June 25, 2021

SCOTUS dismisses legal challenge to Trump’s border wall

The Supreme Court of the United States is busily occupied with the process of dismissing lawsuits relating to the Trump administration, most recently dropping a case regarding the funding of Donald Trump’s border wall.

The Washington Examiner reported on Wednesday that the high court cancelled hearings of a challenge to Trump’s allocation of federal funds to his border wall construction. One of Biden’s immediate executive actions was to order a halt of construction on the controversial wall.

The SCOTUS case was brought by leftists desperately attempting to halt Trump’s progress toward securing the southern border. However, with Biden in office wreaking havoc on the strides Trump made to control the flow of illegal immigration, the cases are now moot.

The dismissal came at the request of the Biden administration, who pointed to executive orders signed by Biden in the first days of his presidency that reversed Trump administration border enforcement and security policies.

Biden — who said during his 2020 campaign that there are “things you can’t do by executive order unless you’re a dictator” and said that presidents must govern by “consensus” — has issued more executive orders within his first weeks as president than any of his predecessors.

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain defended Biden’s circumvention of legislation by declaring that the orders are not given “in lieu of legislation,” but rather “taking executive action to fix what Trump broke in the executive branch.”

A number of those orders concerned illegal immigration, a system which Trump did break — if you look at it from the perspective of a Democrat that wants open borders to increase their voter base for 2024.

Biden immediately set to work fixing the problem of reduced illegal border crossings, ensuring that a massive tide of illegal immigrants begins heading towards the US once again.

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90 Responses

  1. How about some VERY plain English on what the case was. That is who wanted what, and what did the SCOTUS do about it? nsimple and straight forward ?

    1. It just means the Court will not take it up because President Trump is no longer the President and Biden already entered an Executive Order regarding the border wall, so there is no longer an issue between what Trump wanted for the border wall and those who were suing him over it.

      1. Biden — who said during his 2020 campaign that there are “things you can’t do by executive order unless you’re a dictator” and said that presidents must govern by “consensus” — has issued more executive orders within his first weeks as president than any of his predecessors!

        1. You can see that Biden doesn’t “know where ever he speaks (or forgets ) as he stated “is a dictator”.
          He seems to be the biggest one the American people have ever seen by the documents he has reversed????

        1. I agree!! Let’s get 60,000,000 Americans to go down to Mexico; take over the place by voting in our people; then making Mexico into the paradise it can become. Then we will invite Trump to come down to Mexico and we will vote him into office down there. What a concept!!!!!

          1. I was actually thinking about moving to Mexico. Its most likely safer than America right now and the next decade. Biden is set on destroying America

          2. Yes! I’m with u! MX bound! THe demented dictator can rule the democrats with his pen and phone just like oBUMMER

          3. You do realize the Mexican cartel control Mexico, if you cross them as a citizen or government official they cut you up in many pieces, literally.
            And you want to us to move there, you might want to find a safer place to move. We have to fight to correct what this country is becoming, we are a strong people we beat the British we can beat Biden and company.

        2. I could get everything for free, if I wasn’t an American citizen; as it is, I have to pay to give everything to them free.

        3. Jim there is no time like the present to pack your stuff and move to Mexico if you’re dissatisfied with our current administration maybe there are a few more dissatisfied people on this website that would like to go with you

          1. We voted, you won, pack you bags quick, if you don’t all you will have is your poop stained undies

          2. What happened to all the leftist commy bastards in Holly wood that wanted to go to Canada when Trump was elected? Just another line of crap that comes out of the mouths of the misinformed

      2. Ruth the Constitution has been stepped on so many time it is only rubbish now. It is dead on arrival. the enemy has the song book now. They all have sold our heritage, our citizenship to China. Bought and sold by the Patriots that defended this Country and now that they have the outlaw constitution they sold us to the Communist. it will take someone to do the thing to China and they will return us what we wanted, slavery as the goes History always repeats itself.

      3. Trump tried to overturn face with eo and supreme court said he couldn’t. Should not the same thing apply here? Hey Republicans get in gear. Another lawsuit is in order.

    2. the suit was filed because trump authorized unspent money from the military budget to build the wall which was his given right!

    1. If the Supreme Court had done it’s job on the unconstitutional voter counting in a number of states we wouldn’t be having to worry about Biden.

      1. It’s perfectly understandable why SCOTUS rejected all those lawsuits. None of the justices want to wake up one morning with a smile on their face; from ear to ear.

