June 14, 2021

Sanders says Biden must choose progressives for his cabinet, choosing bipartisan team would be ‘enormously insulting’

As Joe Biden begins selecting his cabinet in preparation for taking over the White House, the progressive contingent of the Democrat party is flexing its muscle.

Progressives bit their tongue when the establishment snubbed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) twice in a row, swallowed their pride in November, and pulled the handle for Biden. Now, they want their reward — Sanders, along with fellow extreme leftists, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has ordered Biden to choose progressives to staff his potential administration. 

The Biden campaign already took a major gamble by placing one of the furthest-left Senators — Kamala Harris — on the ticket. Now, Biden’s handlers, who likely have an eye on 2024, appear to be balking at the prospect of further alienating moderate Democrats by allowing progressives to have much more control.

This has infuriated Sanders, who recently told the Associated Press that it would be “enormously insulting” if Biden chose moderate Democrats and Republicans as part of his team.

“It seems to me pretty clear that progressive views need to be expressed within a Biden administration,” Sanders told The Associated Press. “It would be, for example, enormously insulting if Biden put together a ‘team of rivals’ — and there’s some discussion that that’s what he intends to do — which might include Republicans and conservative Democrats — but which ignored the progressive community.

“I think that would be very, very unfortunate,” Sanders ominously warned.

Both Sanders and Warren were pushed out of the Democratic primary earlier this year in favor of the 77-year-old Biden, and likely hoped they would achieve high-level positions in his potential administration. However, since the November election, Biden has not indicated any desire to bring either progressive hero into his cabinet in any meaningful capacity.

Progressive group Justice Democrats, which stumped for Bernie in the primary, admitted that Biden isn’t especially likely to cave to their wishes for an exclusively leftist cabinet.

Waleed Shahid, a spokesman for the group, acknowledged that “not every single member of the administration is going to be progressive — that’s not who Joe Biden is, and explained that progressives simply want “adequate representation” in Biden’s administration. “We are advocating for them to be included, but we also have backup choices,” Shahid concluded.

Despite their complaints about adequate representation in Democrat administrations, progressive leaders like Warren and Sanders bowed down to Biden in early 2019, so it’s somewhat inexplicable why they believe the establishment will cater to their demands this time around.

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71 Responses

  1. If I had known that Biden would not choose Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders to be a part of his administration I would definitely not have voted for him. Neither would I vote for Communist Trump, so for the first time in my life I would have abstained from voting. I absolutely cannot support Communist Trump, and I will not support what I see to be a disgusting move by Biden to eliminate Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to be a part of his administration.

    1. It’s obvious you don’t know what communism is but you will soon find out if Biden takes over. Your freedoms will disappear in no time. Ask the people who lived under it and some died trying to get away from it. PRESIDENT TRUMP is a communist and never will be. Get your head out and smell the roses as they smell now because their smell is going to change if Biden’s communist bunch gets in. Bernie already said he was a communist.

    2. Suzanne, you voted for the brain dead idiot? 47 years in politics, and never accomplished anything, other then sucking off the taxpayers tit.

      1. You been to look back at history of this country and the crooked Democratic Party! Sense the end of the World War Two, there are many things that have happened in this country that point directly at the Democratic Party and wrong doings! To many unexplained “suicidal deaths”, un explained ! Red flags up! Trump in Washington four years, Biden in Washington 47 years, Biden blames Trump for everything, Biden has done nothing in 47 years but now he is going fix everything! Grow up and get a bite on reality! We, as a nation, are doomed, in trouble, done!! Just don’t blame any one but yourself when it happens, you voted for the 78 year old do nothing senior!!

    3. Suzanne you need to wake or either you are brained washed. Bernie the communist he loved Fidel Castro or did you not listen to him saying it while campaigning? Elizabeth Warren lied he was American Indian and her tests came back she was not!! You want a communist and a liar and in exchange you voted for Biden the Ukraine corrupt, crooked and criminal holding back the money to Ukraine to fire the investigator of his son Hunter to get a job with the oil and gas company of Burisma paying him 50 thousand monthly.??? Where have you been. Trump is not communist who told you that ???!!!

    4. You got that backward!! The Communist are the Demoncrats who hate everything America stands for, freedom, liberty!! PRESIDENT TRUMP IS NOT COMMUNIST!! PEOPLE WHO VOTE FOR DEMONCRATS ARE THE COMMUNISTS!!

