October 4, 2022

Ron Paul appears to suffer stroke-like event during live cirtual appearance

Former congressman and famed leader of the Libertarian movement Ron Paul was rushed to the hospital on Friday afternoon after appearing to suffer a stroke during a live virtual appearance.

During the live-streamed “Ron Paul Liberty Report” on his YouTube channel, the 85-year-old suddenly appeared to experience speech alterations common when one suffers a stroke.

The video has been removed since the incident and Paul was reportedly immediately hospitalized for “precautionary” reasons.

Fox News reporter Chad Pergram tweeted soon after: “Colleague Lee Ross rpts fmr GOP TX Rep & GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul is hospitalized for โ€˜precautionaryโ€™ reasons.”

Kelley Paul, wife Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), later tweeted a photo of the senior Paul on Friday afternoon smiling and giving the thumbs-up gesture in a hospital bed.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying and sending support for our beloved Grandaddy Ron! He is doing better and we are so grateful,” Paul’s caption read.

The younger Paul confirmed, “Thank God, Dad is doing well. Thank you for all your prayers today.”

No further details about the incident have been revealed at this time.


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