        1. listen , it is too bad there is dishonest elected officials for decades that got away with corruption, they should have been caught punished indicted & removed , Dominion voting system & it’s software needs to be subpoenaed to th Supreme court once & for all expose the license, it’s schematics, patent capabilities, incapability etc. , this widespread fraud can never happen ever again in the USA like it has in the 2020 election, the results can not be accepted by me & millions of American citizens , there needs to be a re-do election for the 200 election paid for by dominion voting systems owner.

      2. I agree and we have to look no further than Supreme Court Justice Roberts as the one who berated his fellow court members to not do anything; also was he the one who voted for the Affordable Care Act and changed one word in the law written by the Senate to make it legal. Problem is, they had no authority to do this since only the Senate can change the wording.

        1. Getter DONE TIME FOR THE WOLVERINES TO START STRIKING THE Pelosi’s and waters or all the soros puppets. SEMPER FIDELIS

        2. Yes and it is very serious. The courts are corrupt and most who serve in Congress are
          disgustingly corrupt. (look up Pelosi’s net worth). Sen Cruz is introducing a bill for term limits. I wonder if 73 million Americans are planning to move to Texas once it becomes free of the corrupt United States of China.
          As for me, my ex-husband of 31 years who is a medical doctor – lied to me about having
          cancer, resulting in brutal cancer treatment and brain damage. As soon as chemo ended,
          he told me we were moving to Sonoma, Ca. The sob sued me for divorce and got all
          the inheritance my parent’s left me so I am in financial trouble and facing euthanasia
          I suppose. When I went back to CA (from Seattle) and asked Sonoma Legal Foundation
          for the name of an honest attorney, they told me there are none in Sonoma. The court
          has a group of wealthy attorneys who decide the way the court decisions will go and
          the judges go along with this as do the support staff – I can’t even get a copy of the
          transcripts. I suppose this is the trickle down theory – from federal to state to county
          court – all dishonest people who should be horsewhipped. My ex husband, father of
          4 girls stole his own children’s inheritance for college. What a shock and its really
          unforgiveable. So things are not looking positive for this once great country.
          We’ve got social media acting like they are Prada USSR- and the Democrats acting as
          if they welcome a Communist country not to mention the idiot millennials who are
          truly uneducated and quite stupid. If I had my inheritance, I would already be in Texas.
          I am 71 yrs old and I seriously cannot believe the crooked greedy people in our country today.
          Wow! Sort of scary! I pray for one of the greatest presidents we ever had – President Trump
          and his family everyday. I don’t see any hope for a return to normal decent Americans
          helping each other – that went out the window when CEOs started making 5million times
          more than their workers. Thinking about this makes me absolutely ill.

      3. amen to the voter fraud situation. Trump DID win by a landslide and I hope there are plans in the works to remove ALL the guilty Fascists/communists from this country and revoke citizenships!

      1. Give it a little time and you will find that electing Biden was a huge mistake and Trump will likely be recognized that he accomplished more in four years than all other Presidents did with two terms as President. Biden is only a puppet of George Soros and the New World Order group, the very group Trump was holding at bay. My opinion is you will rue the day this country is forced into becoming a part of it.

      2. How often do you use your critical thinking skills?
        The Communists stated in 1950s they were going to take over this country first by eradicating
        religion and then by destroying our educational system. They have been very successful.
        If you can, list the things President Trump did for the American people. Now, try and make
        a list of the things the Democrats have done, will do and state they wish to do.
        How does that compare?
        While you are at it, look up the personal wealth of Pelosi. Thats a real kick in the pants.
        This country was not close to being so corrupt until the Clintons broke the dam –
        I would venture to say there are not any honest people in Congress, in the judicial
        system, or the bureacrats in govt. The end is near. Read the Gulag Archipelago by

  2. The country is being overrun by immoral lying fraudsters led by the left and Biden who hate the Country and hates the expression America 1st

    1. amen – we are a communist nation run by idiots and criminals with judges including the supremes no longer having common sense or justice in mind

      1. please explain millions of ballots appearing in the middle of the night after all the conservative poll people have been shooed out. YOU and those idiot sheep like you are the problem (fraud, fear of being found out and therefore illegally censoring and trampling on the first amendment ) good Americans and Trump were trying to get rid of, but you are too entrenched in your own selfish, stupid lack of thought processes to realize you are damaging yourselves beyond repair.

  3. Try Cleaning your own house an actions of your son an your family, Then direct the work to governing the USA, your actions shows your only in this office for what you can do for yourself an the far right, I don’t suppose you were ever considered for military duty of course not you have been feeding at the public pay roll all your life Never holding a job considering you wanted to be just a mouth pice shooting off your mouth .

    1. Biden was a football player and swimmer (lifeguard) in school and college, but could not serve his country because he supposedly had asthma.

