May 17, 2022

Rush Limbaugh on cancer battle: Everything is ‘day-to-day’

Beloved Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh just gave fans a subduing update on his battle against cancer on Tuesday, revealing that he’s taking everything “day-to-day.”

The venerated conservative voice first revealed his cancer diagnosis earlier this year, and since then has kept discussions about his health minimal in order to keep the focus on his work.

However, he has provided occasional updates on his progress, with the most recent one taking a cautious but optimistic tone.

“Every day remains a gift,” Limbaugh told his fans during his Tuesday show. “You know, I wake up every morning, and I thank God that I did.”

“There will probably be, down the road, similar-type days where I will need take a day for rest or for whatever medical challenges present themselves,” Rush added. “But the fact that I’m able to get back here and be with you is a genuine blessing, and I appreciate it and I appreciate your understanding throughout all of this.”

Though Limbaugh has attempted to maintain a sense of normalcy in terms of his radio presence during his cancer battle, he’s been forced to take many days off from the studio to attend to his health.

“As we say, everything’s day-to-day, and especially in the circumstances I find myself in,” Rush noted. “There are gonna be days where I’m not gonna be able to get in … there are medical challenges that present themselves and that have to be dealt with and some of them, you know, pop up as a surprise. Some of them are predictable.”

Limbaugh told listeners in October that despite aggressive treatment efforts, scans showed “some progression of cancer.” The host has declined to reveal further details about his disease progression.

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KENNETH DECERCE (@guest_1088955)
1 year ago

We are with you, whether you can be on as scheduled or home recuperating. Your subs are good too…..
Concentrate on getting better……….

Catherine Welch (@guest_1089009)
1 year ago

Mr. Limbaugh there was a day when I couldn’t stand to listen to you. When I heard you say “With half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair” I thought what an arrogant man. Then I started listening to you. Really listening. Now I hate it when you aren’t there but I totally understand. Please take care of yourself. I have learned a lot from you.

Phillip Gleason (@guest_1089064)
Reply to  Catherine Welch
1 year ago

Keep strong rush! Prayers for you daily! You and Katherine have a very merry Christmas and may the new year bring you great health!

Sandra Lambert (@guest_1089083)
1 year ago


LA PETTEY (@guest_1089001)
1 year ago


Sharolyn Wagner (@guest_1089060)
Reply to  LA PETTEY
1 year ago

What are you possibly talking about? Are saying something mean and ugly? If so, don’t do it to him, he
doesn’t deserve your hate. He is good person and is loved so much by many people. Instead, try to
be meriful and wish him well. We need his voice in this defficult time.

Patricia A Lykins (@guest_1089086)
Reply to  Sharolyn Wagner
1 year ago

This is a new way to heal most anything – technologically

Carl Fisher (@guest_1089134)
Reply to  LA PETTEY
1 year ago

Why don’t you explain exactly what that is so there will be no misunderstandings?

The Man (@guest_1089185)
Reply to  LA PETTEY
1 year ago

w;hat the hell are you talking about, you have a kindergarten mentality

chuck mckiernan (@guest_1089005)
1 year ago

Rush you take care and may the Good Lord take a liken to ya, all the best!!

Gail Thompson (@guest_1089006)
1 year ago

Praying for your comfort and complete recovery/. God is faithful to those who lean on Him. Gail T. Lititz, PA

TAMMY L TULLIS (@guest_1089007)
1 year ago

Remember when Biden said he had the cure for cancer, well if he has the Cure I wanted it when my mom was sick and died from cancer and she died last year. I want to do something about that it made me sick.
I HOPE YOU CAN GET THOUGH THIS My mom was a very strong lady who believe she was going to make it because she wanted to life she love life

Diana (@guest_1089010)
1 year ago

Rush you are such a Beacon of strength and hope for many. We are so blessed to have you as a voice of the conservative. I’m praying for Gods Divine complete healing, in Jesus Name. Amen
We continue to believe you will be victorious through this trying time🙏🏻💜🤗

Rosemarie Habas-Smith (@guest_1089015)
1 year ago

Rush, you are a very courageous man. I admire your ability to continue contributing to the Conservative party.
Wishing you the best.

Brenda W. (@guest_1089017)
1 year ago

A world without you is unthinkable, unimaginable. I feel in my heart you will beat this. It is just not your time to leave. Your purpose on this earth is far from finished.
Stay strong Great One!
Brenda Walukones

MRS. FRANKIE JIM BOCKMAN (@guest_1089109)
Reply to  Brenda W.
1 year ago


Ted R (@guest_1089022)
1 year ago

Rush, I started listening to you on my way to work three decades ago and your attacks on the hypocrisy of the Left and especially the Clinton Gang back then kept me alert and accident-free. Didn’t always agree with you, but you brought a voice of reason into the arguments of insanity over these years, managing to be amusing while being instructive. Thank you and my sincere best wishes for your continuing your battles. Dittos all the way!

