May 24, 2022

Schweizer: NYT lawsuit against State Dept. over Hunter Biden records an ‘important development’

Having carried water for the Biden family for years, the New York Times recently took a surprising, potentially game-changing turn by filing suit against the U.S. State Department seeking production of diplomatic correspondence in which first son Hunter Biden was mentioned, according to the New York Post, in a development journalist Peter Schweizer says marks a critical ‘turn’ in coverage.

As the outlet notes, the Times’ lawsuit claims that the outlet filed two Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests back in 2021 for the aforementioned records, but received word that the documents at issue would not be provided any earlier than April 15, 2023, even though the State Department was bound by a 20-business-day statutory deadline.

The Post noted that the Times’ FOIA requests cover memos, emails, and other documents connected to Hunter Biden that may have been directed to or issued by seven different officials, including the former ambassador to Romania.

Perhaps quite notably, the name of one of the former business contacts of Hunter Biden specifically included in the FOIA requests is that of Tony Bobulinski, who famously alleged that President Joe Biden was untruthful when he claimed no knowledge of his son’s overseas business dealings, saying in the fall of 2020, “I directly dealt with the Biden family, including Joe Biden,” as the Post added.

According to Schweizer, the decision by the Times to file suit against the State Department to secure records pertaining to Hunter Biden represents a significant turning point in the mainstream media’s attitude toward the Biden family and the sitting president.

Speaking to Fox & Friends on Thursday, Schweizer, author of the new book Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, explained his belief that in the past, “a lot of these newsrooms, you had management that did not want to cover these stories. They were sort of putting their fingers on the scale as far as politics are concerned.”

Now, however, according to Schweizer, “part of the calculation is that they see Joe Biden is struggling as a president, he’s probably not going to be here for very long,” adding, “I think this represents a turn, as it were, as far as some of the news publications’ management is concerned.”

Schweizer suggested that the change in direction is “an important development,” and while he wishes the Times would delve into “the China relationships with the Bidens” and not just Hunter Biden’s connections with Romania, “still it’s an important story, and it speaks to the pattern of corruption that exists in the Biden family as it relates to these overseas dealings.”

With massive buyer’s remorse having set in long ago regarding Biden and his hapless vice president, it could well be that the mainstream media is ready to throw the former overboard in hopes of salvaging the Democrats’ cause by effecting his ouster, but whether such a seismic shift in approach.

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