July 23, 2021

Adam Schiff launches new investigation into allegations of Russian election interference

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is always on the prowl for a new way to attack and potentially impeach Donald Trump, and he believes he’s found a new “scandal” to exploit in order to undermine our president.

Schiff, who is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, announced on Wednesday that the committee has received a whistleblower complaint alleging that top Trump administration officials have suppressed reports of Russian election interference.

Schiff was one of the biggest proponents of the Russia collusion conspiracy stemming from the 2016 election, and is clearly delighted to jump on allegations that implicate Trump in another Russia-involved theory.

The California congressman tweeted on Wednesday:

We’ve received a whistleblower complaint alleging DHS suppressed intel reports on Russian election interference, altered intel to match false Trump claims and made false statements to Congress. This puts our national security at risk. We will investigate.

Schiff’s Twitter announcement was accompanied by a press release detailing the complaint, claiming that it “alleges repeated violations of law and regulations, abuses of authority, attempted censorship of intelligence analysis, and improper administration of an intelligence program related to Russian efforts to influence the U.S. elections.”

Allegations include reports of senior officials “suppressing intelligence reports on Russia’s election interference,” officials making “false statements to Congress about terrorism threats at our southern border,” and “modifying intelligence assessments to match the President’s rhetoric on Antifa and minimizing the threat posed by white supremacists.”

There’s a lot of material for Schiff within this whistleblower complaint, and Schiff has already mobilized the committee to request further testimony from former I&A Acting Under Secretary Brian Murphy, who filed the complaint on September 8.

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89 Responses

  1. How is it that someone so corrupt and evil is elected to his office…We must get him OUT of Office!! That “whole” darn group!! A M E N !!!

    1. He is not for this country he is for himself the most “evil” hateful person on this planet!! and that is without Pelosi at his side ?

  2. Adam Schifft can suck eggs! His brains are scrambled and lies through his teeth. This man if that’s what you want to call him isn’t fit for the office he represents! Intelligence isn’t his bag. Something that stinks in a brown bag on fire thrown on his porch is more like him! Right along with Polosi and Schumer!

  3. He needs to start working. And quit making stuff up again that’s all he does why do they pay him to be doing this.hang it up Woody give it up an quit

  4. “We’ve received a whistleblower complaint alleging DHS suppressed intel reports on Russian election interference, altered intel to match false Trump claims and made false statements to Congress. This puts our national security at risk. We will investigate.”
    Yeah you go get’m tiger.
    Ole Schiff Head must really like looking the fool. He’s out again on his little donkey chasing the Trump train. HIHO SCHIFFY!
    Damn, doesn’t this fool ever learn? NOT

  5. Schiff is a dumb desperate liar. He wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him in the face. Here’s the truth, they’re all some sneaky, crooked liars. It’s time for all hell to break loose and clean up DC. Hopefully the voters understand this and clean house in November! I know I’ll vote in person not by no damn mail in bull****!!

    1. I think the rest of the committee and other members have seen right thru him. Best think is a Republican sweep and there is a Republican Speaker too.

  6. Adam Schiff is such a crybaby. He makes up fake trouble CONSTANTLY! I thought we were through with him months ago, but unfortunately, he showed up AGAIN.

  7. Schitt’s Credibility is ZERO. HE’s had his moment in the sun, and he couldn’t handle it.
    All he got was Burnt. Aside from looking and acting like an escapee from a mental institution, he not only got Burnt; he made himself look like a Fool.

  8. This whole scenario is a sham How come Schiff can get away with this – Reps need to take back House. Wonder how much Schiff is being paid along with this Murphy guy to try to smear Trump. This has been created probably to try to keep Trump from winning Nobel Peace prize which Obama won by the way for doing nothing. Wonder how much Dems paid for this. Nobel committeeman even stated Obama got it for doing nothing and how much Trump deservd it.

  9. Schiff is a political hack who seems to be following California political agenda. This will not stop until California votes people in who will not waste taxpayer money on these made up investigation and really worry about this country.

  10. Shiff’s related by marriage to George Soros so he will do whatever Soros tells him to do. If Schmitt for brains Schiff says the sky is blue I would check it before believing him.

  11. Let’s look at how long these “idiots” have been in our Country. My family has been here since the early 1700’s. We’ve fought in every conflict, held political office, owned vast tracts of land, were sharecroppers and yes, been in jail. We have a vested interest in this Country, striving to make it better, safer and a HOME for decent people. What are people like Schiff, Pelosi and Schumer doing? Wringing out as much money as they can. With a HOO RAY! for me and to Hell with you attitude from them. When they pull a stunt like Schiff did, why are we surprised? Free programs for the lazy, promises of more free phones, free checks, free housing, the ability to buy whatever you want, never mind paying for it. Just use it and let it “go back”. REALITY CHECK……It’s hard to convince these 2nd, 3rd, even 4th generation parasites to vote against Santa Clause.

  12. The reason the dem’s still use schiff-less,is because he knows how to lie very easily…but his face is worsening due to these lies..typical commie idiot!!!!

  13. Who would believe a Habitual Pathological Liar like Adam SchittforBrains!!! The country is still waiting for that evidence that Adam SchittforBrains claimed that he had!!!!

  14. Another lying blow hard , and Adam schiff a house intelligence isn’t that a oxymoron ? Democrates accusations should be paid by the Democratic party . Not me !

  15. He wanted to be an Actor when getting out of college and I think he is achieving that role, just not where he should be, like Hollywood

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