Daryl D. Huwa (@guest_1089025)
1 year ago

Rush Limbaugh ….. Has Always Said it as – THE WAY IT IS..!! When True Americans listen to Him – We at least get
the Truth about how bad many of the people are in this Country. AND – it always looks like these bad individuals just keep getting away the things they do………. So Sad…..that we don’t have the Law Enforcing Groups that need to do the RIGHT THING – To and With these people…….. Best to You – Rush.!!!! DDH

Joe Pringle (@guest_1089027)
1 year ago

I also am battling stage 4 lung and liver cancer. but I am taking 45k milligrams of Tumeric with curcummin and bioprene and 4kg of ester C 3 times a day, was supposed to have died 6 months ago but find myself walking and working now my hospice nurse says I am the exception and my doctor is surprised I am till here. Have still got light cough. Prayer and believing helps a lot

Brenda Walukones (@guest_1089187)
Reply to  Joe Pringle
1 year ago

Dear Joe,
I am sending heartfelt prayers your way.
Please stay strong.
Brenda Walukones

Charles and Betty Ray Markham (@guest_1089028)
1 year ago

Rush you are an amazing man and my husband and I have listened to you for many years – – -You are a great conservative as well as a TRUMP man as we are – – – – – You have been on our prayer list and will continue to be – – – – -we send our best to you and you will remain in our thoughts and prayers – – – – . God has a plan for America and He is in control but we just don’t understand this crooked election – – – -and frankly I am still hoping a miracle will happen and Trump will have 4 more years.

Susan Pautsch (@guest_1089161)
Reply to  Charles and Betty Ray Markham
1 year ago

Rush you are an inspiration and you speak only the truth it amazes me that you are so on the nail when it comes to the honest truth about our government my prayers are on you and you will have the opportunity for total healing the good lord does make miracles happen to good people I pray always that you will be one of those blessed

David Wesner (@guest_1089037)
1 year ago

Rush, if ANYONE can beat it, ITS YOU! I will be praying for you because people like you don’t come along too often and I am betting on you to beat this thing. And Thank God for Trumps “right to try” authorization. New and experimental new cures are coming every day and I hope one has your name on it!

Jim Hay (@guest_1089038)
1 year ago

Hello Rush, I have listened to you on TV and radio for many years. You are the voice of conservatism! I have always enjoyed listening to you because your comments have kept my hopes up for America and my attitude positive. If positive thoughts and prayers can heal, you have big time help behind you. Full speed ahead brother! Jim

Rosemary O Cowlen (@guest_1089051)
1 year ago

Rush, My Mom told me about you when I was in my early 30’s. I have been a faithful listener ever since
(when I can!) I am in my 60’s now, and I have learned so much from you. Thank you for all you have done for so many of us all these years; telling us the truth, keeping us informed. I have been totally out of sorts since the end of this presidential election. I truly believe the election was rigged; the Dems are so dishonest. So, I have been a
little down about it. Just today (Nov. 16th ) on your radio show, you said so many positive things about the American people , and that we, as a whole, will never give up our country to others . I immediately felt better. Sending many prayers your way, as are millions of others. Please remain cautiously optomistic. America says Thank You and keep on Keepin’ On. God Bless!

Doug Litchfield (@guest_1089062)
1 year ago

Rush will long be remembered as a bastion of truth, unlike democrats and the left they affiliate with. Looking forward to many more days of your messages to the American people. God bless.

John R. Meis (@guest_1089072)
1 year ago

Mega Dittos Rush.I’m A listener from your Days in California. I pray for you and know that God is watching out
for you. You will win a chair in Heaven.The uncertainties of tomorrow will never crack the foundation of your
resilience of today. You da man! Love you Rush. God bless and Merry Christmas to you. It’s ok to say that.

Tom DeMaio (@guest_1089084)
1 year ago

Hey Rush, lots of prayers are on the way!!!

Bill gamble (@guest_1089111)
1 year ago

If you’re trusting in Gods redemption plan,then the end here is A glorious beginning in God’s magnificent plan to bring us fully back to him . We will enjoy a new life free from the sickness, sorrow death pain and crying. HALLELUJAH WHAT A SAVIOR.

ROBERT MONAHAB (@guest_1089147)
1 year ago




John Stuczynski (@guest_1089165)
1 year ago

Thank you for all your years of defending the USA. We love you and pray for you every day.

Mrs. Mary Jo Morse (@guest_1089183)
1 year ago

Rush, you are in our prayers and want you to know just how much we appreciate listening to you on the EIB that your sense of humor is spot on as you nail each and everyone in the political arena….We now know who the Turtle is along with Ma Belle (Michelle Obama), etc…..
Stay strong, focused, throughout your ordeal with this horrible disease that through God’s Infinite Mercy, He will carry your burdens in order to lessen your load of worry……We thank Him each and every day for you and your spouse as well as your wellbeing that you are able to keep us up to date with the latest BREAKING NEWS…..