    5. You voted for a communist, idiot. Why don’t you educate yourself and find out what a communist is. Bernie is a COMMUNIST… What Liberal university did you attend, as you didn’t learn anything.

    6. Get your facts straight! You are another brainwashed [email protected]$$ liberal & follower of the mainstream marxist media! Since you voted for Biden, get ready to lose your freedom & rights, or didn’t you realize that? Trump is nowhere near communist but obviously you wouldn’t know that either! Biden is another do nothing politician who is an advocate for big tech, big business & only out for himself or are you clueless about that as well? He spent 47 years in politics enriching himself & his family and of course you must not know that either!

    7. Do your research idiot while your enjoying your warm cup of Unicorn milk at nap time, the only Communist running around screwing up this country would be Bernie Sanders, George Soros and his little half breed buddy “Chim Chim”

    8. Where did you go to school?
      How old are you?
      Have you ever seen what Vladimir Lenin, Chairman Mao, Ho Chi Mihnn, Carl Marx, Fidel Castro, Julious Cesar, Adolph Hitler, and many other “Communist” leaders were really famous for?
      You are a Sapp!
      The Demoncraps Saw You Coming.
      Spend some time in the library, and read about the “REAL” truth pictures and all.
      Learn for yourself what and who and how.
      Read, read and learn and do not depend on what some ignorant, hate filled, lieing, sociopath wants you to hear.
      What is happening in China right now will be happening here very soon because of people being too lazy to educate themselves(like you) about world history.
      Above all, read Revelations. We are half way through the beginning.

    9. Susan Wood,your word Communist Trump is false.Whos the communist ? Obama is the number one communist in America.He Inherited the spirits of his father from Kenya &mother Ann Durham as communists .Pres Trump never been a communists …maybe it’s your brain ?

    10. Wake up lady. Or haven’t you heard that Democrats are the Communists, and blatantly so. Oh I forgot. You don’t get the real news in this nation, only the fake news who refuse to give the American people the actual truth. You might want to do what most of us do and go research what Trump has already done for this nation and will continue to do. I would hope that if you want to keep your freedom’s that you would take the time to do your research. If not, then you doom all of us to Communism with Biden. Be prepared to stand in line for your food, if you can get any at all. Biden will have you under his thumb, but certainly not Trump.

    1. That’s been the far-left’s plan all along! Biden will “expire” and Kamala Harris will become President! Then you will see what REAL communism looks like!

    2. No “dementia Joe ” will cease to exist & we will get communist harris instead ! Just what 244 years of American military , etc . fought & died for – to not happen to America – will be in vain now with these criminals as POTUS !

  2. Seems to me they aren’t happy when they get what they want and they are not happy when they don’t get what they want. Sounds nuts to me. Give them an inch and they will take a mile. After all, they cheated to get the win anyway. This country, my country, is about to go through what Obama started and didn’t finish and that scares the daylights out of me. My Dad was a WWII combat veteran and I married a military man so I am a 100% patriot. I shutter to think what “they” will do to our population once they determine who the conservatives are. I truly believe the American Spirit will not bow down to those who demand we do what they say. None of “them” have enough intelligence quotient to see that “they” might have bitten off more than “they” can chew.

    1. I agree My dad was in Pearl Harbour when they attacked on a Navy ship. He taught us History. 4 brothers served and now 4 nephews are colonels in the Military. The military is what has kept us free and they are exactly why Trump will win wait and see

    2. You just have to look at what’s happening in Venezuela now under Maduro! Their citizens are fleeing by the millions to Colombia because Venezuelan life has become impossible! No food, no medical care, no jobs, no freedom!


  4. The demon crats are all going to pieces over an fraudulent election how sad. Kamala had to step down from her own campaign no one liked her. Then Biden jumped in way too late. I think Biden was installed cause he hardly campaigned. And ONE AMERICA INVESTIGATED: REPORT: THE EXECUTIVE OF DOMINION SAID THAT TRUMP WILL NOT WIN THIS ELECTION BECAUSE HE MADE F***ING SURE OF IT. TRANSFERRED MILLION OF VOTES FROM TRUMP TO BIDEN. THIS IS CRIMINAL IN FACT HIGH CRIME. THE REPORT CAME FROM ChanelRion @OANN. THIS IS SO VERY SAD FOR AMERICA THEY STUMPED ON OUR DEMOCRACY.

