June 29, 2022

SCOTUS Jutice Alito goes off on pundit’s criticism of Texas abortion law decision

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito just savagely criticized an article in The Atlantic over its attack on the new abortion-restriction law in Texas.

“Here is a line from a recent piece talking about our refusal to grant an injunction in the Texas abortion case: ‘The conservative majority on the Supreme Court was so eager to nullify Roe v. Wade, the 1973 precedent securing the right to abortion, that it didn’t even wait for oral arguments,’” Alito said during a speech at the University of Notre Dame, according to Mediaite.

“Put aside the false and inflammatory claim that we nullified Roe v. Wade. We did no such thing and we said that expressly in our order,” Alito added.

The Supreme Court did not intervene in the new Texas law, allowing it to go into effect on Sept. 1. The new law prohibits abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, generally at around six weeks of pregnancy.

Those opposed to the bill claim it harms the right to “reproductive justice” for women. In contrast, others have celebrated the bill as protecting the rights of the preborn.

The argument has now led to the House seeking to pass a measure to legalize abortion up to the point of birth. The bill would unlikely, however, pass the Senate even if it passes the House due to the need for 60 votes required by the filibuster.

The important issue has led to strong, emotional responses from advocates, indicating the importance of the issue of life in today’s society.

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