October 5, 2022

Sarah Palin advances to general election in Alaska House race

Former Alaska Republican Gov. Sarah Palin is projected to advance to the November ballot in the state’s congressional House race.

Palin will be joined by fellow GOP member Nick Begich and Democrat May Peltola for the state’s ranked-choice election ballot.

“In the general election, which is slated for November, the state will use ranked choice voting, where the candidate to receive more than 50 percent of the vote prevails in the election,” The Hill reported.

“But if no one gets more than half of the votes, the candidate with the fewest votes gets knocked out and any voters who chose that eliminated candidate as their first pick has their second choice votes applied to the applicable candidates. The process continues until one candidate receives more than half of the votes,” the outlet added.

The ballot also included a special election vote to select a House member to serve for the remainder of the late Rep. Don Young, who passed away in March. The winner of the ranked-choice vote may not be known until Aug. 31.

Palin is back, but it will be November before it’s clear whether she’ll take a place in Washington to serve alongside her fellow GOP members.


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