August 1, 2021

Roger Stone seeks to level lawsuit against Rep. Hakeem Jeffries

In the days following the announcement that he received a full pardon from President Donald Trump, longtime ally Roger Stone is on the warpath.

According to the Washington Times, Stone is already planning a list of lawsuits, with the latest announcement that he intends to slap a defamation lawsuit on Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), whom Stone charged with making unwarranted claims that he traded his silence for clemency.

Stone, a former campaign adviser and friend to the president, found himself in legal trouble last year after being convicted on seven counts by a jury for his role in the 2016 election. Trump and many of his allies believed that Stone’s prison sentence was far too harsh for his crimes of perjury.

Just days before his prison sentence was set to begin, Trump granted Stone clemency that commuted the sentence. Fast-forward to last week, Stone was issued a full and unconditional pardon by the president, leaving the Trump confidant primed and ready to take legal action against whomever he wants.

Jeffries first targeted Stone in July after he received the commuted sentence, with Jeffries claiming, “Roger Stone lied. To cover-up for Trump. The corrupt President just paid him back. They can all be indicted.”

That claim apparently didn’t sit well with Stone, according to the New York Post.

“A, that’s a lie. B, it’s defamatory. And three, Hakeem didn’t say it on the House floor. Consequently, I’m going to be suing Congressman Jeffries for $25 million … So, I hope Mr. Jeffries has some proof to his allegation because I will see his a– in court,” Stone said on a morning radio interview.

The longtime Republican political operative also made headlines last week after announcing another $25 million lawsuit against the Department of Justice and other former government officials like James Comey and John Brennan.

Stone’s presidential pardon gives him total clearance to sue anyone he wants and apparently his list is quite long.

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38 Responses

    1. Jan, you are so right Not only should they be Sued, but they also need to be put in Federal Prison for the rest of their lives. They all Lied, and that is a Federal Crime, when in Federal Court or Congress !!! GO-STONE. MEGA
      BOBBY ~!~

      1. It seems some folks can get away with what we were taught were treasonous remarks. Maxine Waters said on public TV that she wished someone would take the President out, street talk means kill him. Hillary Clinton has done and said so many things yet she is not even getting her hands slapped.

    2. Really would be the honest action to take after all the complete lies that were told about him and the manipulation of laws by FBI and all the government lawyered!!!

    3. Me too! Too many corrupt politicians get away with things that most people would be arrested, tried and jailed for doing!

      1. Why is it that Chris Krebs, James COMEY, Sally Yates, Brennan, Clapper, the social media oligarchs, Hillary and basically any Democrat can lie to Congress and nothing happens, but let a conservative misstate something and they are put in prison for lying to Congress. That’s unequal application of the law.
        That’s what has happened with the election, one set of rules for Democrats and a different set for conservatives. . I thought we were ONE NATION UNDER GOD.


  2. It is time they all pay for what they have done to the American people and most of all the President of the United States they have put us through a living HELL they all need to be put in Gitmo

    1. As far as I am concerned, the entire Democratic Party should be investigated for TREASON, tried, and sentenced to death by firing squad without benefits of appeal within the next 30 days!! Reason? Attempting to overthrow the government of the United States of America for personal gain!!!

  3. I hope that once Rojer wins all their money that he buys up all their houses and gives them to homeless people !!!

  4. I hope he sues the crap out of everyone of the commiecrats, but I’m betting that “justice” will never be served! They say justice is blind, but this one needs a seeing-eye dog!

  5. Good Luck & Prayers too, To Mr. Stone…Hillary “Escaped–All But Bill” so I doubt any Democrap Traitors will see any time behind BARRS (Spelled Correctly)…But I hope all the SWAMP SCUMBAGS are brought to Light by Rogers’ Lawsuits, Including Republican Politician Traitors…

  6. Go, Mr. Stone! Maybe this will make the lying political enemies of President and Swamp Dirtbags wake up to realize they can’t throw honest people’s reputations into the swamp they live in.

  7. Good for you Mr. Stone.Sue the pants off those filthy lying swamp rats.Take everything they own and make them regret that they ever started this hoax.

  8. Dem’s always is part of their make-up.. Lots of reservations in HELL for them…That is why they cannot believe in any Religion or GOD…He will have his revenge on these animals/demons/communists/Dem’s!!!!

  9. They are still lying and it want stop. The American people will have enough of this lying and start fighting back. Down with the Democrats. I hope you get plenty of money Roger Stone. They should also serve time for their crime.

  10. Go Get them Stone, and take them for all they are worth in money that is, because their character isn’t worth chit! They are evil and should be in prison for what they are doing to our country. We true Patriots have had enough of their crap, and it’s time for pay back, and I hope he sticks it to them!

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