THERESA BAKER (@guest_1089215)
1 year ago

First GOD First, in all honesty, and in all that I do!

Okay, Rush. One of my dear fellow human creatures. I BELIEVE GOD IS THE CREATOR AND I AM THY CREATURE. Are you ready for what I am about to share with you? This is about FAITH. TRUE FAITH! Faith heals. Faith is being faithful in GOD as HE Is endlessly faithful to ALL of HIS creation, day and night, night and day, every breath you take, inhale, and exhale, breath in and breath out. HE Is in control of all that and forevermore. Can you believe all that? Can you believe when the Good LORD so rightfully decided to stop breathing the air (life) that you breathe in and out, for example, when you blow air in a balloon and pop there you go, all the air comes out or when the paramedic performs CPR to a patient who needs air and wah-lah! So Faith, Is It Still Possible? But of course, it is still possible!

Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life? Do you believe Jesus is the Physician of all physicians? Well then, my dear Rush, “FAITH IS A LIVING, DARING CONFIDENCE IN GOD’S GRACE, SO SURE AND CERTAIN THAT THE BELIEVER WOULD STAKE HIS LIFE ON IT A THOUSAND TIMES.” Are you a strong, firm believer like I am? So offer all your pains and sufferings, crosses, and trials to Jesus, for HE knows and experiences it all before we did. Try it and sees what it is to love through it all.

“It is the denial of self, in the deepest meaning of that word, and of all that life has to offer, in full surrender to the will of GOD; in the spirit of Calvary’s Cross, to be sure.” Below is a beautiful “poem” one of my spiritual treasures. Believe it or not, every time I read it, I feel like a brand new creature, a human being that is. Here we go.

“I take O Cross, Thy Shadow for my abiding place;
I ask no other sunshine than the Sunshine of His Face;
Content to let the world go by, to know no gain nor loss;
My sinful self my only shame, my glory all the Cross.”

“Whatever else Thou sendest, oh, send this—
Not ecstasy of love or lover’s kiss;
But the strength to know the joy of sacrifice;
To see life deeply as with opened eyes!
Oh, grant me this, dear GOD, through tears loss—
To know the joyous secret of Thy Cross.”

Rush Limbaugh, may you always have the Grace of GOD. Let it be the inward harmony of your soul. Peace and Love to you, your family, and all your loved ones.

P.S. Lots of love and prayers goes out to our dear President, Donald John Trump, our beautiful First Lady, Melania, children, grandchildren, loved ones, families, and friends, including all the good people, men, and women of his administration their children families and loved ones, all the great people, citizens, patriots, their children, families and loved ones of this great nation, our beloved country, the whole United States of America. GOD loves you America! Peace Out Y’All.
+++TKB from Long Beach, good old Southern California.

Rita (@guest_1089217)
1 year ago

Rush, I have been listening to you almost all of the years you have been on the radio. You have taught me so much. You have been in my prayers frequently, and not only do I pray about your health, but I also thank the Lord for you, and all you have taught and informed so many people. “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1
God’s blessings on you and your family.

Karole Conaway (@guest_1089250)
1 year ago

Mr. Limbaugh, I have a friend who has been fighting cancer. She did a search on line and found a cure for cancer. There are several out there and many people have been cured. Take care and know God is with you. Thank you for everything you have done for America.

Kim K Giannotti (@guest_1089640)
1 year ago

Mr Limbaugh : i want you to know that all Americans followers are with you in prayer and hope that you do not suffer any discomfort in the coming months ,,, i know you want to be here to see the “DONALD” win this election.. so i will pray you have that joy with all if us in the coming days,.. hoping the holidays are joyous and filled with family love..
kim giannotti

Pam Floener (@guest_1089858)
1 year ago

Have you looked into Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy? Cancer cannot live in an oxygen environment. HBOT oxygenates every cell in your body, even the cancer cells before they are destroyed. I have been doing HBOT for going on 13 years. I started out after I had a ruptured brain aneurysm and a stroke. I was in a coma for 3 months and when I woke up I was paralyzed on my right side. HBOT cured my paralysis and healed my brain.
You can even rent a chamber. Please, please , please look into it for your listeners and for yourself. Google my name and you will read about my experience with HBOT.

Leah from southwest mo. (@guest_1089889)
1 year ago

Mr. Limbaugh,
I began watching you in my late teens w/my boyfriend, his father and his mother while sitting around the kitchen table every evening during supper, back when you had a t.v. show. I think it was the late 70’s/early 80’s.
We listened closely to what you had to say. We got tickled at you sometimes and had a good laugh with you.
SIR, you touched our lives. I want to thank you !
I too have asked Jesus to heal your body.
You have always been a great warrior for conservatives and what’s right.
We love you Mr. Limbaugh !

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