May 12, 2021

Schumer: Pelosi will hand over article of impeachment on Monday

After days of refusing to disclose her plans for the article of impeachment against former President Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is abruptly reversing course, telling Senate Democrats on Friday that she’ll send the charges to the upper chamber by Monday. 

There was speculation — backed by House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) — that Pelosi could withhold the article of impeachment for several months to allow the Senate to focus on confirming President Biden’s cabinet picks and kickstarting his agenda.

However, as support for the impeachment of a departed president wanes both among voters and the Senate, Pelosi has opted to push the procedure through.

The House voted in favor of impeaching the outgoing President on grounds of inciting a riot related to the January 6th Capitol riots in which rogue Trump supporters broke into the Capitol building ahead of the election certification vote.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced Friday morning that Pelosi will forward the article of impeachment to the Senate first thing next week, and Schumer confirmed that there will be a “full trial” in the upper chamber.

“There will be a trial,” Schumer said, according to the Associated Press. “It will be a full trial, it will be a fair trial.”

Though many Democrats — and even “Republicans” — were thirsty for revenge against Trump and pushed the impeachment vote through just days after the riot, strategists have warned that the impeachment battle could derail Joe Biden’s plans for overhauling the government in the left’s image.

That prospect hasn’t deterred Pelosi, however, who appears to have made it her life’s mission to relentlessly attack Donald Trump — even after he peacefully left office on January 20th.

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139 Responses

  1. We need to end lobbist, business, tech money. Looks like when you hold back their funds the politicians will turn on a dime and follow the money trail. Give me, give me. Nothelping their own party for a paycheck on the side. Got to pay off the house in the hamptons somehow i guess. Term limits would be better for country. Also 65 and time to retire. Being 80 and in office is just stupid. We don’t need the same people there since this country started. Didn’t george just retire after 200 yrs. Let’s be for real here that biden guy will not last long. He can’t complete a sentence without help now. Come on man statement of the year. This country is lost right now. I fear a country seeing us as we are now and try to take over the U.S. Biden gang their they may just sell us piece by piece. All to highest bidder hunter can find for his gang boss biden

    1. Whole heartedly agree to end lobbyists, large corporations, tech monies……Need to enact the 230 law regarding tech companies. Term limits is the answer to rid the country of old fogies such as President Joe Biden and his ilk. President Donald J. Trump, is the best president the country has ever had since Ronald Reagan….The Intelligent Agencies need to be purged of status quo individuals who gravitate towards the Liberal Far Left….More scrutiny regarding those who attain high office such as where do they stand regarding: Family, God, Country, Education, Religion, Pro-Life……Anything less than those categories indicate someone whose on the fence or against our CONSTITUTION-BILL OF RIGHTS…..Continuing down this road with the likes of CREEPY-SLEEPY-CELLAR-DWELLER-BEIJING-PURVERT JOE BIDEN is absolutely playing into the hands of the DEVIL! ! ! Impeaching an out of office President is unconstitutional according to most CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYERS….However, since the LEFTISTS INSIST on IMPEACHING former PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP for a SECOND TIME- perhaps it will be just the vehicle needed to EXPOSE JUST EXACTLY WHAT HAD HAPPENED ON NOVEMBER 3RD when all 87 million voters had voted for DONALD J. TRUMP that is until the early hours of NOV.4 where ballots were not counted and SUITCASES OF BALLOTS WERE SLIPPED OUT FROM UNDER A TABLE IN ORDER TO RUN THE BALLOTS THROUGH……THUS at the end of the day, all of a sudden CELLAR-DWELLER JOE BIDEN, becomes the winner who managed to topple the amount of voters more than BAROCK OBAMA as well as PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP……Something smells of DEAD FISH from here to CARNARSY…..Time for TERM LIMITS, PURGE THE INTELLIGENT AGENCIES-UTILIZE THE 230 AMENDMENT REGARDING THE TECH GURUS…..Thanks to former President Trump for allowing us to see these thieves up close and personal who are ready, willing and able to throw our BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY overboard for some THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES….Many of our ancestors came to this country for the FREEDOMS it possesses THANKS TO THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO FOUGHT AND DIED TO KEEP HER FREE…..WE HAVE SEEN THE WRATH OF A NANCY PELOSI, HATRED FROM CHUCK SCHUMER, AND THE TURNCOATS WHO SUPPOSEDLY CLAIMED TO BE REPUBLICANS SUCH AS MITCH MC CONNELL, LINDSEY GRAHAM, LIZ CHANEY, MITT ROMNEY, LISA MURKOWSKI, SUSAN COLLINS, KEVIN MC CARTHY TO NAME A FEW AS THE LIST GETS LONGER EVERYDAY.

      1. Upon reading the article, I noticed that it stated; “…rogue Trump supporters broke into the Capitol building ahead of the election certification vote.” This is not very accurate. The FBI has already determined that Anteefa and BLM members were bussed in and were “let” in by some members of the Congressional Police. It was also determined that members of Congress at the highest level planned it. While there were some Trump supporters caught up in the act of “breaching” the blockade, the vast majority of Conservative protesters were not even aware that there was forced entry into the halls of Congress. All of this was taking place while President Trump was still giving his rally speech to his supporters over a mile away. The FBI and DC Police arrested dozens and soon found that many had prior arrests at Anteefa and BLM riots. Basically this was a setup, concocted by Pelosi and other top Democrats to make the President look bad and to give an excuse for another impeachment.

