May 23, 2022

Romanian-Canadian trucker says Trudeau has turned Canada communist

A Romanian-Canadian truck driver involved in the Ottawa Freedom Convoy said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is turning Canada into a communist country.

“I feel so sorry that we got where we got. This is not Canada, anymore. This is a communist country. [Trudeau] is dividing people, hating people,” the driver, whose first name is Christian, told Breitbart News.

“It’s a civil war between us lovely people, and that’s what really, really hurts because we are all united,” he added.

Christian also lamented the restrictions blamed on COVID-19 for separating families.

“My son cannot see his grandfather, because he vaccinated and my son is not vaccinated. He’s not allowed to go to his house. He’s sad,” he said.

“Trudeau is complaining that Ottawa has been shut down for 2 weeks, after he shut down the entire country for 2 years,” another supporter tweeted.

The driver’s attitude is found among many in Canada as the nation enters more than three weeks of protests against the past two years of pandemic restrictions.

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