June 30, 2022

Rush Limbaugh abruptly exits Twitter after big tech crackdown on Trump

Big tech saw their opportunity and took it with a vengeance, leading to the largest social media purge seen to date.

What began with permanently banning President Trump from Facebook and Twitter has escalated in both social media overlords handing out suspensions and account bans right and left to Conservative figures. Conservative radio star Rush Limbaugh has apparently seen the writing on the wall and abruptly disappeared from Twitter on Friday after Trump’s ban from the platform. 

Supporters initially speculated that Limbaugh was banned by Twitter, but CNN reporter Oliver Darcy said soon after that Twitter confirmed that Limbaugh had been the one to delete the account.

Users clicking on Limbaugh’s username were greeted by a page that read: “This account doesn’t exist[.] Try searching for another,” leading to an explosion of rumors on the site.

Darcy reported, however, that “A Twitter spokesperson tells me the company did not suspend Rush Limbaugh’s account. In other words, it appears Limbaugh (or someone acting on his behalf) deactivated it.”

Limbaugh himself has not issued a statement on the decision but has long warned about the dangers of allowing big tech censors to control the nation’s avenues of communication.

The legendary broadcaster is a major target of the left, making him a logical target in this sweeping social media purge as well. Limbaugh raised eyebrows on Thursday, just a day after the Capitol riots, by pushing back against the notion that “we’re supposed to be horrified by the protesters.”

“There’s a lot of people out there calling for the end of violence,” Limbaugh said during a segment of his syndicated radio show. “A lot of conservatives, social media, who say that any violence or aggression at all is unacceptable regardless of the circumstances. I am glad Sam Adams, Thomas Paine, the actual Tea Party guys, the men at Lexington and Concord, didn’t feel that way.”

Twitter and other social media giants have specifically cracked down on hundreds of accounts aligning themselves with Trump and the movement to block the certification of Joe Biden’s election.

The crackdown on conservatives on social media sites within the last week has prompted a mass exodus of those that value free speech from the platforms — especially Twitter.

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Helga Renfro (@guest_1100352)
1 year ago

What big tech and the democrats are doing is so evil. Sad this country has fallen into communists hands on the 2nd amendment of all American’s. We no longer have a country. We have a party that is more like a radical cult and a media that has trampled on our freedom and is evil from inside put. Politicians with a D and their followers alike.

PESTEAGUEVOS (@guest_1100370)
Reply to  Helga Renfro
1 year ago


LU (@guest_1100388)
1 year ago

Agree 100%. We will not be able to rescue our country without a fight!!!! DO NOT BE NAIVE!!!!!

Sandra Lambert (@guest_1100458)
1 year ago


Patricia P Hundley (@guest_1100561)
1 year ago

PARLER.COM is a nw conservative social media with lots of people already on board . Mark Levin , Dan Bongino , Sean Hannith , Team Trump , Devin Nunes , just to name a fe & you can follow who you want to .

Judy Self (@guest_1100698)
Reply to  Patricia P Hundley
1 year ago

They are already threatening Parler. Probably by tomorrow the will be gone too!!

Kay Armstrong (@guest_1100769)
Reply to  Patricia P Hundley
1 year ago

Parler in on the Amazon Platform, and being removed tomorrow. However, they have already found a new platform and say they will be back up Tuesday.

Marilyn Lindsay (@guest_1100942)
Reply to  Kay Armstrong
1 year ago

That is great news. These tech giants are communist and we need to find a way to subvert them. This nation is in so much trouble at this time in history. Is it already too late to turn things around? As Albert Einstein quoted” it will not be the evil that will destroy the world; it will be those that stand back and watch and do nothing.

Susan Marie Dolan (@guest_1102374)
Reply to  Patricia P Hundley
1 year ago

Parlor just got completely shut down. It doesn’t exist anymore.

Erleebird (@guest_1100560)
Reply to  Helga Renfro
1 year ago

Who are they saying are “Nazi’s?”

Roberta King (@guest_1100680)
Reply to  Erleebird
1 year ago

Its like the pot calling the kettle black!

mb (@guest_1100701)
Reply to  Erleebird
1 year ago

Auschwitz Zuckerberg, Damned Dorsey, and a few more….

Carolyn Groff (@guest_1100719)
Reply to  Helga Renfro
1 year ago

Amen! I am sick with disgust that President Trump is being treated so bad. He has given 4 years of his life for our country. He didn’t incite this riot; the democrats were the cause of this frustration of the ones who did these horrible acts.
I just wish I could tell President Trump, there are those of us love and respect him for his devotion to our country.

