May 23, 2022

Russian oligarch and Putin ally turns on Putin, condemns war in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has his nation’s troops on the march through Ukraine. However, even those closest to him are calling for peace.

Russian oligarch and Putin ally Oleg Deripaska has criticized the Russian president invading Ukraine, the Washington Examiner reported. Deripaska tweeted “we need peace” several times Monday and shared a video critical of Putin and his military actions.

Deripaska expressed enthusiasm for the video from Yuval Noah Harari, an Israeli historian, that was highly critical of Putin’s recent advance into Ukraine. “I don’t always agree with [Harari] … But here I do agree with him, and I am sure most Russian people do — we need peace,” he wrote.

“We need peace as soon as possible, as we have already passed the point of no return — and this is the second point I agree with,” Deripaska continued. “The entire world will be different, Russia will be different as well.”

The video was taken from a TED Talk interview last week with Harari. “It’s not the Russian people who want this war,” Harari said. “It’s really just a single person who, by his decisions, created this tragedy,” he said about Putin.

“The Russian people don’t really want this war. Even the people in the immediate circle around Putin, you know, again, I don’t know them personally, but from what it seems, these people, they like life,” Harari claimed.

It’s apparent that Deripaska is one of those people close to Putin who objects to the war. His ties to Putin likely reach back to 2000, but perhaps this break from the Kremlin has something to do with President Joe Biden’s vow to enforce sanctions against Russia and its oligarchs.

During times of military conflict, it’s difficult to believe or trust anything coming from the warring nations. However, those not standing with Putin at this time are publicly taking a risk lending credence to Deripaska’s claims.

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