July 1, 2022

Schiff says Clarence Thomas shouldn’t be involved in Jan 6. cases

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas shouldn’t be involved in any case related to the Capitol riot, according to The Washington Examiner.

Schiff, a member of the House Jan. 6 committee, raised concerns that Thomas’ wife, Ginni Thomas, having corresponded with people in former President Donald Trump’s camp about the 2020 election makes it a conflict of interest. 

When he was asked if he agrees with some of his Democratic colleagues that Justice Thomas should resign or be impeached, Schiff said that, at a minimum, he shouldn’t be involved with 2020 election cases:

“I think that, at a minimum, it suggests — and I think we know enough to say this already — that Justice Thomas, to avoid even the appearance of impropriety, should have nothing to do with any cases relating to Jan. 6.

The lawmaker went on to say that he thinks it is of interest “particularly regarding our investigation because we want our justices to uphold a standard that goes beyond what’s lawful or unlawful to avoid even the appearance of a conflict or impropriety.”

It has already been confirmed that the Supreme Court will be involved in the committee’s findings, and the high court ruled in January to reject a request by Trump to prevent the release of White House records to the panel, and Thomas was the one justice that dissented to the opinion. 

The committee sent a letter to Ginni Thomas requesting to speak with her, according to Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS). Thomas told the Daily Caller she “can’t wait to clear up misconceptions,” adding, “I look forward to talking to them.”

Schiff was asked what questions the panel wanted to ask Thomas, “We want to know what she knows, what her involvement was in this plot to overturn the election,” the congressman said. “She has said that she is willing to come in and testify voluntarily. We’re glad to hear that. Really, anyone with pertinent information, we want to hear from. And so we have a range of questions to ask her. Obviously, I think the committee will be interested in, among other things, whether this was discussed with Justice Thomas, given that he was ruling on cases impacting whether we would get some of this information.”

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Terry L. Wright (@guest_1289286)
6 days ago

Schiff has a lot of room to talk. He’s set himself up as judge, jury, and executioner for the last 4 years or so re: anything to do with Trump. Schiff should recuse himself from the Jan. 6 charade for all of his previous public boastings about having evidence of guilt and so on. Schiff is the worst kind of human being…he’s a politician…and worse than that…he’s a lying, far left, power-mongering, coward without a decent dimension in his entire soul…if he has a soul.



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