Ted R (@guest_1100357)
1 year ago

Never had an account with Z’s private playground and had no interest in Twitter after reading one of the founders’ statement that business owners who weren’t ‘woke’ would be the first to face the firing squad while he documented it. These Pravda-style party hacks need to be avoided by anyone with half a brain.

Kenn (@guest_1100444)
Reply to  Ted R
1 year ago

I never had a tweeter account was on facebook for a while but changed to USA.Life It’s a conservative social media platform.

jim (@guest_1100358)
1 year ago

I signed up for Twitter a couple of years ago, but rarely went there.

I found it a colossal waste of time.

I will be deleting my account there sometime this afternoon. I will not use any companies that are toadies for the Leftists.

Charles A Fiedler (@guest_1100445)
Reply to  jim
1 year ago

Jim, please advise how one cancels an account.

Barbara Hazel (@guest_1100571)
Reply to  Charles A Fiedler
1 year ago

I hate to say the word “google” but you can find the instructions there. I cancelled my Facebook and Twitter accounts and moved to Parler. I will also no longer purchase anything from Amazon. There are other outlets.
I hope this helps.

John T Mattison Jr (@guest_1100361)
1 year ago

God Bless America!

Pearl (@guest_1100365)
1 year ago

Pray for complete healing for Rush.Smart man

Lester Pedell (@guest_1100378)
1 year ago

Facebook & Twitter are “Yenta” ragsheets.
Whether you are Republican or Democrat don`t be a busybody. Keep respect for
privacy in your life. A God given talent is Self Respect !!

Les Pedell

cooco (@guest_1100380)
1 year ago

The Liberal Commie Party has no idea what will be coming very soon after Jan 20 2021.

Lu (@guest_1100393)
Reply to  cooco
1 year ago

You are absolutely right!!!!They do not know the true mettle of Americans!!! This is not China and we do not have a TIANAMEN SQUARE.

CJM (@guest_1100385)
1 year ago

Sometimes I have to ask myself ‘what is twitter?’ I’ve probably been on that site twice in my life (and I am 65++); guess it doesn’t have much on its website to pique one’s intellect. I do remember, though, once I was on their site and made a comment on a political issue they were promoting. Anyway, I disagreed with that political stance (and mind you, I NEVER said anything derogatory about anyone or anything–just said I disagreed) and was banned during the remainder of obama’s campaign. If they are that touchy about other people’s opinion, they need to not sponsor a board that invites divergent opinions. Twitter is a freakish, mind-controlling site that would do much better in a communist country where free speech is prohibited.

Marc (@guest_1100535)
Reply to  CJM
1 year ago

Atta-boy! You spared me the effort of replying to that commie propaganda piece!

Clare Schoenherr (@guest_1100387)
1 year ago

Within the week TWITTER Will loose half their base or more. They have wiped every Prominent VOICE from TWITTER and ALL of Their FOLLOWERS have been Purged including their personal BOOKMARKED DATA!

Virgil Smith (@guest_1100421)
Reply to  Clare Schoenherr
1 year ago

I LOVE IT !!!!!!!

Lu (@guest_1100394)
1 year ago

You are absolutely right!!!!They do not know the true mettle of Americans!!! This is not China and we do not have a TIANAMEN SQUARE.

Billy Richard Wilson (@guest_1100416)
1 year ago

Twitter and Facebook are trying to suppress you right to express your thoughts is Communism around the corner with the new President ? Hunter took millions for a way in for the CCP he has to pay up or they may kill him.

James 75th Regiment (@guest_1100417)
1 year ago

You can sensor my comments, no problem… It just paints you the same as the Tweety bird band wagon or “Freak Parade” as I like to call them…

John_209 (@guest_1100418)
1 year ago

Twitter and possibly Facebook have signed their own death warrant. A communication venue is only effective if all viewpoints are being heard. If one group is banned and the opposing group has no one to argue with or against, what is the point of participation? The unbanned group can simply vilify, state their arguments, name call, tell lies, etc. to each other. That sure sounds interesting – not! Straw man arguments aren’t very interesting or conclusive after awhile, and especially if they are all you’ve got. The opposition isn’t going to go read endless invective if they aren’t allowed to respond. Anything that dull won’t survive. This is the reason Leftist talk radio fails – repeatedly. It exists because a few rich donors prop it up, but in the market place of ideas it is a colossal failure. It doesn’t inspire much confidence in your ideas if you have to ban all opposition for them to prevail.

