October 7, 2022

Secret Service braces for new assault on White House as D.C. faces largest protests yet

D.C. police have warned that demonstrations at the nation’s capital will be some of the largest ever seen, posing the threat of renewed attacks against the White House. 

Protests turned sour last weekend at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, and Fox News reported that “more than 60 Secret Service officers and special agents sustained multiple injuries in three days worth of violent clashes.”

Officials are bracing for larger crowds than ever, and in preparation for the likelihood that much of the protests will be directed at the White House, the Secret Service has added additional barriers to the perimeter of the campus.

“These closures are in an effort to maintain the necessary security measures surrounding the White House complex, while also allowing for peaceful demonstration,” a Secret Service spokesperson confirmed.

The issue of preventing protests from turning to riots as emotions run high in the capital is exacerbated by D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser’s (D) refusal to protect her own streets, instead, bringing the fight directly to the White House by sanctioning the placement of a giant street mural that reads “Black Lives Matter” on the road leading directly to the campus.

Trump is receiving pushback from his own cabinet as well, with Secretary of Defense Mark Esper unilaterally ordering National Guard troops in D.C. to not carry guns or ammunition while attempting to keep the peace.

As of Saturday morning, tens of thousands of protesters have already begun streaming into the nation’s capital, and the weekend is only just beginning.

Do you think protests will remain peaceful in D.C. this weekend? Scroll down to the comments and let us know.


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