May 24, 2022

Schweizer: Pelosi family business dealings have softened speaker’s stance on China

It is often said that money changes people, sometimes in rather dramatic ways, and according to investigative journalist and Breitbart contributor Peter Schweizer’s new book Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, that has certainly been the case with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her evolving stance toward communist China.

Though Pelosi has long been the subject of a certain degree of scrutiny over the massive stock trading successes she and her husband have achieved over the years, Schweizer details the manner in which lucrative business deals in China in which her family has participated have prompted a notable softening of her attitude toward Beijing.

As the author notes in the explosive new book, Pelosi’s early years in Congress were marked by her unwavering criticism of human rights abuses in China, which even included her presence at a 1991 protest in Tiananmen Square characterized by angry representatives of the Foreign Ministry as a “premeditated farce.”

Not only that, Pelosi has a record of having opposed a grant of most-favored-nation trade status to China as well as having lodged her disagreement with the idea of permitting the country to join the World Trade Organization, among other actions indicative of a relatively hard-line stance against the communist regime.

However, things seemed to change more than a decade ago, when Politico, among other outlets, began to report that Pelosi’s approach to Beijing had clearly undergone a transformation in that she was “not looking to pick new fights with China’s leaders,” and she viewed the urgency of climate change as a reason to moderate her stance.

In Schweizer’s estimation, though, it was not so much a well-considered policy adjustment on the part of Pelosi that accounted for her new behaviors, but rather the fact that her husband, Paul Pelosi, and their son, Paul Pelosi Jr., began successfully pursuing high-dollar deals with Chinese interests.

Not only did Paul Pelosi Sr. invest substantial sums with a “pioneer in the Chinese investment market, but” he also played a substantial role in a number of limousine services in China, including one that had won the valuable right to provide services to the 2008 Beijing summer Olympics, games his lawmaker wife did initially did not think should be awarded to China due to human rights concerns – until she curiously changed her mind.

Mr. and Mrs. Pelosi’s son, Paul Jr, has also benefited greatly from Chinese business ventures over the past many years, serving in high-level roles in a series of companies and generating substantial income for himself. As a result, that is something Schweizer believes may be playing a role in the speaker’s continued determination to block key investigations into whether the virus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic emerged from a lab in Wuhan.

Leveraging political power for personal profit is nothing new, but as Fox News’s Jesse Watters aptly observed Thursday, there are a number of powerful Democrat clans who seem to have turned the sordid practice into an art form, namely, the Bidens, Kerrys Pelosis, Schumers, and “perhaps the single greatest abuser of our country’s trust,” the Clintons. Whether anyone will ever take steps to stop these abuses, however, only time will tell.

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