May 19, 2022

Report: Bernie Sanders is ‘worried’ about direction of Biden campaign

According to a new Washington Post report, failed Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has begun sounding the alarm behind closed doors that Joe Biden may be fatally botching his presidential campaign. 

The Post reported that Sanders “told associates that Biden is at serious risk of coming up short in the November election if he continues his vaguer, more centrist approach.”

Sanders reportedly is concerned that the Biden campaign has alienated younger, more progressive voters — Democratic socialists and far-left Millennial and Generation Z voters — in order to appeal to a broader audience.

“The senator has identified several specific changes he’d like to see,” the Post continued, “saying Biden should talk more about health care and about his economic plans, and should campaign more with figures popular among young liberals, such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).”

Joe Biden has had difficulty choosing which contingent of the Democrat party to appeal to as the election heats up, but appears to be shying away from embracing the furthest-left contingent of the party as violent riots raise alarm among the electorate.

The Daily Wire reported:

Biden has been purposefully avoiding Ocasio-Cortez and other more progressive Democrats, largely because the progressive agenda doesn’t play well with the demographic segments Biden needs to recover from President Donald Trump in order to win in battleground states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania — and far-left ideas are still new to voters in other, newer swing states like Arizona and Nevada.

The strategy is, of course, noticeable: Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), have both tacked right since being confirmed as the 2020 Democratic presidential ticket. Neither has expressed outright support even for positions that younger, more liberal Democrats see as top priorities, like defunding and disbanding police departments and committing significant resources to racial justice. Neither has expressed a willingness to replace the current Affordable Care Act with a more comprehensive, “Medicare-for-All” type system, and Biden seems to echo Trump, not Sanders, on issues like trade, infrastructure, and manufacturing.

A Bernie Sanders spokesperson told the media that Sanders is attempting to petition the Biden team to “put more emphasis on how they will raise wages, create millions of good-paying jobs, lower the cost of prescription drugs and expand health care coverage.”

Sanders’ requests appear to be largely ignored by the Biden campaign, which continues to focus on President Trump and coronavirus instead of many long-held Democrat goals.

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Diane (@guest_1047151)
1 year ago

Nobody believes both them fools. biden is a joke needs to be in a place that can help him along with Sanders they got no minds to be ruling our country.

Judy Fontenot (@guest_1047156)
Reply to  Diane
1 year ago

Right on girl

MASTERMECH48 (@guest_1047175)
Reply to  Diane
1 year ago

Remember another important fact, THEY WERE VOTED in and it still continues. That fact is really scary and they walk among US.

Jimmy Tucker (@guest_1047211)
Reply to  Diane
1 year ago

Diane, does people know that this 2 or 3 time this old fool has tried to become President,? no one liked him than and it still holds true. This just goes to shoe what kind of morons the Demc. put out front to run for office. I could do a better job than him and I am from the mountains of TN.

steveo (@guest_1047243)
Reply to  Diane
1 year ago

create millions of good paying jobs,lower the cost of prescription drugs, didn’t someone already do that?why fix health care?i thought we had the obama jewel so why does he want to keep harping on health it because it’s become too expensive?i hear the same thing every 4 years from these liberals but after electd nothing comes of it!

Richard (@guest_1047296)
Reply to  Diane
1 year ago

Imagine listening to a 2 time looser.

Wayne (@guest_1047155)
1 year ago

Too Bad Bernie, I hope thinks play out the way that they look to be going. In other words, I hope the democratic party ceases to exist after this election. I hope everyone sees through the BS you are spreading and finally realizes who the actual racist party really is. I also who real Americans will vote out all of you socialist idiots. I spent 10 years in the Military fighting against socialism, not to have it sneak in the backdoor due to a bunch of socialist Professors who don’t have the brains GOD gave to pigeons.

Severa Hill (@guest_1047157)
1 year ago

Both of them are not very strong at all for leading and doing good things for the American people as far as jobs are concerned that will enhance the lives of the American people. Neither one of the two can do the job that President Trump is doing. Too much hate and no policies. Trump / Pence are two very strong and capable leaders for America.

