August 16, 2022

Savannah Guthrie interrupted the president 61 times during NBC “town hall”

Like many Americans, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I tuned into the dueling “Town Halls” hosted by NBC and ABC News on Thursday night.

On ABC, not a single person asked Joe Biden a question about the developing scandal regarding his son Hunter’s recently discovered emails. Moderator George Stephanopoulos avoided pressing Biden on any of his answers and allowed him to ramble on and on with no interruptions.

On NBC, the scene was considerably more chaotic. “Moderator” Savannah Guthrie repeatedly interrupted the president, leading many observers to note that the event was less a Town Hall and more of a debate between Guthrie and Trump.

On YouTube, someone put together a “supercut” of all the times that Guthrie interrupted Trump – and the results are damning for Guthrie and the entire mainstream media.


After watching the event live as well as the supercut, my question is this: do the Democrats in the media think this is actually helping their case in front of the American people?

The reaction from most media types on Twitter was frenzied applause over Guthrie’s performance, but I can’t imagine any normal non-politicized person thinking of Guthrie as anything but rude and combative.

In some narrow sectors, it has become a mark of honor to be rude and combative, but for the undecided moderates that each side has to persuade, rude isn’t a selling point.

Worst still for them, it gives credibility to Trump’s constant complaints about the behavior of the media. How can they criticize his sometimes bombastic style when they’re doing the same thing without any of his charisma or charm?

In some ways, the event was the opposite of the first debate. Trump’s standing among undecided voters was hurt by his belligerence because Biden was too weak to strike back. It’s hard to believe, but Savannah Guthrie, not Trump, looked like the bully this time.

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