October 5, 2022

Secret Service agent attacked in front of White House

A Secret Service agent was reportedly assaulted outside of the White House on Tuesday.

An initial statement was shared in a report by Axios on Wednesday concerning the incident that occurred in front of President Joe Biden’s home.

“The officer was attacked ‘without provocation’ near a guard booth, the spokesperson said. A man has been arrested and an investigation has been opened into the incident,” the outlet reported.

“The assault took place around 12:30pm in an area frequented by pedestrians and tourists. The officer’s injuries were not life-threatening, the spokesperson said,” according to the report.

The reason for the attack is unknown but comes as the FBI raided the Florida home of former President Donald Trump this week in a move that has shocked many Americans.

The identity of the agent has not been revealed, but his report of non-threatening issues is a positive sign. The identity of the attacker has also not been released, and more information may arise as the story develops regarding the latest attack outside of the White House.


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