  4. Please explain confused will the Border Wall Continue to be built with the Funds Allocated with President Trump Administration⁉️

    1. It is confusing but I think is what it says. However since the deep state & new world order INSIDERS are back in control & looks like they are in warp speed to finish our destruction from within – they will probably break every immigration or any other law to bring these new Soros caravans of invading illegal immigrants into our country & turn them loose ad Soros will probably pay them to join the domestic terrrorist antifa/BLM or any other terrorists or criminal gang you might know of.
      Howevr with this ruling of the SCOTUS , the Border Patrol can buck them and continue to operarate wirhin rhe immigration laws, which Trump was doing.

  5. SCOTUS bought and paid for by swamp.
    They’re to busy posing in their cute robes to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and its citizens. And now their talking about four more to pack the courts for the Dumbacrats……
    The populous is so SCREWED!
    We are going to be ruled by Communists. We already have Hitler calling the shots.

    1. History is repeating itself which will end up in a bloodbath that will totally divide the country; where brothers will be shooting at brothers just like what happened during
      WWI &II
      They kept shooting till there were no more family tree left
      Whatever is left will be tossed to the other wolves
      That how they ate their own people with nothing left to show for
      This one will be where we can NEVER go back again to the “normal” living
      Always watching your backs

    2. There is no one in Congress, the supremes, DOJ FBI CIA DOJ, Generals, media, we have all been sold into slavery by our government.

    3. Not Hitler – more likely John Brennan, Eric Holder, Rosenstein, Strzok, James Comey and other deep state establishment INSIDERS from the CIA, which has been identified as rhe central hub of the new world order’s shadow governmnent, by a former CIA agent.. Would have added Robert Mueller but IMO, judging by the looks of him testifying in rhe House, he is further along the Alzheimer’s trail than Biden. It as qute obvious he was not the one in charge of Rosen/Mueller and knew very little about what was written in the report bearing his name.

  6. It would be VERY interesting to watch one of these leftist traitors in the heat of battle in a place like Vietnam where one had to depend upon their buddy for their life.
    They couldn’t depend upon their lies and deception in thoes circumstances and seeing the way they behave at the slighest challenge, I don’t believe they would survive on their courage.

  7. Joe Biden works for foreign governments to help China Russia Iran with there oil prices and to take our jobs during a pandemic and tear down our country that they hate not Americans take them out please

  8. Biden has no idea what he is signing and Kamala doesn’t either they both have not won election because it is fraud they both know it so they r making as much havoc as they can before they r removed from office as others will follow we the people can’t and will not tolerate this insubordination activity that the demorats r causing. They r against USA

    1. Biden is foolishly hurting some in his own base by overturning Executive Orders. He is beholden to the radical climate control and globalists lobby that pumped money into his campaign. The Democrats think they can make up for the loss by inserting illegal immigrants to shore up their voter base, so what’s the loss of a few million jobs? Union pipefitters and welders are the ones hurt when Biden canceled the pipelines. A high wage pipefitter or welder will not be building solar panels nor do they want to. They’ll be sitting at the hall wondering where their energy jobs went. Cheap labor China will be the one building the solar panels. This compares to Clinton ramming NAFTA down everyone’s throat.

        1. Eloise you are so right Biden is nothing but a puppet for obama because he trained him for 8 yrs and he is still calling the shots.

    2. Why do you think they have all of those troops and a fence around the WH?
      The people can tolerate a lot when they look at that picture.
      The only way we can get rid of these idiots is at the ballot box.

      1. Those who cast the ballots do not determine who wins an election: Those who count the ballots do. – Joseph Stalin

      2. They finally locked up the crooks with the fence around the capital!!! Now let us keep them there locked up as the criminals they are!!!

  9. I agree that the article as written is totally ambiguous! It seems at first that the SCOTUS denied Biden’s challenge of Trump’s border strengthening; then it appears to say that Biden is happy about it, because he thinks the decision went in his favor! Which is it?

  10. May GOD have mercy on this country with these crazy liberals now on office putting their agenda first not thinking of our own people who need jobs and opening of all, all schools..Alice


  12. Crusaders on horses Archangels in the wind .
    They stand ready for the slaughter to begin.
    Our Angels were crying
    Our souls were dying they can save us no more.
    Hell’s gates were clapping the Devil was laughing
    his demons tallied his score.
    There is a war coming my friends , we need not be taken by surprise!!! Prepare, be ready, United were strong divided we fall ! Have faith in God because in the end that’s all we will have left !!

  13. THE SECURITY OF THE USA, from foreign invaders, from drug trafficking, and child trafficking, DEPENDS ON A SOUTHERN BORDER WALL! That is not President Trump’s wall, it belongs to WE THE PEOPLE and millions of us, probably a majority of American citizens, want it !!!!

