August 1, 2021

RNC rakes in record amounts of cash in March

The Republican Party is finding out how lucrative being the opposition party can be with a radical Democratic president is in the White House. What will this mean for the 2022 midterm elections and radical leftist House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)?

The Republican National Committee (RNC) raked in $17.8 million in March alone, Breitbart reported. This is a new record for donations collected in a single month in an off-year with no presidential or midterm elections.

In addition, the RNC closed out the quarter with a whopping $44.4 million in donations collected through the end of March.  The RNC called it the “most successful first quarter for the RNC’s digital fundraising in a non-election year, raising 160 percent more and bringing in twice the amount of contributions than the first quarter of 2019.”

Ronna McDaniel, RNC chair hinted these donations were a referendum on Democrats’ radical policies led by President Joe Biden. “Every dollar we raise is a stand against Biden and Congressional Democrats’ serial record of failure in office,” she said in a statement.

“Our supporters’ generous contributions allow us to pursue our mission, which includes promoting an America-first agenda, fighting relentlessly to preserve the integrity of our elections, and holding big tech accountable for their daily attacks on First Amendment rights,” she continued. It’s especially notable that these donations mostly came from small donors.

The RNC said the funds are “powering our unprecedented operation that will continue to fight back against the Democrats’ assault on election integrity, fight back against big tech censorship, and propel Republican candidates to success in 2022, winning back our majorities in the House and the Senate.” With so much momentum so early, the RCN will be a formidable force in the 2022 midterm elections.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has not released its first-quarter totals yet. However, their take for January and February combined seems paltry in comparison after it only raised $18.4 million. However, the DNC still has a total of $43 million in its coffers.

It’s likely many voters were fooled by the media’s attacks on former President Donald Trump coupled with Biden’s campaign that seemed to focus on keeping the candidate out of the spotlight. Now they’re stuck with this doddering old leftist who is a Trojan horse for radical social and political transformation.

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37 Responses

  1. Yup you read it give us YOUR MONEY to defeat the evil LEFT. The Mormons, Catholics, other religions, union all want your MONEY. Let me ask you one question what do you get in return?

    More corruption because they don’t believe in balance they either are RIGHT OR LEFT. Kill the head of corruption kill religion then EVERY POLITICIAN. WE will then have PEACE and PROSPERITY.

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    2. So your answer is KILL Politicians, Political Parties and ALL religions? Sounds like somebody put something in your Kool-Aid!!

      1. Something interesting about the dark side. Type in see where it takes you.

        Want to do something to change things? Go to To: 1) set fed term-limits, 2) to get fed balanced budget, and 3) stop fed. over-reach and over-spending.

    3. Any $$ given to the DUMBOCRAMPS is money thrown down the SEWER!! Go ahead,,,ASK THEM FOR A NOTARIZED LIST OF WHERE THE MONEY WENT!!! THEY WILL LIE< CHEAT< STEAL and deceive ANYONE THAT ASKS!! IT STARTS AT THE TOP, AND GOES DOWN!! Why is it that the repercussions that the police officer that had to make the decision valid and true but ENDED a persons life! If a person decides to disobey a direct order BY ANYONE of rank or just doing their job as outlined by their CODE OF CONDUCT? Why is it OK for the NEWS MEDIA to LEAVE OUT INFORMATION THAT IS KNOWN FACT, THAT WILL FORM THE INITIAL JUDGEMENT BY THE PUBLIC, AND THAT NEWS REPORTER NEED NOT ANSWER FOR IT, OR BE REPRIMANDED OR HELD RESPONSIBLE<<<BUT THE COP SUFFERS, SOMETIMES FOREVER, FOR DOING HIS SWORN DUTY!!??

  2. Hold Pelosi accountable as well.
    She’s just as guilty, She’s the speaker.doesn’t say much about her

      1. 11Kv would be better, chances of surviving one are virtually nil. I got strapped across 440v once, but I made sure years later when I was in charge of a shift of electricians, two of us ALWAY’s worked together on 11Kv circuits and triple check isolation and grounding before we exposed conductors.

  3. We don’t believe the RNC ANYMORE

  4. No one likes a cheater.. republicans need to get off the nice side and start getting things settled down.

    1. Trump is the one who was able to get the 44.4 million and it was for 2022 and possibly 2024. He is still the head of the republicans and he is getting rid of the Rinos and if you hadn’t noticed a lot of Democrats are leaving and Trump is filling those seats with Republicans. That is the reason it’s 50-50 then Harris being the tiebreaker. So the Republicans are making things right little by little. It will be done by 2022. Then for 2024 if Trump runs we will have it all back the way it is supposed to be even if Biden gets to stay in office till then, with his lying cheating, and fraud.