Mark (@guest_1047173)
Reply to  Severa Hill
1 year ago

And Neither one of them has EVER had a JOB outside of Govt.
and someone should tell Bernie the last thing Millennial and Generation Z voters care about is Health care. what a MORON,

Karole Conaway (@guest_1047177)
Reply to  Mark
1 year ago

Mark, they are both brainless!

Barbara Trujillo (@guest_1047158)
1 year ago

If Biden has not going to create jobs he’s going to destroy them and the USA

Rivahmitch (@guest_1047234)
Reply to  Barbara Trujillo
1 year ago

Nonsense… Biden will do nothing. He’s a Trojan Horse and will simply be a rubber stamp for those who WILL DESTROY JOBS AND THE USA. (It’s all a part of the great globalist plan to drago our country and standard of living down to that of the bulk of the world.)

Margaret (@guest_1047423)
Reply to  Rivahmitch
1 year ago

Why Biden’s wife allows him to continue making a fool of himself I cannot understand. No scandals except the stuff where his son was given money for a nothing job. He is using his dead son to get pity votes, and his wife’s ex was run off some gathering. He picked Kamala because he likes pretty girls, not because of her expertise. She is not “African/American” she is from Jamaica , or her parents are, and her great Grandfather owned many slaves.

BoB Sobczak (@guest_1047159)
1 year ago

Biden for President? OMG, you have got to be kidding me. Half the time he doesn’t know what State he’s in or know what the hell he’s talking about. Just remember that China is rooting for him so that thing will return to Normal and China can start screwing America again. Sorrry, I’ll stick with Trump, at least I’ll know what I’m getting, someone who cares about America and its citizens.

Alan (@guest_1047160)
1 year ago

Communist sander and radical islamic AOC.will do nothing but rob the country and devide and tear the country down..

Margaret (@guest_1047426)
Reply to  Alan
1 year ago

Right on

Tumbleweed (@guest_1047162)
1 year ago

Maybe Biden is in the real world and knows that Bernies ideas are not obtainable nor sustainable. Socialism only works until you exhaust other peoples money and that money is the money of We the People. The ideas Bernie believes in will make our country another third world disaster and even Biden knows it.

Pat (@guest_1047163)
1 year ago


Nancy (@guest_1047164)
1 year ago

All the things Sanders wants, Trump has already done and the only one who can do bbn it again! AOC? Even young people aren’t dumb enough to follow her “cow fart” theory!

Randy Justice (@guest_1047165)
1 year ago

November can’t get here soon enough for me, it is going to be great, watching all those little snowflakes screaming at the sky again when we re-elect OUR GREAT PRESIDENT !!!

Randy Justice (@guest_1047167)
1 year ago

It’s time to rid our country of ALL these COMMUNIST FOOLS, by any means necessary !!!

Mark (@guest_1047174)
Reply to  Randy Justice
1 year ago

I’m with you Randy, time to Cull the Herd

Zepher Zipping (@guest_1047169)
1 year ago

They already lost , they know it now the think tank needs to come up with something else ! Their bumbling outta control imbeciles trying to run a country is laughable . They don’t know what their doing . Their destruction of cities and towns ruined any chance of a win . Open boarders , ha ! Abortions , sanctuary cities just a dumb idea . Defunding police departments only criminals would want that . 2nd amendment rights to remove it , is plain out stupid . Russia Russia Russia Ukraine impeachment , lies lies lies . We all know what to do. Vote Trump Pence and all Republicans running.

Karole Conaway (@guest_1047179)
Reply to  Zepher Zipping
1 year ago

The demonrats plan on delaying the end of the election until way after President Trump has won by saying they have to wait to count all the mail in votes… cheat by mail is their thing.

George (@guest_1047172)
1 year ago

Look @ ” Joey B.”. Does it really look like anybody’s home? Have you noticed how he clenches his left fist when standing OR puts a pen in his hand @ the podium? How’s about his weird walk & shuffling? This guy has neurological problems & anyone who can’t see it is BLIND! The Dems lie, cheat, plan & hide everything. THEY can’t hide “Joey B.” in the basement forever. The truth will come out in front of the cameras & the Dems will have more than egg on their face. They are gonna have a babbling idiot for all the world to see. The Dems should be drawn & quartered for what they are doing to him & the American people. Unless they have a plastic surgery double, the Dems are done. Yes, there is a God even if the Dems deny His existence.

