October 25, 2020

Savannah Guthrie interrupted the president 61 times during NBC “town hall”

Like many Americans, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I tuned into the dueling “Town Halls” hosted by NBC and ABC News on Thursday night.

On ABC, not a single person asked Joe Biden a question about the developing scandal regarding his son Hunter’s recently discovered emails. Moderator George Stephanopoulos avoided pressing Biden on any of his answers and allowed him to ramble on and on with no interruptions.

On NBC, the scene was considerably more chaotic. “Moderator” Savannah Guthrie repeatedly interrupted the president, leading many observers to note that the event was less a Town Hall and more of a debate between Guthrie and Trump.

On YouTube, someone put together a “supercut” of all the times that Guthrie interrupted Trump – and the results are damning for Guthrie and the entire mainstream media.


After watching the event live as well as the supercut, my question is this: do the Democrats in the media think this is actually helping their case in front of the American people?

The reaction from most media types on Twitter was frenzied applause over Guthrie’s performance, but I can’t imagine any normal non-politicized person thinking of Guthrie as anything but rude and combative.

In some narrow sectors, it has become a mark of honor to be rude and combative, but for the undecided moderates that each side has to persuade, rude isn’t a selling point.

Worst still for them, it gives credibility to Trump’s constant complaints about the behavior of the media. How can they criticize his sometimes bombastic style when they’re doing the same thing without any of his charisma or charm?

In some ways, the event was the opposite of the first debate. Trump’s standing among undecided voters was hurt by his belligerence because Biden was too weak to strike back. It’s hard to believe, but Savannah Guthrie, not Trump, looked like the bully this time.

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157 Responses

  1. she is a democrat that needs to be replaced with a nonbiased member of the news media. she has the integrity of a field rate.

    1. AMEN to that. She definitely needs to be replaced by someone who is more impartial. Gutherie seems to be a committed democrab and willing to do anything to advance the democrabic party plans.

        1. Very disappointed in her.
          Lost all respect for her
          the way she treated our
          President. She needs
          To be let go and let her
          join Matt Lauer!

        2. I used to watch this show! I stopped it is so biased and disrespectful! Maybe Savanah can interview for the View!!
          I am so done with the disrespect for our President! I did not like Obama but I would not have disrespected him !

      1. Savannah Guthetrie was under strict orders by her bosses (it was all written down on her note block) to ask those questions. She is just a paid mouthpiece for NBC. She get a great salary for selling her brain to NBC that way. Such poor performance. Yet Stephanapolus did the same thing. He just hanged in that chair trying very hard to look at ease and comfy while asking Joe Biden questions. Nothing about the great Ukraine scandal’s and sun Hunter came up. Both so called moderators/journalist fall in the same category as that Wallace guy. Thumps down performances. Just know the public is not easily fooled.

    2. Democrat, rude, mean, own agenda, and ignorant to real facts. Democrats lie to themselves. The real news is the devil is blinding the unbelievers so they cannot see the truth, and they will learn it too late when Jesus comes back soon very, soon.

  2. It made me sick watching her try to cut down Trump. It was a hit by a hit woman. She made me sick with her talking over the president and interrupting with that big loud mouth of hers. I’m for sure voting for trump. He must have a stainless steel spine to take all the crap he takes and doesn’t strangle one of these people. God Bless him!

    1. Believe me, Trump sure has a lot more restraint than I do. I would have walked out but only after I decked Wallace then Gutherie!!

    2. The whole idea was to keep Trump from being heard. The rapid fire gatling gun that was Savannah Guthrie’s mouth became unintelligible after the first minute, and her voice was extremely sharp and grating. A very poor choice for a debater.

      1. The point was to silence Trump, and not let him speak, or get his word out. by talking over him, this is a common tactic of the left. Keep you from getting your word out.

    3. This kind of crap is why they don’t have any ratings, or viewers. Bet they wouldn’t do this to their idol “Putin”, or “Xi”.

