May 26, 2022

Second-highest-ranking climate diplomat resigns from position in Biden administration

It’s no secret that President Joe Biden is having trouble getting his radical agenda adopted. Now a key resignation could indicate that things aren’t going well on the climate change front either.

Jonathan Pershing will be stepping away from his role as the second-highest-ranking climate diplomat in the administration, The Hill reported. The announcement was made Friday by White House climate envoy and former Secretary of State John Kerry.ย ย 

“When the President-elect called me about taking on this job, I called Jonathan in California to tell him we needed him on Day One,” the failed Democratic presidential candidate said in a statement about Pershing’s exit. “I told him we had to get the band back together,” he added.

“I know it wasn’t an easy call for Jonathan to uproot his family in California for a year but it was a critical call for us,” Kerry continued. “Jonathan Pershing has lived up to the highest standards and more,” he said.

“His knowledge, decades of experience, and passion have been indispensable,” Kerry touted. “He’s also a leader with a team mentality who helps create a sense of cohesion and camaraderie, and while he’s headed back west, he’s going to stay in the fight in every way,” he said.

Pershing is leaving to join the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. “We are grateful for all he helped the U.S. accomplish in the past year, and we look forward to having him back at the helm of our Environment Program,” the foundation’s president, Larry Kramer, said in a statement.

Despite high hopes for the Democratic president, Biden’s climate change agenda seems to be another casualty in a floundering administration. Last fall, a meeting of the U.N. climate summit took place in Glasgow, Scotland that included lots of promises but few actual changes.

Biden has become increasingly unpopular, and some of his key legislative goals have failed to materialize. Its possible Pershing is simply leaving for greener pastures, or perhaps he’s another official who has become frustrated by the administration’s lack of progress.

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