May 24, 2022

Russian Foreign Ministry announces withdrawal from Council of Europe

As Russia’s standing among the community of nations continues to sink to new depths, President Vladimir Putin, through his Ministry of Foreign Affairs, announced that country’s withdrawal from the Council of Europe, as Breitbart reports.

In a statement released on Thursday, Russia’s foreign affairs officials accused European Union and NATO-aligned states of “using their absolute majority in the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers to continue to the destruction of the Council of Europe and the common humanitarian and legal space in Europe.”

The proclamation went on to assert that Russia would “not accept the subversive actions being taken by the collective West to replace international law…with a ‘rules-based order.'”

Russian officials continued by stating that their country would not “participate in the campaign being waged by NATO and its obedient EU followers to turn the oldest European organization into another platform for preaching about Western superiority and for grandstanding.”

Adding a final, sarcastic insult on their way out of the Council, the foreign ministry officials made a suggestion to the remaining members, saying, “Let them enjoy each other’s company without Russia.”

Notably, Russia’s representation in the Council’s Committee of Ministers and its Parliamentary Assembly had already been suspended by the organization back in February over the country’s attack on Ukraine.

While that development was significant in its own right, it did not bring a complete end to Russia’s membership in the organization as a whole or conclude its theoretical obligation to remain in compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights, as Breitbart noted.

Russia is becoming increasingly isolated on the world stage, as countries across the globe take harsh economic actions that have turned it into a pariah state, including bans on receipt of its energy exports, the withdrawal of powerful global business interests from Russian locations, and the denial of access to financial and banking systems on which its citizenry relies, and Putin’s departure from yet another international organization only underscores the dramatic nature of the situation.

Though the harm Vladimir Putin has done to his own country’s economy, standing, and prospects for a prosperous future is already quite severe, there appears no end in sight to the destruction he is willing to bring about in furtherance of his murderous quest in Ukraine, and perhaps, beyond.

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