy, step in to be the president !!!!! BUT if the republicans retake the house, SHE will no longer be the speaker of the house …. instead, a republican, probably Kevin McCarthy, will be the speaker and HE will have to step up to take over the presidency duties !!!!!

        1. Yes, she doesn’t qualify! But neither did Obama! He was a totally illegitimate President! But he managed to lie his way in, not once but twice! Don’t use that reason not to vote for Harris, she is just as much a pathological liar as Obama! And her adgenda is the same as Bernie Sanders. A completely Communist country with her as dictator! Vote RED all the way! It’s our only chance to save this country!

    2. What Pelosi is saying is how nice it will be when we have a yes man,a puppet, in the White House that will do anything I ask for. This is what Pelosi is really saying.

  6. Thank GOD that there is someone on this website with common sense. I cannot wait for November 2 to get here and vote. Goodbye garbage boy Trump and his glowing eyed lover Pence – lol

    1. You are not a believer in God so why are you thanking him for something that is not going to happen. Anyone that is a democrat policy pusher and baby killer hates God,we all know that,so do not use his name. You have to be one that is down with burn everything in sight. Destroy peoples lives for the democrat party. All that believe that way will burn in hell for their beliefs. I hate this reality for all you people but you are making your own beds now and forever more. There are many that need to change their hearts and follow Christ.This is the total salvation for all. You can love thy neighbor or hate thy neighbor ,which will it be. Most people do not have the divine ability like Christ to be to turn the other cheek. That being the said do not expect all people that believe in God to roll over for all you worshipers of Satan and Hell on earth!

    2. Seriously you better be thanking God there’s a lot more Trump supporters than what you tend to believe. You as well have lost your mind along w Joe blow

    3. Thank God you will be voting on November 2 for Joe Biden & Kamala Harris. I sincerely hope that you will stay in touch to keep people informed as to how that works out great for you. I do like to hear such success stories. You are in my opinion one of those citizens we can always count on because you’re WTE.

    1. Me too Trump all the way. And to help the economy is what’s next to improve the race even more. The American people need that stimulus check. Find a way to give it to the people and the race would be over because the American people need a lift

  7. Older Democrats will vote Trump just for law and order in the Cities. But would they tell others? Probably not. LIBTURDS can be very violent.

  8. Can’t believe blacks will vote her family was in the slave trade. As DA she put over 2000 in jail for pot and laughed about it because she smoked it. The court had to force her to turn over evidence to free a man from death row.

    How can the blacks vote for someone who did that to them?

  9. I lived during times of communism in central Europe. My husband’s, also mine father were killed by commies.
    I have found freedom coming to USA as a political refugee and and was in shock when B.O won presidency, man hating America, communist’s follower and religion in question suitable for this country.
    I DO WISH Americans understand some foreign languages, such as Russian, Czech…
    They would know in a minute from reading upon detailed historic data, what they could expect when such
    comes here. Best and most understandable word here would be “captioned in prison for good!”
    I do not wish it on to anyone, even those whom I see as enemy to their own country today.
    Viva FREE America and president TRUMP!

  10. I proudly support President Trump and Vice-President Pence. I will vote for them in the upcoming election. After serving in our armed forces for 26 years, I am appalled that some of my fellow Americans would willingly and blindly sell not only their freedom, but their children’s and grandchildren’s freedom for a “gentle” word and a few shiny pieces of silver. #TRUMP/Pence 2020!

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