    1. After watching both debates a whole lot of democrates are silently voting for Trump. Just listen quietly to what is said in the streets even under the “gime gime” young folks.

  3. Savannah & most others in media need to be fired, as in squad. What really gets me is that a lot of people refuse to take their blinders off to see what is really going on. They rather believe lies than to actually think about what is being said to them. Media now is propaganda & opinion rather actual news. Believe little of what you see & nothing you hear.

    1. I also agree she has been a rude nasty individual since she took over for Matt Lauer, he was never my favorite byte I do not believe he was rude like her. She should be fired. Anyone that is as obnoxious and rude to our president should of been fired the next day. She thinks way to much of herself

    2. I also agree she has been a rude nasty individual since she took over for Matt Lauer, he was never my favorite byte I do not believe he was rude like her. She should be fired. Anyone that is as obnoxious and rude to our president should of been fired the next day. She thinks way to much of herself

      This is not a duplicate


  5. Savannah is the most disgusting, arrogant, disrespectful, rude, sarcastic person that I have ever watched. She interrupted President Trump all the time and then she gave her own answers to the question. She is a disgrace and a pathetic person

  6. She was rude and obnoxious. Whether you like Trump or not at least show some respect to the position of President. She never shut up. Was suppose to be Town Hall and guest to ask questions not her. The whole thing was a set up and Trump held his own. She is a disgrace

    1. The point was to silence Trump, and not let him speak, or get his word out. by talking over him, this is a common tactic of the left. Keep you from getting your word out.

  7. Why do they keep using these left wing moderators in these debates and town halls? What every happened to fair and balanced journalism.

  8. I watched and felt so much anger at this mediocre so-called anchor! As an anchor she sunk as far as I m concerned! Trump handled it better than I would have. I would have started out with, Hey slow down with the Animus, I know you don’t like me so relax and try to be professional!

  9. NBC should have fired her after she screwed up the Olympics. She was the cause of Matt Lauer leaving. She is nothing more then a disgusting, incompitant, egotistical, loser. REPLACE HER WITH A MONKEY!!

  10. If she has a husband i imagine the poor man has a life with this PARROT .
    No have little respect for the PRESIDENT.
    Unbearable woman.

  11. I see we have a bunch of snowflakes crying today, a president of the USA should be able to handle a few questions from the news. He is such a baby it is time for him to go away forever.

    1. Well to your comment I would say, and I was a Democrat, that respect goes a long way in life. This so-called woman had none. As for the President if the United States he was polite and answered everyone of her questions. As the President he stood up to her nasty disrespect disgraceful antics. Me, I would have hit on the head with a two by four and said show respect, shut up, this man is your President weather you like it or not.

    2. Hey Verne. You fell off the turnip wagon 4 years ago. Go kiss Pelosi’ butt and while you’re at go let Biden smell your hair.

  12. Looking at Guthrie attack Trump at the Townhall Meeting and the fake news media censoring Hunter Biden corruption and treason has convince me to vote for Trump.

  13. The mainstream continues to insult our beloved President. I haven’t watched mainstream since before the election. I see enough of their lies and insults anyway. I wonder when we will see them go out of business. Hope it’s soon. I enjoy your articles I only have the complaint of constant ads popping up in the middle of articles. Very annoying. It keeps happening and I leave your site. You are not the only site this happens on. Sorry.

    1. This kind of crap is why they don’t have any ratings, or viewers. Bet they wouldn’t do this to their idol “Putin”, or “Xi”.

  14. First I agree with you all,one way to put these people,Hollywood in their place,including Fox ,CNN,ABC ,NBC,MSN, ACTORS,ACTRESSES TURN THESES NEWS CHANNELS OFF FOR GOOD,no ratings means cancel stations,Holloywood don’t pay to see their movies or watch anything about them.just like NFL you see what happen to their fan base it was turned off and more than not will never return.so hitting their pockets is the best recorse.go to NEWSMAX,AMERICA’S VOICE TRUE HONEST NEWS.