  5. Pres.Trump is not a Communist….!!! It’s a shame the way the Demo’s and Media have made all these lies up about him…He has done more than any other Pres…Bless Pres.Trump and may GOD always walk with him….

  6. Biden doesn’t have to worry about his cabinet, he needs to worry about the layout of his cell. While everyone is thinking Trump is worrying about losing this election what he is really doing is dragging it out to get evidence, not of fraud, but who did it, who ran it, who organized it. Then he will send them to jail.

    1. AMEN 🙏🏻The Democrats had a plan which they “perfected “ during the past 4 years! They cheated, I am certain of it, that’s why I have hope that our President will be re-elected. God will protect our country, America is the only beacon of light in the world! Evil cannot succeed.

  7. Biden is a pawn in Satans game Wake up America this is far deeper than you realize and has been in the making a long time

    1. I agree, Patti, with you.
      And it is a spiritual battle. The best thing for us to do is pray that Satan will not prosper, but be defeated. I hate to think what our country will be if Biden gets in. So let’s pray, pray, pray!

  8. Suzanne, do you even know what a communist is! I think not, Biden will bring this country down so fast it’ll leave your head spinning!

  9. If you are a commie in fornia you broke the law just being there. So you must pay the price for electing a commie demonicrat. Sorry no returns no refunds. If you don’t like what you choose the you have to recall him and elect a conservative, and pray.

    I am sick of the demonicrats habit of Breaking the rules, and then thinking ,well I can issue a fake apology. After the damage is done. That is not going to suffice anymore. If the demonicrats can’t get right the first time, kick them out of office. FEED UP WITH APOPOGIES. Apologies are no good when people are dead.

  10. anybody that voted for biden should be shipped to a socilist country to live under dictator control,where you will have nothing but crooked polititions! you will not have anything!

    1. I have a sister-in-law who came to America from Russia. Now Russia is a communist country however if you compare Russia 2 something like China or Cuba are Venezuela Russia is mild it wasn’t at one time. My sister-in-law has taught me a lot. She hates the Democrats she hates them she says all of them belonging the gulag because they are all criminals this is coming from somebody who lived in a communist state.

      1. That’s why Communist East Germany built a wall and had military at the border preventing people from ESCAPING from their country. Escapees shot on sight!

  11. I think it’s insulting for anyone to”order”President elect Biden to make choices that may not be to his liking. I didn’t vote for him but if he buckles to the progressive side of the party he will never get the country to follow him. Progressive ideology is against everything the Constitution stands for and there will be extreme civil unrest if progressives get their way.

    1. Terry, Biden is not able to make his own decisions. He is completely told what to do by others. I really don’t think he knows what he likes or wants. It is so sad, and very unbelievable that the Democrats chose him. There was some planning behind it. They maybe thought that was the only way they could go more Progressive. I think Soros has a lot to do with it too. At least, his money does. Soros pretended not to be a Jew in Germany, and killed his own people, the Jews. Now he is trying to ruin every country with Communism. There is the evil, folks!

    2. A communist does not care if any one follows, if they don’t they just shot them. They demand obedience, not self governance.

  12. Demonicrats in congress only get 100 Cents. For years they have been pushing communism in violation of their oath of office, which puts them violation of the constitution, which makes them traitors. Which means execution’s start at dawn.

    What a trial, why waste time, according to the [email protected] mantra guilty until proven innocent. If they can’t prove their innocence’s before they reach the gallows!!!! So LONG Charlie.

  13. Feinstein’s religion is very telling, it is hard to believe in nothing, but she tries very hard to keep her faith.
    Atheisms is a religion of it’s own, and has it’s own dogma. So Feinstein can keep it to herself. The DOG( MA ) LIVES IN HER AND IT IS QUITE VICIOUS. I do not like her trying to force her dogma on to me. She definitely uses her dog(ma) to push her agenda, so she does not need to accuse someone else. She is more guilty than most.
    Is it a requirement, that to be a member of the demonicrat party that you must be an atheist, so much for inclusion. If it is then why is Biden a demonicrat, and Pelosi.
    You can not be anti-life, and be a Christian. To be a true demonicrat ( communist ) you have to be a practicing atheist. Totally on board with killing babies even after birth. you even have to be willing to kill your best friend if they lean a little right.

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