October 5, 2022

Sanders slams Biden’s ‘Inflation Reduction Act,’ says it won’t reduce inflation

While it appears as though Senate Democrats will enjoy full support for the Inflation Reduction Act, at least one non-Republican senator has major problems with it.

According to The Hill, Republicans were presumably shocked to side, to some degree, with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who blasted the bill. Sanders doesn’t believe the bill will “reduce” inflation, as many economists have already said, and he doesn’t believe it helps struggling American families enough.

Though President Joe Biden, the White House, and most Senate Democrats have falsely claimed that the bill will reduce inflation, Sanders pointed out that the Congressional Budget Office’s assessment of the legislation says otherwise.

“According to the [Congressional Budget Office] and other economic organizations that have studied this bill, it will have a minimal impact on inflation,” Sanders admitted.

“This legislation does not address any of their needs,” Sanders said, referring to America’s younger generations, who are dealing with a perpetual stagnation of wages and lower living standards and opportunities than their parents. “This legislation does not address the reality that we have more income and wealth inequality today than at any time in the last hundred years.”

The Vermont senator went on to touch on the healthcare industry, slamming the bill for not doing more to help Americans struggling with their healthcare needs and expenses.

“This bill does nothing to address the systemic dysfunctionality of the American health care system,” Sanders said on the Senate floor.

Once the bill clears the Senate, it is expected to be voted on and passed relatively quickly in the House and sent off to Biden’s desk for a signature.


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