July 4, 2022

San Francisco shuts down In-N-Out Burger for not enforcing vaccine mandates

Vaccine mandates are beginning to hit hard in every industry. Now one iconic fast food restaurant is being closed for not policing its customers.

San Francisco is closing In-N-Out Burger for not enforcing vaccine mandates for customers, The HighWire reported. The city became the first to impose such a rule when it went into effect in late August.

The restaurant chain, primarily located in California and the Southwest, said it would “refuse to become the vaccinate police for any government” in a statement by Chief Legal and Business Officer Arnie Wensinger. He said in a statement Thursday that the “San Francisco Department of Health closed our restaurant” for “not preventing the entry of customers who were not carrying proper vaccination documentation.”

Wensinger claimed that the location posted the required signage, but that the department decided that wasn’t enough. “After closing our restaurant, local regulators informed us that our restaurant Associates must actively intervene by demanding proof of vaccination and photo identification from every customer, then act as enforcement personnel by barring entry for any Customers without proper documentation.”

The statement further explained that the In-N-Out Burger is “committed to the highest level of customer service & making all feel welcome,” Wensinger wrote. “We refuse to become the vaccination police for any government. It is unreasonable, invasive, and unsafe to force our restaurant associates to segregate customers.”

California seems to be a proving ground for the most draconian COVID-19 restrictions. However, while California officials like Gov. Gavin Newsom force mask and vaccine mandates on their constituents, they don’t follow their own rules; the governor’s 12-year-old daughter remains unvaccinated despite eligibility, the Los Angeles Times reported.

San Francisco may have been the first, but it’s not the only city to require vaccine passports for people dining in restaurants. New York City has a similar rule that requires restaurants to screen patrons and enforce the mandates. It has faced opposition from the right as well as from the Black Lives Matter crowd, Fox News reported.

Vaccine mandates are ridiculous and tyrannical as it is, but expecting hourly fast food workers to enforce them is absurd. This whole circus of COVID-19 hysteria needs to end, but leftist politicians can’t give back enough power to just let people have a burger.

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