  5. President 44 stole $100,000 from me by destroying the economy. I have nothing left to give any body.
    Therefore no one gets any thing.

    1. You are referring to our first “Black” president who used his skin color to stir up racial discord, drive us onto the Communist Track and then get a nonentity like Biden into the White House through fraud and intimidation of State Election Boards. Yes, he was the brains behind that scheme. Nancy is evil, but not smart enough to devise that big rip-off of the American people. To top it all off, like the cherry on the sundae, he picks Kamala to be Joe’s Vice President. That must have gone down Joe’s old racist throat like a cup of Clorox!

  6. Spending is a huge part of it all. Candidates should only be allowed to receive individual donations, and there should be a dollar limit. If the Unions, Corporations, Wall Street etc, were removed from the equation, elections would be on a smaller scale. If all the big players are removed from the equation, there should be less opportunity for corruption and greed, and it would force candidates to actually talk and listen to the working people, the unemployed, the workers and the elderly. They may even learn the reality of how these groups of people keep the country going, and what harm is being done to Americans. There should definitely be term limits. Who knows if we can actually stop huge donations, cutting these large organizations from vote buying, or gaining favors from politicians, we might actually learn which Senators and Representatives, are honest and really care what happens to America and it’s citizens. We might even be able to attract new politicians who run for the people, instead of for lining their own pockets. We definitely need the checks and balances, which have been missing for some time. We now have Biden signing executive orders like he is the dictator, who is getting a kick out of subverting the Constitution. We have the house, making new rules whenever they please, to allow them more control, without any input from the Senate, or the President, a court who refuses to listen to arguments, or try cases and a media that would rather make up a lie than tell the truth.

  7. nancy pelosy has been a paininthe sideof this country for years make her pay for her transgretions against the american people

  8. Republican donations will go along way in this game if known RINO’s are not funded. With the stunts democrats have been pulling, you may see them on street corners panhandling to survive. Guess that is no long needed since machines will be used to count votes in districts that struggle counting past appendage totals.

  9. Our White House is empty of leadership: Mexico’s government is telling Biden and his administration to start helping fix the situation, with Mexico’s president even saying that Biden is the “migrant president” and is having policies and statements that are empowering Mexico’s dangerous cartels, human traffickers and suffering of its immigrants. Guatemala’s president joined Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and blamed Joe Biden for the border crisis, during a sit-down interview with MSNBC. Current leaders avoid Kerry and Biden for fear it will cost them more money for pay to play, after the same prior experiences with the Clinton’s, Putin says no more meetings Joe, would like my 3 million plus returned, that we gave Hunter, throw out all our diplomats who cares, at least Clinton gave us a few BS speeches, you can’t remember any of our deals, where your at, or why your there. China, China, what’s being agreed to there Joe or has already been agreed for that 200 million Hunter received from China? Biden / Harris need to be impeached and any Democrat that can not stand for America first and our Constitution need to go. Call, write and email your Representatives Senators daily until we get results. Write to the supreme Court about the treason committed in the election. Urge them to rethink their decision to not look into the election fraud before our country goes down in flames. US Supreme Court, 1 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20543 You cannot call or email — you must write a letter!!!
    Members of the House
    Members of the Senate
    Stop complaining start calling and writing before its to late. I call and write everyday. 74million of us voted for Trump bombard these people with calls and letters.

  10. It’s a crying shame that it all boils down to money but with the Democrat tactics it’s wasted money I would vote against any of this stuff going on now for free

  11. Nancy will be out of a job real soon then taken to court for all her lies. Cant always have it your double standard way.

  12. I have to believe one thing about the current administration- it was born via a stolen election- nurtured by vile lies spread via the mainstream media- matured via a corrupt judicial system to become the most corrupt administration in American history—I, for one, will not be goaded into a civil war by the spreading of racial baiting hatred…. no, I will continue to believe in the Constitution and pray that there are still some political leaders in this country who do as well. I also believe that there is enough raw evidence of a Democratic Party orchestrated coup de tat to administer the patriot act against Biden, Harris, Pilosi and Schumer to imprison them in Gitmo for high treason.

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