Josh (@guest_1100423)
1 year ago

We dont need their damned website! There are other avenues than to use their sorry network!

Valerie Dodds (@guest_1100432)
1 year ago

I have never used Twitter but unfortunately I do use Facebook. From now on all I will use Facebook for are the groups I belong to communicate.

cd (@guest_1100496)
Reply to  Valerie Dodds
1 year ago

As long as they approve the groups….

Rivahmitch (@guest_1100436)
1 year ago

“There’s a lot of people out there calling for the end of violence,” Limbaugh said during a segment of his syndicated radio show. “A lot of conservatives, social media, who say that any violence or aggression at all is unacceptable regardless of the circumstances. I am glad Sam Adams, Thomas Paine, the actual Tea Party guys, the men at Lexington and Concord, didn’t feel that way.”

I agree with Rush!!

Charles A Fiedler (@guest_1100441)
1 year ago

While I have quit using FaceBook and seldom used Twitter, can someone please tell me how to resign from them so they can’t take credit for such a large following?

Marsha Smith (@guest_1100447)
1 year ago

Sam Adams, a man who knew the TRUE PURPOSE of journalism.
Yep. That’s my hero!

TD (@guest_1100448)
1 year ago

Excellente !

cd (@guest_1100510)
1 year ago

Trump really shook up the (D).
You have to ask, why are they scared of TRUMP??

His pockets were filled with his own ($) before becoming our President.
He did not need to play ball if it did not benefit America.
Everything he has done has been to benefit the people.
When the Foreclosures crises hit, we were left on our own..
When the Covid-19 hit, he took care of us and the situation.
The criticism Trump has taken for 4 years, has amazed me.
I voted for him because he was not a politician (as we knew), he couldn’t be bought, and he is strong enough to fight back and say “no”. cd

MarieAnna Dvorak (@guest_1100537)
1 year ago

Twitter was second home to the millions of patriots who had the urge to communicate with our good President. He is gone now, so they are leaving. It’s sad there without him and no points to go there.

Ted R (@guest_1100552)
Reply to  MarieAnna Dvorak
1 year ago

It is so very ironic that DJT increased interest in and use of Twitter before and during his tenure in office, and now they are repaying him for the millions he has made for them by betraying his right to speak truth. Very glad I never trusted Z-burg and joined his cluster of self-congratulatory elitists who want to be the American Pravda.

JOHN HULL (@guest_1100654)
1 year ago

Keep this in mind folks. Donald Trump never conceded the election. He only said that there will be an orderly transition of power to the new Administration. The new Administration, that Donald is referring to, could very well be his. This is far from being over. Just recently all the satanic POS have showed their respective A$$ES, including Pence and McConnell, cabinet members etc. President Trump is still President and still wields the power of the Office he still holds. My money is on the “Insurrection Act” for openers. With a lot more to follow. One thing I always keep in mind. Back in 2016, that Presidential election had nothing to do with politics. This was a war between Good and Evil. If God didn’t have His hand on America, Donald Trump would not be sitting in the Oval Office today. God chose “The Donald” as His tool to talk America off the ledge. And “The Donald” agreed. God has a plan. And that plan will be Perfect. Why? because that is the only way God knows how to do anything. PERFECTLY! SO sit back, put on the popcorn, and watch the show . It’s going to be a doosey!
God bless America and America’s greatest President ever Donald Trump!

Matt (@guest_1100756)
1 year ago

Good for you Rush! Now if the other 75,000 000 would only follow his footsteps. Than do Facebook the same. Stop shopping Amazon and quit buying Apple products.

Gary (@guest_1100808)
1 year ago

I never used Twitter, and I am leaving Facebook soon; they can both rot!
So many folks are talking Civil War, this scares the hell out of me. However I am an American Patriot and that says what side I will be on if this happens.
I feel that Communists have taken over our government, China says they will own the US by 2027 thanks to Biden.
I also think that Biden will be betrayed by China and expect them to declare war on the US. They won’t need traitors like the Biden Crime Family and their Dems. So be it, What Goes Around, Comes Around!

James (@guest_1101647)
1 year ago

Maybe instead of marching on DC we need too March on Silicon Valley and protest the big tech like antifa and blm does show them that they are not in control and maybe we should shut them down once and for all!!! The vote was fraudulent in this election thanks to big tech close them down now !!!!!!!



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