October 4, 2022

US Secret Service interrupts press conference to escort Trump room after shots fired outside White House

Shortly after President Trump took the podium for a White House press briefing on Monday, he was hustled away by the Secret Service.

The president returned within minutes and announced that a person with a gun had been shot by Secret Service and was in custody. A male approached a Secret Service officer outside the White House, pulled something from his pocket, and took a shooter’s stance. The officer shot the man in the torso and then immediately rendered aid.

There was a shooting, law enforcement shot someone, seems to be someone, and the suspect is on the way to the hospital.

The Secret Service issued a statement regarding the incident, stating that no “protectee” — read: President Trump — was never in danger:

Former Secret Service agent and conservative commentator Dan Bongino tweeted after the incident: “Spent twelve years in the Secret Service and I’ve never seen that before,” followed by “Trump handled it like a pro. NEVER let them see you sweat.”

President Trump commended his protective detail and said they were fantastic.


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