October 5, 2022

‘Saturday Night Live’ cold open takes aim at Biden’s cognitive decline

Though Democrats are usually accustomed to receiving kid-glove treatment from all forms of mainstream media, including late-night comedians, the obvious cognitive decline gripping President Joe Biden has now progressed to such a point that even the reliable liberals at Saturday Night Live can no longer ignore it, as Breitbart reports.

The signature comedy piece that typically begins the weekly show on NBC depicted an aging Biden, sadly lamenting the depressing depths to which his popularity has sunk in recent months, as an actress portraying White House press secretary Jen Psaki informed him, “Your CNN town hall was watched by no one, and your approval rating is in the dumpster,” referencing a televised session with cable news personality Anderson Cooper that took place last week.

It was then that actor and host for the week Jason Sudeikis hit the stage and offered an energetic impersonation of Biden circa 2008, a time in which he seemed to embody the sharp, jovial, and generally appealing character many Americans seemed to think they were electing last fall.

Present-day Biden then queried Sudeikis’ Biden, asking, “Wait a second. Who are you?” prompting the Biden of old to reply, “What do mean who are you? I am you! I am you from eight years ago, man!”

Biden of today marveled at the sprightliness of his counterpart, wondering aloud, “You seem so happy. So carefree. So – what is the word I am looking for?” Sudeikis’ Biden replied, in a bitingly candid bit of comedic writing, “Lucid!”

Sudeikis’ jabs at the actual commander in chief did not stop there, as he also made references to Biden’s odd interpersonal habits such as sniffing others’ hair and rubbing their shoulders, as Breitbart noted.

Though losing the full-throated support and hands-off approach of the SNL cast is undoubtedly a jarring development for the Biden camp, it was not the only instance in recent days in which the president’s increasingly noticeable impairments were the subject of widespread commentary.

Following the aforementioned CNN town hall, the odd hand gestures displayed by Biden during the event, whereby he bizarrely kept his arms bent outward with clenched fists while awaiting Cooper’s next question, were roasted extensively on social media, with many likening the president’s baffling conduct to traits famously exhibited by the character of Beavis from 1990s animated series Beavis and Butt-head, as Fox News reported.

During that same disastrous event, Biden became confused when discussing the supply chain crisis gripping the country, stopping at one point to apparently ask himself aloud, “what am I doing here?” and increasingly, that is a question to which millions of Americans – even including loyalists at places like SNL – have no solid answer.




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