    1. Make that a trial for treason for all involved in the INTRENAL COUP against President Trump and that would effectively drain the SWAMP of most al of still living traitors to our nation – because it would oust a majority of deep state establishmnent INSIDERS, PORUS and VP, IMO. You won’t have any trouble identifying them because most ot them were under the Bush, Clinton & Obama administration & they are all anti-Trumpers. Checking th voting records of all those who voted for shampeachment 1 & 2 f Trump would catch most of them. John Brennan’s handwirtten note of briefing Obama, VP Biden & James Comey on Hillary signing off on rhe Trump/Russia collusion names 4 more & when those start singing like a canary – many more will be identified for.

  14. Biden’s little agenda I will not respect him if he’s going to hurt the United States, and you can tell him I said that, because I’m proud to be a true american! and I’ll also say, God, Bless, America!

  15. We should refuse to pay taxes…they aren’t doing anything the American citizens want; why should we continue to pay them, when they don’t do what we want? I would get fired if I didn’t do what my boss tells me to do. America is supposed to be governed by the people, for the people.
    They can’t throw all of us in prison…the can’t function without our money.

  16. I think Biden in making the dictator comment is just making it clear that he aspires to be a dictator. As much as he can get away with works for him and his cronies. Sad, very sad.

  17. Looks like Biden has already turned operation of our government back over to the central hub of the new world order’s shadow government and he is being a good little servant and signing whatever ‘EO they hand him. if something isn’t done to stop him we will soon be under UN rule enforcing the dictates of the criminally insane elitists behind the new world order.
    Call for newcomer Representative Greene who already has all the deep state establishment INSIDERS masquerading as congressional members in a dither with her filing impeachment on Biden .
    Let;s look deeper into the possibilities that might be more successful. Judicial Watch ferreted out a handwritten note by CIA Dicrector John Brennan saying he had briefed President Obama, VP Joe Biden and FBI Director James Comey on Hillary Clinton signing off on Trump/Russia collusion to deflect attention away from her own e-mail scandals in 2016.. The wording, IMO, implies Hillary only signed off on it, so the author of the plot she signed off on probably was written by Brennan, who appears to be the ringleader & coordinator.
    This note is very important to the question of WHAT did they know and WHEN did they know it.
    They knew the Trump/Russia collusion was a HOAX and they knew it after the immoral and unethical, if not illegal, gross misuse of their government position to STOP TRUMP failed,, during theTHROW THE ELECTION TO INSIDER Hillary Clinton and PRIOR to the 2016 ELECTION. These deep state establishment INSIDERS proceeded to use the Trump/Russia hoax and another Rusian Dossie hoax, which they knew the origin of, for Obama to tell the FBI to investigate President Presidet Elect Trump, allegedly at the request of George Soros who appears to have connections to most of the deep state establishment INSIDERS. When the FBI opened the Crossfire Hurricane fshing expeditions, that instigated a 4+ year INTERNAL COUP, which is still continuing today with the deep state establishment INSIDERS of the Senate & House – with their un-Constitutional shampeachment of inciting to riot – when many of these deep state INSIDERS are on record (video) doing much more than Trump has ever done to incite a riot. What he said to his supporters was the trurh as ge saw it (& I agree with him) that we are a nation of law and order and peaceful protest. These INSIDERS cling to their double set of laws that nothing an INSIDER does is a crime, but it sure is when they smell the slightest chance of pinning it on an OUTSIDER and they have been waging this INTERNAL COUP against him since the day he won the eiection. Anyone who doubts that obviously is not aware of lawyer Mark Zaid. who tweeted out after Trump won “a coup has begun and he will ultimately be removed”. but removed it shortly after. AN INTERNAL COUP IS DEFINED AS TREASON AND ANYONE CAN BE ARRESTED AND REMOVED WHEN TREASON IS INVOLVED – NO MATTER THEIR POSITION.
    Now these INSIDERS who aided and abetted the criminal activity of domestic terrorists antifa/BLM & others & they include Biden & Harris are now trying to demonize white supremists and ‘Trump Supporters secondary to Jan. 6th but to date the only bio I have seen on 2 of those arrested were antifa & BLM terrorists & suspect there were many more since they travel in large mobs, never alone. Anyone notice they seem to be following thesme path of the Germans before the holocaust of WW 2 in their rhetoric and behavior? They still approve of the real domestic terrorists rioting and causing millions of damage & even killing policemen, encouraging them to riot more and even collecting money to bail them out as quickly as one got arrested.

  18. Why does the national guard follow the orders of an illegitimate administration? If we could turn them around, we could reclaim the capital and get rid of the traitors. But how can that ever be done?

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