Patricia (@guest_1047178)
1 year ago

Donald J Trump is going to be our president November 3rd, 2020, no dobut about it. Just look at the energy and enthusiasm at his rallies. The fake news is dying. Look at the spontaneous boaters, bikers and other all across America. Sleepy Joe can’t get 8 people to attend his rally.

Percy (@guest_1047184)
Reply to  Patricia
1 year ago

I agree with all the peoples comments above, take back over our Great Country with President Trump & Vice President Mike Pence in charge with Law & Order & Make America GREAT AGAIN.
We the people should band all NBA, NFL & MLB Team Sports until they decide to respect our Great Flag & National Anthem. Fans need to cut their support & maybe their Big Contract Monies will dry up, the player might wake up??? If not, they might have to go out & get a job like the rest of the working people of this country.

Roy (@guest_1047185)
Reply to  Percy
1 year ago

Yep…! This country needs a BIG change come November. The citizens with common sense needs to vote these radical idiots out of office!!!

Keyboard Whiz (@guest_1047232)
Reply to  Roy
1 year ago

Roy, Does your keeper know that you’ve escaped from your pen …again ??

Rosemarie Weleski (@guest_1047350)
Reply to  Keyboard Whiz
1 year ago

Explain yourself please……you are very vague.

BBT T (@guest_1047425)
Reply to  Percy
1 year ago

I have already stopped watching major sports for this reason. I won’t buy anything with NIKE on it.

Marie (@guest_1047182)
1 year ago

Crazy Bernie’s Worried and thinks Biden should be reaching out to the far left Liberals? There is a reason that wont work. As much as they would like us to believe that we are minority, we are not, they are. More people believe there are only 2 sexes, boy or girl, than believe there are 12 or whatever.

Choctaw girl (@guest_1047195)
1 year ago

If Biden wins ( GOD forbid ) our America as we know it will forever be lost.

Carl (@guest_1047199)
1 year ago

where have you been the last 9 months?

Betty (@guest_1047201)
1 year ago

Evil Democrats. TRUMP 2020

Wanda Griggs (@guest_1047215)
1 year ago

Vote red iam going in to vote trump 2020 the democratic party are doing all the can to destroy America and the will we American people will not back down from the Democratic

kenneth sussman (@guest_1047221)
1 year ago

I would not vote for Biden !!!! He belongs in a log term care facility. Ken S.

kenneth sussman (@guest_1047222)
1 year ago

Biden belongs in a long term care facility!!!!!

1 year ago

[…] Bernie Sanders is ‘worried’ about direction of Biden campaign […]

MB (@guest_1047262)
1 year ago

Trump 2020
😳 there will be lotsa snowflakes, antifas’, anti trumpers screaming like hell broke loose
All that screeching 😱
Wait …no delayed votes!!!!!! 😃

Ernest Gross (@guest_1047314)
1 year ago

Voting a leftist ticket will demonstrate precisely the percentage of US voters who are so naively stupid that they are voting against themselves.
However, hate and propaganda prevailed from time to time before as well.
Unfortunately, causing the loss of Millions of people.
It seems to me, it is part of our human history, (SINE QUAM NONE)
We cannot exist without

Patty (@guest_1047393)
1 year ago

If Biden and the Dems steal the election, we are done for as a free republic! But Biden will NOT be running the country as president, obama will! Biden is the Trojan horse, the REAL power will be Obama! That is the plan, get Biden in, then he won’t be able to do the job as president, or—— the Dems will work it so “ no clear winner” declaration will be made, which puts Piglosi in as interim president, then Obama can be put in as president! We must vote in person, NO mail in votes, and vote a totally red ballot! Get aoc, and the rest of the squad OUT, along with Piglosi, Schumer, schiff, Nadler and the rest OUT!! Take our country back!

강남레깅스룸 (@guest_1047820)
1 year ago

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