  15. Savannah could have been top of the news if she bought up and asked about Biden’s latest I’ll news and asked what would or should be done but no kerp it under the rug. Hush. Hush. Shame on her

  16. VOTE FOR AMERICA this November 3rd!

    It is not about Donald Trump but about the our Freedom and Republic!

    DONALD J TRUMP stands firm for Both!

  17. I use to have some respect for Savannah but not anymore, couldn’t even show some respect for the president.

  18. That was the worst debate I have seen. It was worse than the President and Biden debate. That’s two newscasters that should not be allowed outside. let alone on TV.

  19. I was appalled by Savannah being so very rude to the President. She really showed a side of her that I surely didn’t know. I won’t be watching her anymore. She was mouthing off to the President trying to impress her cronies. She showed her ignorance . I hope she knows God is watching ! The hatred of this President is beyond belief. We already voted for President Trump and many more will too!

  20. This democrat is from the sixty’s, one of the flower power children, These things can cause brain damage, just ask Biden he knows.

  21. Savannah was just rude. In stead of a town hall she made it a debate just with her. I couldn’t believe she would act like and even called the President a liar. I have always watched NBC….but I have turned it off, and will watch another station. I was waiting for her at the end to stand up and say “Vote for Bieden”.

  22. We quite watching the today show when she is on, when it comes to interview demorates she is a sweet talker but when she invites a republican her hole demeaner changes in to a low life. Trump is our president and didn’t deserve to be treated in the manor he was treated. The president won that debate between the two. She doesn’t deserve to be on that show or any other program

    1. The point was to silence Trump, and not let him speak, or get his word out. by talking over him, this is a common tactic of the left. Keep you from getting your word out.

  23. She didn’t drop out of high school, she dropped out of the outhouse, before it was flushed, and so she is still spewing democrat crap.

  24. Larry S. Says fire her immediately many other reporters could do a much better job. She needs to learn what respect is.
    Trump is the best President this country has ever had.

  25. I am so proud of President Trump. I am disgusted with Hollywood people who have one opinion just like me but use their platform for their opinions. I hope you all go broke your all ugly inside and out. You athletes may win a game here or there but your all losers. Joy Beaur your just miserable Whoopy your horrendous please leave the country and take Megan Markhle with you. She loves flaunting she’s black but if she carried the features Harry never would of married her and she would never get the attention she gets. Jennifer Lopez just be quiet no one cares what you think.

  26. Guthrie was the most biased person I have ever seen for ANY town hall. I would just guess that she took some good lessons from Queen Nancy & #2 Queen Bee, Maxine Waters on how to be very rude, obnoxious, & totally disrespectful to a sitting President. She is truly one of the disgusting Leftist, not knowing how to even be a decent human OR a decent TV host to one of the most powerful men in the world. I say Shame, Shame on her. EVERYONE will remember what a SHAM she hosted.

  27. I just needed to also add that I was very proud of President Trump for the great restraint he showed with Guthrie. He was calm & patient. I became angered to see what was going on with her & if I had been there in person I would have wanted to slap her down. But, the more these idiot Leftist show what THEY are, makes Trump more endeared to the American people!! So keep it up Leftist, you’re getting OUR PRESIDENT closer & closer to a second term every time you open your mouths!!

  28. She represent a good STREET WALKER protecting her Pimp’s party.
    No wheres a lady ! Disappointed in her thinking we would accept that kind of conduct.

  29. Same here! Would she have done this to President Reagan, Kennedy or Bush? Is this office not to be respected anymore? If so, why should anyone even run for this office. Think about this , if Trump wasn’t elected in 2016 none of us would ever have learned how bad the swamp really is! VOTE TRUMP

  30. Every time I see that it makes me sick! No more NBC in my house! First that had Lauer, now they have Savannah! So sad to be so rude and disrespectful! I guess she thought she was cute! She was a loose tongue what to be! Get her off TV!!!!

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