June 14, 2021

Rumblings of Democrat rebellion against Nancy Pelosi grow

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s far-left policies may fly in her San Francisco district, but they’re objectionable to regular Americans. That could be the reason the House of Representatives has lost so many Democrat seats — and may be Pelosi’s undoing.

Pelosi could get knocked off her throne Jan. 3 when the House votes for the new term’s Speaker. After flipping twelve previously Democratic House seats for Republicans and losing at least eight seats in a year that should have ushered in a “blue wave” response to the supposedly unpopular President Donald Trump, Pelosi and her party alienated voters with their radical agenda.

Although her party will still overwhelmingly back her for the leadership role, Pelosi faces adversaries who felt the party was hobbled by the move left. “I’m, right now, very passionately undecided,” Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) said to the Washington Examiner about Pelosi.

“I’m reflecting on the term past, I’m reflecting prospectively on what we have to accomplish moving forward, and I’ll make my decision after speaking with her,” the Democratic representative, who supported the Speaker in 2016, said. “But it’s a new frontier now,” Phillips later added. “And I think we are all mindful of that, and I’m one of many considering options, considering what we might need and considering what the country is asking for.”

Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) is one of the few Democratic representatives to formally oppose Pelosi because of her leftward bent rather than working on centrist legislation that could more easily pass in the Republican-controlled Senate. “If we try to just kind of throw spaghetti against the wall, everybody has their pet bill, but we lose that strategic plan, then we’re going to have nothing concrete to show our constituents, and that’ll be a problem in general and specifically for 2022,” Slotkin worried.

However, the 80-year-old Pelosi had a devil-may-care attitude when asked whether she could lose some of the 218 votes she’d need to squeeze out of her colleagues to be re-elected Speaker of the House. “Somebody may,” the Speaker reportedly chuckled. “But I’m not worried about it.”

It is that kind of hubris and tone-deafness that created this problem in the first place. Pelosi and her comrades in the Democratic party moved decidedly left to espouse anti-police rhetoric and socialism, which may have cost the party seats. Despite the signs of weakening popularity, Democrats have not advanced any other names for the position.

According to the Los Angeles Times, House Democrats had a comfortable 232 to 197 majority heading into the 2020 presidential election, with five open seats and one Libertarian comprising the remainder.

As of now, the new makeup is 219 Democrats to 204 Republicans, with 12 seats still a toss-up, just barely giving her party the expected majority. As long as Pelosi continues supporting the likes of radical Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and others, Republicans have a greater shot at sweeping Congress in 2022.

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39 Responses

  1. Just make sure she drags her Freezer, and her little red wagon filled with lots of BOOZE.

    Go get them Kevin

    1. Yes pelosi has lost her mind and we can get the republicans out of office. Need to change the terms for all of the seats in the house representives from every and limit there terms like other positions

  2. Putting it bluntly, Pelosi will have enough info on each and every democratic representative and probably some republican representatives that when the time comes to vote on her being “elected” speaker, yet again, she will pull out enough votes to squeak through. I believe she has people working overtime to find everything and anything she can “use” against them to sway a vote.

  3. Pelosi always let’s everyone know that she is a Catholic.
    Yet, truth be told, she’s a true fraud as she supports late term abortion (which is murder).
    She also tried to include funding for abortion in the recent stimulus bill (which was defeated).
    She was also sadden that the Supreme Court voted in favor of the Little Sisters of the Poor.
    J. Biden also supports the same and they should both be ex-communicated.
    We need courageous bishop’s to step up and tell them they have 60 days to change their tune or times up.

    1. There are many who are Catholic in name only unfortunately. I doubt excommunication is applicable here but I understand your frustration. Nancy and Biden are anything but Catholic in many of their views. When we get the chance vote them out. WE tried to vote Biden out but with all the fraud he announced he has set up we may not get it done. He actually told us loud and clear about the fraud he set up concerning the election.
      I have the picture of him saying it but can’t post it.

  4. She claimed today she has all the votes she needs and will be the speaker. She can not have that 2000 a plate dinner for the new co n goes demorats only so she used that money to buy the votes.

    1. Sandra – her thinking is as disjointed as her arms when she is speaking. I have about come to the same conclusion as a friend of mine who says “when her mouth is moving she is telling another lie”.

  5. Pelosi is a Disgrace !! She and China worked hand in hand to release covid !! She’s Also got just as many ties to China as biden !! The Only reason the Dems put her as speaker is because she raises a lot of dirty money for her dirty party !!
    A Catholic she is Not nor is Biden !! They’re Both bought by the Devil !! When their times come they’ll go straight to Hell !!

  6. Biggest disgrace to the country! Sold out to China and Russia! Illegal immigration are her grandchildren future killer! And she doesn’t care! God please let Satan take her!

  7. Hopefully those states in question will go Republican, that would only give the demonrats a two person majority. If the ten Dems who voted against her last time will vote against her again, she will not be speaker. Hopefully, Kevin McCarthy will be the new speaker, that would be the best thing I could ever hear. And keeping Republican majority in the senate as well. I pray President Trump will be able to prove gross voter cheating and win the electoral college votes! Georgia voters, PLEASE vote for loeffler and perdue, keep your state RED!!!!

  8. Pelosi will threaten those who oppose her , like the example of the clinton serial murder count of over 120 ! That’s what organized crime does & her background is full of those kinds of skeletons .

  9. I hope and pray that there are enough good Americans living in Georgia that they can do more than keep Georgia red; KEEP GEORGIA AMERICAN.
    The democrats are truly wanting to get rid of our Bill of Rights. So, all Georgians, read the Bill of Rights and decide which ones you’d rather lose. If you want ALL OF YOUR RIGHTS, vote Republican.
    Keep all democrat-Communists from California and New York out of Georgia.
    LISTEN to the idiocy that is coming out of Biden’s mouth.
    Is that the kind of idiocy you want in Georgia??

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