        1. Totally agree with you. Also it is also known that Pelosi knew about this several days in advance and it is her responsibility as Speaker of the house to protect and defend this country. I am still asking the question and have yet to see a response from anyone and that question is this – How did any of these people get past the first step of the Capitol? Where was the security?. If this wasn’t planned then somebody tell me I’m wrong! Nancy Pelosi took an arrow out of her quiver and shot it and we all know it. Don’t try to make 75 million + people believe that President Trump incited this. We know he did not. However, if the Republicans in the Senate vote to impeach this man when he wasn’t even given a trial in the House, do you really think we believe that the Dems just happen to draft this overnight? I don’t think so.

          1. I saw videos of the guards moving the supposed protection and allowing ANTIFA AND BLM IN. There were a small amount of other people that went in also. There have been reports that a SPECIAL FORCES UNIT was mingled with the Antifa and BLM matter group, that were brought in buses from another state. There was a blond guy interviewed who said that he was paid to go to do what they did. Also it was reported that the major of DC and the FBI knew about this, and the major told the guards to do nothing to stop them. So how does Nancy Pelosi and company, dare to fault President Trump for something that was organized by the dems? It is outrageous what they did to this President for four years.! They are the ones that should be out stead for all the lies and abuse against our President Trump!

        2. shumer and pelosi are the scum of the earth. the version of this from dumbocrat news outlets is disgusting and wrong. there must be something done to allow impeachment of congressional members other than just being able to vote them out. the graft and cheating are to prevalent. Durbin is one of the worst.

        3. You are exactly correct. It was antifa and blm but the demoncrats figure that if they say it was Trump supporters enough, then everyone will believe it. Just like them claiming there was no voter fraud, I think even some of them are starting to believe the lies.

    2. De-program congress from trump we the people are going to impeached everyone one in congress , plus obama , clintons, bidens, harris, get them to jail they are costing us the alots of money for their hatered of Trump, sick of their lies, de-program blm, antfia to they should be sued and murder charge. For starting a riot in going to the capital building, If harris is behind these people she should be up for murder charges, congress is nothing but 3 ring circuses which cost us the taxe payer money.again de-program congress plus all the money this clowns took from other countries send money back all there kick backs and mansion or houses and car any thing of value should be auction off, put back our money they owns the people. Strip down put them in jail where no one has to listen to 🗑

      1. We could stop paying our income taxes but it would take at least half of the population of the country and the money that would go to the irs would have to be put into a special account to be giving to the irs after congress meet our demands

    3. Michael, don’t you remember Obama’s promise when campaigning to eliminate all lobbyists, have transparent meetings, no in the night behind closed doors.

    1. You are correct, Rob. So, now we can charge Nancy Pelosi for doing something that is unconstitutional. How many years will she get for that? I say 10 to 20.

    2. That will not stop Nancy’s and Chuck’s witch hunt to destroy the Trump name and family. They are above any constitutional laws and can make up their own rules.

    3. You don’t understand. The laws and the constituent do not mean anything to a Democrat. They routinely break the law and ignore the Constituent. Then they get a judge to rule that anyone who challenges them does not have legal standing. That is how 600 sworn affidavits on the election were ignored.

      Roberts could end this sham, but he will not. He should preside, rule the trial is unconstitutional, and end it. But Roberts will run and does not want to preside, despite the clear words that he is to preside. Roberts has no integrity either.

      1. Roberts will not preside over impeachment trial. The impeachment is for a sitting president only. Read the Constitution.

    4. These people don’t care about the law and rules, it’s for people who disagree with their political agenda and corruption. Biden is just the front man for Obama. Harris will be appointed and Obama runs the show. They all have to remember KARMA does not have an expiration date.

    5. Makes no sense after the fact, but it can be done if the Senate and Supreme Court interpret the Constitution to be able to do so. It is simply a matter of interpretation and how far they want to take it.

  2. President Trump was the best President we have ever had, and the DNC cheated their own party’s Presidential Nomination Election and stole it from Bernie, and still lost! How are you gonna cheat and still lose? Stupid is as stupid does!

  3. A domestic terrorist manufactured the Obama’s, Bill Ayers had to write out a manufactured list of accomplishments for the Kenya Homo!

  4. Maybe there will be a full impeachment trial on Schumer also. Would be nice to see McConnell and the other Senators stand up and do it! I know, no guts and will never happen. Just dreaming….

    1. I can’t believe how evil that old bag is, she should have been to put out to pasture many years ago. I hope someone impeaches her.

  5. Democrats don’t care about laws ,they are terrorist.if they do imeach Trump illegally there will be hell to pay.

  6. Alan Dershowitz the liberal left Harvard university Law Guru has said it cannot be done our
    PRESIDENT Donald J Trump is not holding office or is a sitting President (for Now) which is what impeachment is used for to remove one that is so now that he is a Florida Citizen it it would be violating his rights as a American citizen he could take it to the Supreme Court and Sue for violation of his rights and if they could they would be able to do it to anyone else who they don’t want in their SWAMP

  7. I truly wish Nancy would take chuck Eric and the crime family away and stop. Nancy is a beast baby killer I hope President Trump has some karma in for them it always bits you in the President Trump only gets stronger I pray that he and get some peace

  8. How is this going to be a fair trial? They have their minds made up he is guilty, I am praying for a miracle.

  9. This needs to stop! The democRATs have filed false reports, charged the President for anything from hangnails to heresay. Pelosi destroyed federal property after the State of the Union address in front of all in the hall to all the people watching on TV. That was a federal offense, what happened to that? schitty, shoemer, the little fat guy with no brains and all others have lied and manufactured evidence and all has been discounted. Why are they still there and getting away with more? Lobbyist need to be banned, there are so many crooks in DC it’s a shame. The Republicans need to start lawsuits, impeachments, whatever and PUT A STOP TO ALL THIS CRAP!!!!!

  10. the republicans that are really republicans need to start impeaching cum-mala and biteme weekly the entire term if possible to ram it up their a__ like they did Mr. Trump.

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