May 26, 2022

Russia didn’t expected high level of Ukrainian resistance, Pentagon says

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said on Monday that Russia did not expect a high level of resistance from Ukraine but looks to continue its attacks on the former Soviet republic.

Kirby’s comments came as Ukraine entered its fifth day of defense against Russian invasion across the country.

“What we also have seen is Ukrainians resisting quite effectively around Kyiv, and continuously. They have made it a tough slog for the Russians to move further south.” Kirby told reporters, according to Fox News.

“The Russians have not only experienced a stiff and determined resistance by the Ukrainians but logistics and sustaining problems of their own,” he added.

The news also came as Russia placed its nuclear sites on high alert on Monday.

The new moves by Russia show the nation is determined to attack despite assistance to Ukraine from a variety of nations coming to Ukraine’s aid.

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